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Cam girl, 25, who earns $1,000 a month from SMOKING for her viewers says the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted her business as people at home look for entertainment online

***EXCLUSIVE*** WISCONSIN, USA: SMOKING HOT: This woman earns eight-hundred-pounds per month from SMOKING for her FIVE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS - and says CORONAVIRUS has IMPROVED business. Student, Brit DiMattia (25) from Wisconsin, USA, is better known online to her followers as „Smoking Model”. Having spent several years working in the service and entertainment industries, Brit is now studying for her master’s in marketing, after deciding to move closer to home. Brit had been smoking since 2013, when she was 18 years old. It was a habit she considered a social activity, a confidence boosting accessory, and a relaxant - but never a job. When Brit stumbled across the smoking fetish community on Instagram in 2018, the opportunity to earn some extra money to fund her studies suddenly presented itself. Brit soon set to work creating pre-made videos for her newfound paying customers. Before long, Brit’s predominantly male audience began to place special requests. Brit would paint her fingernails, perform certain smoking tricks, roleplay, or use a certain brand of cigarette. Other requests were slightly more out of the ordinary. Brit has been asked to create nude or sexually explicit content - something she declines - and has even been asked to chain smoke until she was sick. The young entrepreneur spends Ł50 ($60) a week on cigarettes but is making an impressive Ł400 ($500) to Ł800 ($1000) a month from her fetish content. Brit even claims that the current COVID-19 pandemic is increasing her earnings. With many people now in self-isolation, Brit has seen an increase in demand for her content - which handily provides her with a steady income during these uncertain times. Brit hopes to continue growing her fetish content page having only realised its lucrative potential in the last 12 months. Brit views her content as a form of art and aims to show others that it’s healthy to explore their desires.

I spent £2,600 so I would feel sexy during labour – with false lashes, a pre-baby spa day and full face of make-up

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the glamorous mum who strolled into the maternity unit to give birth in stiletto heels, wearing FULL FACE of make-up and with a designer handbag as her hospital bag. Emma Ford, 34, wanted to 'feel fabulous' when she gave birth to her second child - Solomon Kenneth Ford - on 6th January via c-section. She was desperate for his arrival to be 'absolutely perfect' after going through a tough pregnancy and birth with her first son, Samuel, now three, in November 2016, after which she lost an ovary. In an effort to be a 'yummy mummy', Emma - an Instagram influencer - visited a spa for some treatments just days before her son's arrival. In the run up to giving birth, she applied a full set of fake eyelashes, dressed in a polka-dot dress from Macy's department store and donned four-inch stiletto heels to head to the maternity ward.

Amazing pictures show miniature people responding to coronavirus, including armed guards protecting toilet paper and people in hazmat suits examining a Corona beer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The tiny scenes were made by artist and photographer David Gilliver who wanted to „lighten the mood a little during what are such grim and serious times”. David, 40, based in Glasgow, used miniature railway figures in funny situations to illustrate some of the themes around the virus such as the stock market crash, hand hygiene and panic buying. It forms part of his Little People series, which shows the toy-like figures in surreal scenarios. The scenes take from around 10 minutes to an hour to prepare before he starts to photograph them with his Canon 5D Mark III and 100mm Prime lens. One shows riot police in front of hand sanitizer, while others show holiday-makers sunbathing on soap. Another shows a man skiing down the slope of a graph showing the stock market crash and another shows a woman fleeing a giant virus particle.

A couple who converted a van into a home to avoid crippling rent are now travelling across continents with their two dogs - and the coronavirus pandemic will not change their itinerary

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who converted a van into a home to avoid crippling rent are now travelling across continents with their two dogs - and the coronavirus pandemic will not change their itinerary. Crystal Drinkwalter, 25, and Jazmyn Canning, 26, decided to spend £15K ($18,400 USD) buying the 92-square-feet 2006 Mercedes Sprinter and turning it into a cosy home instead of renting an apartment.  The couple, who are currently in San Cristobal, Mexico, believe that the rapid spread of the coronavirus will not impact their travels.   Crystal said: "If we were in a big city, we'd be more worried but we are in the middle of nowhere.

