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Boy racer - Lad, 6, on his way to becoming the next Lewis Hamilton as he races at 40mph

***EXCLUSIVE*** Six-year-old takes one step closer to fulfilling dream of becoming the next Lewis Hamilton after netting racing deal. A Cornish youngster is ready to show the world that he has what it takes to be the next Lewis Hamilton after signing his first racing deal. George Climo, six, from Warbstow in North Cornwall this weekend signed with Spedeworth Motorsport and will now be the only Cornish driver of his age racing nationally. Parents Dan Climo and Charlene May have already driven George to Norfolk and Aldershot for qualifiers and races, George showing his character in his first race for wanting to get straight back behind the wheel despite having a nasty bump and a check over from a paramedic.

Dad-of-seven dumped by partner after docs wrongly diagnosed him with STI – but it turned out to be terminal cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man whose relationship collapsed after he was misdiagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease was told he is actually suffering - terminal cancer. Tony Stevens and his partner Trisha split up after doctors said an STD virus was the cause of his night sweats and weight loss. It meant she thought that he had been cheating on her so walked out - but the truth was even more devastating. Months later, Tony was told he actually had a very rare form of cancer called nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma - and only had five years to live.

Airbnb offers holiday bookings on this makeshift island – making coronavirus social distancing rules easy

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: Avoid human contact during the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC on this makeshift island currently listed on Airbnb - which is literally one MASSIVE FLOATING BARREL. Perhaps the perfect way to hide yourself from coronavirus is to live on the water. And you can do just that at the quaint unique floating barrel cabin - The Salty Seahorse. Docked in the small town of Key Largo, Florida, USA, this swashbuckling Airbnb can be yours for just Ł209 per guest per night. While there is just one queen bed for two adventurous shipmates, the circular dwelling is a one-of-a-kind experience with sea views of the Gulf of Mexico. The charming quirks of the amphibious abode include a smaller whiskey barrel for the sink unit - of course - alongside deckchairs with a tiki bar and parasol. There is an outdoor shower on the boat, in addition to a passcode-protected private shower at the sunny marina. The floating holiday home also includes a barbeque and a telly. While there is no Wi-Fi, the property proudly runs entirely on solar power and is at one with nature also by being close to the to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Brit, 105, who defied coronavirus with pub birthday party has 'seen it all'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellen Matthews’ nieces, nephews and friends were invited to celebrate at a small gathering at the Edge of Town pub, organised by one of her carers Sue Farquharson and her son Ashley. The 105-year-old, known to most of her family as „Auntie Nelly”, was unsure earlier in the week whether she should go ahead with the small gathering amid concerns surrounding coronavirus.

The ‘wonderchicken’ was a modern bird that walked among the dinosaurs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Artist's reconstruction of the world's oldest modern bird, Asteriornis maastrichtensis, in its original environment. 66.7 million years ago parts of Belgium were covered by a shallow sea, and conditions were similar to modern tropical beaches like The Bahamas. Asteriornis lived at the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, a time when mosasaurs (giant marine reptiles) swam in the oceans, and Tyrannosaurus rex lived on land. Asteriornis had fairly long legs and may have prowled the tropical shoreline. Meet 'Wonderchicken' - the world's first modern bird. It lived almost 67 million years ago - and has been unearthed by British scientists. The remarkable discovery from before the dinosaur extinction shows our feathered friends lived alongside the huge reptiles. Birds are known to have evolved from the extinct reptiles - but it's not known when. It's been named Asteriornis after Asteria - the Greek goddess of falling stars who turned into a quail.

MINE! Caspian Gulls trying to steal fish of each other

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of gulls grapple with each other as they try to steal fish. One bird, with its beak outstretched, went so far as sticking its head under another's wing to try and reach the fish. Amateur photographer Albert Beukhof pictured the grappling Caspian gulls from a boat on Szczecin Lagoon, near Stepnica, Poland. The gulls dived into the water and emerged with fish such as bream and common rudd, he said.

Workers rake out rice as part of the farming process

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers use rakes to dry millions of tons of rice creating patterns on the ground. The rice has to be moved every fifteen minutes to insure that all the individual grains dry evenly. After five days drying in the bright sunlight the grains are placed into husking machines before being sent around the world. The unique images were taken in Naogaon, in Northern Bangladesh by photographer Abdul Momin.

Flying fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** This picture shows the incredible moment a daring fish took to the sky in Mangalajodi, India. Photographer Souvik Basu, 32, snapped the carp as it was caught by a peckish whiskered tern in flight over the wetlands. Mr Basu from West Bengal, India said "People are not usually accustomed to seeing a fish in such a flying mood.”