Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A Brit has spent the last six months on a epic round the world cycle trip - with his rescue dog RUNNING by his side every step of the way

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-fit Ben Langlois, 32, adopted stray Yak from the streets of Shanghai several years ago and brought him back home to Guernsey last summer. They embarked on an adventure together and In the last six months the pair have ridden and run through 12 European countries - and covered 7000km. Mr Langlois rides a Marin hybrid bike with Yak generally runs alongside, but he sits out the busy roads and downhill sections in his Trixie dog trailer.

A mother and daughter are so close they shared their wedding and their honeymoon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aisling Cislikauskiene, 35, and her mum, Trisha Duffy, 53, have always been 'more like best friends than mother and daughter' - but their bond was made even stronger when the pair decided to tie the knot with their fiances in a shared ceremony. Aisling and her fiance, Marius Cislikauskiene, 38, a construction worker, got engaged in March 2016 - when Marius proposed by surprising Aisling whilst she was out for a meal with her mum and sisters - Jamie, 16, Laura, 24, Nicki, 24, Mary, 26, Joanne, 31, and Louise, 33. Mum Trisha met her new partner, Joe Fitzgerald, 71, a retired factory worker, in June 2017, and Joe popped the question in January 2019 whilst they were on holiday in Amsterdam.

Inside WWII Airbnb where you can go into coronavirus isolation with gas masks

***EXCLUSIVE***SOMERSET, UK: Self-isolate in this WORLD WAR TWO AIRBNB complete with A BUNKER and GAS MASKS. While apocalyptic scenes sweep the nation as we prepare for coronavirus self-isolation, Brits may feel nostalgic for the last time we were told to stay indoors. Take a step back to the early 1940s with this cosy lodging that was once used by World War II land girls. The Corrugated Cottage, located in the sleepy countryside village of Baltonsborough, Somerset, UK, is still taking bookings across the next four months for just Ł90 a guest per night. The cute cottage is just an 11-minute drive away from Pilton, home of the Glastonbury music festival, which is currently going ahead for 2020 despite COVID-19 fears. Current owner Michael Chapman first used the unique property as an office for his sculpturing studio, but after chancing on some old newspapers from June 1940, he set to embrace the property’s historic significance. The house was built in Spring 1940 for the Women’s Land Army who would support the war effort by working in local farms. More than a third of land girls came from major cities, so many rural newbuilds like this popped up, however not many still honour a retrospective tribute today.

Artistic cyclist can do amazing balancing skills on a bicycle - including incredible handstands on the handlebars

***EXCLUSIVE*** It’s not every day you see someone who can do a handstand on a moving bicycle. Viola Brand, 25, of Stuttgart, Germany has been competing in 'artistic cycling' competitions since she was six-years-old. „The most important thing is to be disciplined” she said. „This is something you learn while training. You need to overcome your fear. You need courage.”

Meet the man who turned an obscure hobby into an international business - collecting FRUIT STICKERS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carl Middleton, 55, began accumulating the colourful labels nearly two decades ago after spotting hundreds covering a fridge door. He would visit as many shops and local markets as possible to grab the weirdest designs he could find before compiling thousands in books. This pastime has since grown into a profitable enterprise for Carl - who now ships his arty albums to countries including Italy and Canada.

There’s no place like an automated home - as experts think most household chores will be fully automated by 2040

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new report predicts 90 per cent of common household tasks - including dusting, doing the laundry and cleaning dishes - will be taken out of human hands in the next two decades. Some tasks will become the work of robots, like changing bedsheets, or smart drones that can water plants. The study, written by leading futurists and academics including King’s College Professor Mischa Dohler and futurist Dr Ian Pearson, demonstrates the time and cost benefits of automation.

Minority Report-like 3D screens will feature in new production car

Continental is launching its volume-production display featuring autostereoscopic 3D technology on the market in the HMC Genesis GV80 high-line variant. On the screen, the technology displays three-dimensional scales, pointers and objects, for example displaying a stop sign warning in the driver’s line of sight. No special glasses are required to see the three-dimensional warning signal. Instead, Continental uses parallax barriers - slanted slats that divide the image for the viewer - as if looking at real objects, two different, slightly offset views reach the right and left eye, resulting in the three-dimensional image. Continental’s interior camera, which detects the driver’s line of sight and adjusts the 3D views to their precise head position, plays an essential role. To prevent drivers from focusing their attention on the 3D screen for too long, the camera also employs attention detection to identify potential moments of driver distraction or fatigue.

Who let the birds out! Adorable pictures show penguins roaming around empty aquarium amid coronavirus lockdown

Chicago, United States: In the midst of all the scary and upsetting news about the coronavirus pandemic, two penguins are helping to bring some much-needed joy and comfort to those quarantined at home. Edward and Annie, two bonded rockhopper penguins living at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, have become unlikely viral stars after staff at the tourist attraction shared a Facebook videos of the two birds roaming freely around the facility, which was shut down to the public on Friday. In the adorable clips, which has racked up more than 1.6 million views, the two birds are seen waddling past several different exhibitions, viewing some of the fish in their tanks, and even strutting through the aquarium's main entrance.

Steely determination in the eyes of two osprey hawks

***EXCLUSIVE*** These amazing images show the steely determination in the eyes of two osprey hawks as they attempt to catch their first meal - after migrating back to the UK from Africa.The two birds of prey took turns elegantly hurtling towards the surface of the water as they tried to scoop a fish in their long, outstretched talons. The pin-sharp images, captured by amateur photographer Russell Parsons, show the beady, yellow eyes of the birds of prey, fixed on the surface of the water as they glide downwards.