Meet the only person in Britain who doesn't need to stockpile food or panic buy because he eats – ROADKILL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wacky Arthur Boyt, 80, is famed for dining on run-over animals and regularly eats rabbits, and badgers, and even washed up marine life like whales and dolphins. Because of his age, Arthur is facing the possibility of being quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak - but he isn't worried about stocking up. He said his freezer is still full of meat he's collected from the side of the road, and he already has enough rat and deer meat to last him.

Oil rigs could become habitable green spaces

Oil rigs could become vegetation-filled habitats with the decline of oil. This is the „X_Lands” concept of Paris-based architects XTU, who believe „architecture must anticipate the future”. The innovative designers have imagined offshore oil rigs transformed into habitable platforms complete with wind turbines, trees, grassy hills and waterfalls. XTU explain: „It is time to think after oil age. For millions of years, nature has stored beneath the earth’s surface, including CO2 in the form of petroleum. For more than 100 years, humans have been extracting this resource for their needs. By this action they put back into the atmosphere this toxic gas violently blocking the natural process that made the planet exceptionally habitable. So far unique in the universe. „We propose to tackle the symbols of these oil companies: the offshore platforms seem to us a good example. Because they have an interesting capacity for mutation. From hard and industrial projects they are transformed into poetic, habitable and exotic projects, they are X_Lands. It’s a sustainable and a pleasant path for tomorrow. They mark the change of paradigms.”

Acclaimed artist has unveiled a glass sculpture of CORONAVIRUS - in tribute to all the hardworking medical staff and scientists

***EXCLUSIVE*** Commissioned five weeks ago, the work is 23cm in diameter - one MILLION times the size of the deadly disease.  Made using a process of scientific glassblowing, the model is based on the latest understanding and diagrams of COVID-19.  Profits from the sculpture will be going to Médecins Sans Frontières who will be assisting developing countries deal with the fallout of the coronavirus epidemic.

Eagle jumps before being pushed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A male bald eagle leaps before he is pushed from a branch 50ft above the ground. Perched on a cottonwood tree, the 15lb bird of prey, jumps into the air as a female eagle lands on the tree. The images were captured by musician and amateur photographer Hilary Bralove in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.

Charity urges stock-piled toilet roll tubes be donated to animals

United Kingdom: British people are being urged to do something useful with their stockpiled toilet rolls - donate the used tubes to animals in need. Animal charity RSPCA say the cardboard inners can be used as DIY enrichment toys for animals in their care, or can be made into toys for your pets at home. They explain: „With reports of families stockpiling loo rolls leaving supermarket shelves empty, there will soon by lots of toilet roll tubes going spare. The RSPCA is encouraging families who haven’t been diagnosed with Covid-19, who haven’t been told to self-isolate and who don’t have any symptoms of Coronavirus, to save their loo roll tubes and donate them to their local animal rescue centre.” The charity’s Gonsal Farm Animal Centre, in Shropshire, appealed on Facebook to local families not to throw out the cardboard tubes but to save them and drop them off at the centre in Dorrington.

Saint Laurent has teamed up with Lomography to release two limited edition disposable film cameras

***EXCLUSIVE*** Available in either a star pattern with color negative film or a black-and-white checkered print with black-and-white film, the cameras are both equipped with flash and can be reloaded with any 35 mm film. The gadgets work as single use cameras, but can be reused, and the star-patterned option also features creative color gels to bring new hues to your images.

Traditional curd making

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baker lifts up a giant dome to reveal small pots of curd arranged in a circle around a fire pit. The curd is prepared in woks before being poured into pots which are laid around the fire. The domes - made from bamboo - are used to cover the oven and help insulate the heat as the curd cooks for 12 hours. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie pictured the traditional technique in Sherpur, near Bogra, Bangladesh.

Cannon Belt Bag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Following the launch of The Robin Bag back in February, Burberry is back with another monthly B Series drop, this time featuring a technical accessory dubbed the Cannon Belt Bag. The exclusive item is slated to release for 24 hours only through social media. This time around, Riccardo Tisci has crafted a versatile belt bag using ECONYLģ, a sustainable nylon yarn made using recycled fish nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic.

Quartet of hares running across the countryside

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four hares make their way across the Hampshire countryside near Southampton. Natasha Weyers pictured the quartet as they hopped their way though the field in glourious spring sunshine.