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Woman who used perfume to protect herself against racist school bullies who called her 'stink bomb' reveals she is now 'addicted' to expensive scents - and spends over £4,000 a MONTH on fragrance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who used perfume to protect herself from racist bullies as a child is now addicted to expensive scents - and has spent in excess of £30,000 on fragrance. As the only black girl in her school Shade Selema would spray her mum's perfume to stop the other kids from calling her "stink bomb". But what started as armour has now become a full-on passion with the glamorous 36-year-old loving fragrance so much she even wears it to bed. Married Shade - pronounced Sharday - can spend up to £4,000 in fragrance in a month. She will wear different perfumes to fit her mood, will mix them up to create her own unique scents and always plans which one she will wear the night before. The elegant IT worker, who lives in Manchester with her husband Bereton Selema 38, said: "When I was seven my family moved from Nigeria to Brunei where I went to an English/Dutch school. "As the only black girl there I was cruelly bullied and called names, mainly telling me I smelled - which of course I didn't. "But I didn't want to stand out and I wanted to make sure I smelled nice so by the time I was ten I was squirting my mum's perfume." Thus began a life-long perfume past-time which means Shade is now an expert in the history and chemistry of perfume.

Eczema sufferer, 29, reveals she had to isolate herself from the world for MONTHS after a horrific bout of the disease left her with open wounds and sores all over her body and face

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Woman self-isolated for MONTHS after her skin broke out in OPEN WOUNDS so bad that even an Instagram filter couldn’t hide. Content creator and web designer, Vanessa Bisetti (29), from Los Angeles, California, was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis – a form of eczema - when she was four years old. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition meaning that Vanessa has suffered from patches of cracked and inflamed skin throughout much of her life. When Vanessa was 12 years old, she was prescribed a topical steroid cream – a medication commonly known to soothe symptoms of eczema. Vanessa would thinly apply the cream only when necessary. She continued to do so for the next 17 years without any cause for concern. Early last year, Vanessa started to notice drastic changes in her skin. Eczema began to spread to new places – including Vanessa’s neck, shoulders and hands – and she developed a fever. Having posted about her use of topical steroid creams a few days prior on Instagram captioning the post with ‘my new norm,’ Vanessa was contacted by her now-friend, Ashley (31), who told Vanessa she thought she might have topical steroid withdrawal. Worried about what was happening and having never heard of the condition, Vanessa returned to her doctor and was sent to an eczema specialist. There the idea – which isn’t widely accepted in the medical profession – was dismissed.  During a short four-minute consultation, a doctor prescribed Vanessa with a further five different forms of medication all of which she rejected including Clobetasol – a popular class one steroid. In June 2019, Vanessa discarded her topical steroid creams. Instead, she opted for a course of Chinese acupuncture, began to manage her diet, and started taking herbal remedies. Despite doing everything she could to ease the initial phase of the recovery process, Vanessa found it extremely isolating. Her fever continued, open wounds appeared, and Vanessa’s skin was irritated by heat, sun, water, and any material other than cotton. Having a social life became an impossibility but thankfully, Vanessa had an incredible support network of friends and family who kept her in high spirits as her mental health plummeted. Now nine months on, Vanessa has seen huge improvements in her body and after some initial hesitation, she has now taken to social media to help others in her situation. Vanessa was able to connect with a 14-year-old girl in Australia whose topical steroid withdrawal symptoms were causing her to suffer from severe depression. The two would communicate online allowing Vanessa to provide lifestyle tips and to let her know that things were going to be okay – an experience that has had a profound effect on Vanessa.

Hasbro celebrates 40th anniversary of „Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” with action figures

***EXCLUSIVE*** To commemorate the 40th anniversary of one of the world's most revered franchises, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Hasbro is re-releasing a collection of retired figures from its Black Series line. Teased back in February 2020 during their annual Toy Fair, this special line of toys will see character fan favorites like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa return. Other beloved characters such as Yoda and R2-D2 will also see a reboot.

Mussolini's Alfa Romeo emerges from the shadows

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Alfa Romeo bought from new by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini has been uncovered 90 years later. The Alfa 6C 1750 Super Sport dates back to 1930 when its first owner was the notorious fascist who was the Italian Prime Minister at the time. He kept the motor for a number of years before selling it some time prior to the outbreak of WWII.

