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Couple who dress as Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen to visit sick children in hospital vow to keep spreading joy with video calls for patients amid coronavirus lockdowns

***EXCLUSIVE*** PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA, USA: Meet the heroic couple who dress up as SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-GWEN to visit sick children in hospitals ALL OVER THE WORLD – and they’ve already visited more than SIXTEEN THOUSAND kids. In June 2014, founder and CEO of Heart of a Hero, Ricky Mena (36) from Pittsburg, California, USA, was struggling financially and was sleeping on his friend’s couch temporarily whilst he got back on his feet. One night, he had a dream about his deceased grandmother, Alice Brooks, who appeared to him and played a video of Spider-Man visiting children in the hospital and she told him that’s what he should be doing. Once he woke up, he decided to do just that. With only £249 ($300) to his name, he sold his car and used the money to buy a £1,158 ($1,400) Spider-Man suit which arrived in October of that year and a small pile of toys. At first, Ricky was turned down by hospitals, so he decided to work with special needs and autistic children locally at schools. Word travelled fast about his good deeds and the positive impact he had on these children, so soon enough he was being asked to visit children at hospitals. He set up his business Heart of a Hero and many people began fundraising for the organisation. In January 2018, he met his now wife, Kendall (25), who he married just four months into their relationship. She was fascinated by his idea and wanted to join him as ‘Spider-Gwen’. He and his wife have since visited over 16,000 children around the globe, as well as 22 US states; California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Arizona, Indiana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and West Virginia. The children are either terminally ill, homeless, bullied or disabled. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Ricky admits that his work has been massively affected as hospitals are no longer allowing special guests to visit the children. However, he and his wife are determined to keep their mission going and putting a smile on each of the children’s faces despite the coronavirus pandemic, by offering video chats to the kids they would normally see in person.

Bodybuilder, 24, who is dating a man 23 YEARS older than her reveals her brother threatened to KILL her boyfriend when he found out about the age gap romance

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIANAPOLIS, USA: Bodybuilding woman’s brother threatened to KILL her new boyfriend because of their TWENTY-THREE YEAR AGE GAP. Personal trainer and nutrition coach, Anna Kenyon (24) who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, met her partner of four years, business owner, Andy Dittmaire (47), when she was working as a waitress and studying at university and, at first, she kept her relationship a secret from her family. While studying for a degree in criminal justice, Anna worked shifts at her local breakfast restaurant, and it was here where she met Andy. Sparks didn’t exactly fly for Anna, who said she wasn’t interested at all at first – whilst Andy was smitten and called it love at first sight. Recalling their first date, the 24 -year-old was left red-faced when she ordered a huge fried meal, with chips on the side, whereas her date opted for a simple, healthy salad - but it was at this point Andy knew she was the one for him despite Anna still having reservations about the match. Anna explains she feared the reaction of her family to the couple’s 23-year age gap and did not reveal she had met someone straight away. When she eventually did feel the time was right to share her secret, her family didn’t react the way she hoped they would. Anna’s mother burst into tears upon hearing the news, her sister questioned Andy’s intentions, asking if he was planning to ‘chop her up into little pieces’, and her brother even threatened to kill Anna’s new partner, repeatedly shouting ‘I’ll kill him!’ – all before meeting him. It didn’t take long, though, for Anna’s family to come around to Anna and Andy’s relationship once they’d met, and Anna describes them coming to love Andy as much as she does. The couple now even go on holiday with the personal trainer’s family. Andy’s daughters, Ciara (27) and Cheyenne (22), on the other hand, were accepting of Anna from the start despite his eldest daughter being two years older than her dad’s girlfriend. The blip in their relationship in its early stages wasn’t the only obstacle for the couple to overcome in their four-year partnership, though, as another rough patch arrived when Anna expressed her desire to take up bodybuilding professionally. Anna describes feeling broken by the 47-year-old’s reaction to her dream, who expressed concerns her body would change too much and she would become ‘repulsive’ to him. The 24-year-old, not wanting to sacrifice what she wanted, continued and threw herself into training – leading the couple to split for sixth months after Anna’s first show. Couple’s counselling was the saviour of their relationship and now Andy is supportive of Anna’s passion for bodybuilding. Anna, now, attributes their four-year relationship’s success to the hard times her and Andy faced.

This futuristic new superyacht is powered by a giant kite that sails 600 feet above the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Red Yacht Design and Dykstra Naval Architects has created the perfect luxury getaway in the form of a massive, 211-foot-long superyacht dubbed the Ice Kite. As its name suggests, the ship is designed to be extra fuel efficient via its Kite propulsion system, which utilizes a 1.700-square-foot kite and daggerboard as a sail, working in tandem with its specially designed hull to achieve a smooth and speedy cruise. It's incredible size provides a whopping 5,000 square-feet of outdoor space on its exterior deck, which holds a whole variety of amenities including a jacuzzi, a pool, a helipad, a bar, a barbecue, and a dining area that fits 12.

A bush frog tadpole in it's transparent egg

***EXCLUSIVE*** These amazing photographs show a tiny tadpole swimming around inside a crystal-clear transparent bush frog egg - hidden in among strands of moss in a rainforest. The vivid yellow tadpole can be seen clearly peeking out of the tiny egg, which typically measure just four millimetres, or half a centimetre, in size. Despite the tiny size of the tadpole, its bent leg can already be made out tucked against its body, and the pin-sharp photos even show its translucent tail as it moves around inside the egg. The photos were captured by amateur photographer Pavan Tavrekere, 31, in the Agumbe rainforest in the Karnataka state of India.

Master baker creates realistic cake art

Ben Cullen bakes cakes, but it’s fair to say that any comparisons with Mary Berry end right there! At just 28-years of age Cullen, aka „The BakeKing”, may not look like your ordinary baker but he has already amassed an impressive array of cake creations. British-born Cullen, you won’t be surprised to learn use to ink skin for a living. He went from tattoo artist to cake artist after a conversation with a friend of his mums who was talking to him about the art of sugar craft. Figuring that art is art - he decided to give it a go, starting with a birthday cake for his dad made from a basic cake recipe. It wasn’t an instant talent, but he wasn’t put off giving it another go, and although he landed himself a job as a graphic artist, he decided to keep baking the cakes anyway.