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Bulimic who spent DECADES yo-yo dieting after she was branded the 'fat cheerleader' in high school reveals the simple plan she used to shed 115LBS following the birth of her two kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was branded a FAT CHEERLEADER after she couldn’t fit into any of the uniforms at high school – but she has since cheered herself on to lose EIGHT STONE. Bank manager and fitness-trainer-to-be, Elizabeth Sanders (26) from Rogersville, Missouri, USA, had struggled with her weight ever since she was in high school where she was a cheerleader but weighed 14st and wore a UK dress size 17. After being told she needed to lose weight she reduced how much she ate and when the pounds wouldn’t shift from the scales she turned to bulimia. Although she managed to bring her weight down to 12st 2lb and a dress size 14, when she looked in the mirror she could only see a fat cheerleader looking back at her as she constantly recalled people telling her she was too big. Feeling defeated, Elizabeth would binge on McDonalds, chicken sandwiches, fries, crisps, cookies, chocolates, candy, large bowls of spaghetti with three garlic breads, a large bowl of ice cream and large sodas until she ballooned to 15st 5lb and dress size 20. In 2013, Elizabeth was back to being bulimic and would throw up whatever she ate at work. She brought a toothbrush with her to freshen her breathe to ward away any suspecting eyes. To her surprise, in August 2013 she found out she was pregnant, so she stopped purging and put on 4st 4lb and weighed 16st 6lb. In March 2014, her first son John (6) was born and desperate to ‘get skinny’ she jumped on the band wagon of trying fad diet after diet and her weight was up and down. Elizabeth started dating her husband Dylan (28) in 2016 and in 2017 she found out they were expecting. She used her pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted. At 19st 6lb and UK dress size 22, when she went into labour, Elizabeth was overwhelmed with thoughts of her weight killing her and not being there to watch her children grow up and she knew she had to make changes in her life before it was too late. One of her biggest supporters is her mother Clare Sanders (42). Elizabeth called her mother and told her she needed help and wanted to change. Her mother was blunt with her and told her to ‘buckle down’. And so, she joined the gym for the first time in 2018. Then in January 2019, Elizabeth set herself some new year goals to become the mother her children deserved and by September 2019 she brought her weight right down to 12st 3lb and now wears a UK dress size 10.

Colourised images illustrate how doctors and nurses fought to save Spanish Flu sufferers in 1918

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourised images reveal the devastation caused by the SPANISH FLU which killed at least FIFTY-MILLION - as studies claim CORONAVIRUS could SURPASS that. The unsettling shots, taken between 1918 and 1920, show row upon row of stricken patients suffering with the deadly virus; corridors lined with the sick and dying as wards overflowed; and officials donning suits and facemasks in a desperate bid to stave off the killer disease. In 1918, a strain of influenza known as Spanish flu caused a global pandemic, spreading rapidly and killing indiscriminately. Young, old, sick and otherwise-healthy people all became infected, with a significant amount of deaths daily.

Polar bear who is 10 stone overweight christened ‘fat albert’ by locals in Alaska

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: Photographer snaps a TEN STONE OVERWEIGHT polar bear in Alaska that could be the FATTEST ALIVE. Candid pictures show the colossal mammal in squishing distance of a tiny seagull whilst eye-balling the camera, before letting out a monumental yawn. They say everything is larger in the states, and this is even the case with the polar bears as these images show. The photographs show the gargantuan beast waking up covered in brown furry spots, caused by a long nap in the sand. The shots were taken on Barter Island, Katovik, Alaska, USA, on a Fujifilm GFX50s with Canon 500mm f/4 Lens. The sequence ends with the beast checking out his body in the reflection of a nearby pond, but photographer, Edward Boudreau (56), from Eagle River, Alaska, thinks the brute is proud of his size.

Robomowers head off to cut lawns at Tower of London

***EXCLUSIVE*** IKEA's iconic FRAKTA bag hasn't failed to make its impact on the realm of fashion. While select brick-and-mortar stores have featured the item for quite some time, the product has now officially been released online and instore at all U.S. locations. Price: $4