Never-before-seen letter from King George VI thanking speech coach for his help immortalised in The King's Speech comes to light 83 years on

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heartfelt private letter of gratitude from George VI to his speech coach who was immortalised in the film 'The King's Speech' has come to light after 83 years. The monarch, who had a stammer from his childhood, wrote to Lionel Logue to thank him for helping him prepare for his 1937 coronation speech. In the previously unseen letter the King tells his Australian therapist of his 'anxiety' in the lead up to the historic occasion, which was exacerbated by a 'poor rehearsal', and his overwhelming relief at the speech having gone smoothly. He then confides in Logue, who he had worked with for 11 years, that he would not have managed it without his 'expert supervision and unfailing patience', adding he 'truly didn't know how I could have done it without you'. Their friendship was the subject of the 2010 film, in which Colin Firth won an Oscar for his portrayal of George VI starring opposite Geoffrey Rush who played Logue. The letter, and the silver cigarette case it was enclosed in, are being sold with auctioneer Woolley & Wallis, of Salisbury, Wilts, who expect the items to fetch £4,000.

Donkey Sanctuary prepares its animals for modern life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Top of the class... Donkeys are introduced to unusual items such as balloons at the 'finishing school'. A donkey sanctuary is running its own 'finishing school' to help the animals adjust to the outside world once they are re-homed. The 12 week program, initiated by The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon, is believed to be the first of its kind in Britain. Activities include walking under bunting, navigating traffic cones and getting used to people carrying umbrellas. There are also tutorials on feeding, grooming and handling for the donkeys' prospective guardians. The initiative started in November 2019, with a current intake of 31 donkeys. Eight donkeys having already gone to homes.

Country house that comes with commoner rights to use Winnie the Pooh's real life 'Hundred Acre Wood' goes up for sale for £2.25m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautiful country home in the heart of Ashdown Forest, the home of Winnie the Pooh, is on the market for £2.25m. End House is in a secluded spot of almost five acres in the East Sussex forest, with the nearest village about a mile away. The property has its own small stream for playing Pooh sticks and the new owner would have 'Commoner Rights' to use the 6,500-acre forest for grazing and wood cutting. Author AA Milne, who lived on the edge of Ashdown Forest, used the woodland there as the setting for his famous books about his son Christopher Robin's stuffed bear.

Karate kicking eagles battle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of battling eagles appear to be performing karate mid-air. The white-tailed birds, with their talons outstretched, grapple with each other as they fight over a piece of meat. Amateur photographer Albert Beukhof pictured the fighting eagles near Kutno, Poland.

Original artwork from the first ever Flash Gordon comic published in 1934 is listed for sale at £465,000 by life-long collector

***EXCLUSIVE*** Original artwork for the historic first ever Flash Gordon comic has emerged for sale for £465,000. ($600,000) The inaugural strip for the sci-fi epic featuring Alex Raymond's illustrations was published on January 7, 1934. Raymond has signed the 28ins by 23ins illustration board and written 'No 1' on it to signify its importance. Eighty-six years later, the pencil and ink artwork is being sold by the widow of a life-long comic collector with US based auctioneer Profiles in History.

Two mischievous cheetah cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mischievous cheetah cubs give are a handful for their mother as they pester her and playfight. The eight week old animals made the most of their play time on a savanna by tussling as their mother rested. One cub in the litter of six sought attention from its mother, named Kisaru, as she lay down while another disturbed her as she tried to stretch. Wildlife photographer Jacques-André Dupont, 55, captured these photographs at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

Heavenly chapel home on the market

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning former Methodist chapel in the Cotswolds has gone on the market for £595,000. The delightfully-named Commodious Chapel is Grade II listed and has retained many of its original features, including arched sash windows, wall-mounted plaques and double doors with a fanlight at the front. The modest-looking former stone chapel has been transformed into an elegant home with a giant open-plan living space and designer bathrooms and fittings. The chapel, in the Cotswolds village of Edge, near Painswick, was deconsecrated and converted. The garden contains a deconsecrated graveyard including tombs, which have been screened by topiary.

Red chilli farm in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers in colourful clothing sit in neat rows as they sort through a sea of red chilli peppers. The women, each with their own wooden bowl, were examining thousands of the chillies to weed out bad ones before they were sent to market. Photographer Abdul Momin, 29, captured these shots at a farm in Sariakandi, Bogra, Bangladesh.

Peacock display

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wild peacock has it's plume of colourful tail feathers on full display as it fights for its territory and to attract a female at Yala National Park. Professional photographer Kiran Patthi from Bengaluru, India who was on a tour of Sri Lanka said 'The peacock was part of a small group of males each with their own territory taking part in mating rituals by calling and dancing to attract peahens.'