Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A quadriplegic man has cycled 250 miles across Kenya using a motorised quad bike - that he steered by using his CHIN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Inspirational Andy Walker MBE, who was paralysed in a diving accident in 2006, took on the monstrous trek through Rift Valley to Lake Victoria as part of a charity cycle challenge. He completed the gruelling trek using a specially adapted quad bike that allowed him to steer using his chin. Andy combatted intense heat, pot holes and arduous rural roads to cycle for eight to 10 hours a day to raise funds for the charity Regain, which supports people that have become tetraplegic through a sports injury. The charity supported Andy, a former competitive swimmer, when he became paralysed from the neck down after a diving accident in Goa, India, in 2006. Andy, who was awarded an MBE for his services to disability charities, joined a group of cyclists and hand-cyclists who were completing the trek on rural roads in October last year.

Photo competition about WOMEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** The winner of the 50 best pictures in the world showcasing Women has been announced. Over 10,000 submissions were put forward in the competition with a picture of a woman in a hijab at a president's speech taking top prize.

Britain's wackiest taxidermist has created a 'romantic range' that includes engagement rings - made from a mouse's ANUS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eccentric Jack Devaney, 25, has spent nearly two years building up a catalogue of usual creations that already include a rabbit toaster, a rat pencil case, and magnetic mice. But he now has produced what could be his oddest set yet with dead animal-inspired items designed for couples looking to tie the knot. In addition to the mouse bum ring that he hopes will take pride of place on the fingers of new brides, he has also produced mouse hearts in little hearts, rat scrotum pendants, kidneys in diamonds.

This adorable pitbull pulled his owner out of her private shell despite being BLIND

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Katie Frame,18, gained more than a pet when her family adopted pitbull Bear, five, in February 2016. The „happy-go-lucky” dog now has over 170,000 followers, and has sparked a community of blind dog owners to come together online. Speaking of her best friend, Miss Frame said: „I’m never alone anymore. Before him it was really hard for me to go out and talk to people but when his Instagram blew up I was talking to all sorts of people! And taking him on walks - it gets me out and moving but also socializing because people will often stop to talk to us.”

A classic car enthusiast who spent five years lovingly restoring a burnt-out vintage motor - has aptly named it PHOENIX

***EXCLUSIVE*** Roger Fountain, 77, rescued the wrecked 1934 Riley sports car which was almost completely destroyed in a devastating blaze. Undeterred, Roger loaded the charred remains of the car onto a trailer and drove it to his home in Sutterton, Lincs., where he began an arduous restoration project. Amazingly, the chassis survived the fire so Roger, a former rally car driver, built a prototype around it using wood, cardboard and scrap metal. Over the next five years, Roger painstakingly searched out the missing parts needed to completely restore the car back to its former glory. To celebrate his work, Roger named his pride and joy „Phoenix” in honour of the car’s remarkable transformation.

A pedigree bulldog has given birth to a massive litter - of TWENTY puppies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two-year-old Cali pushed out the huge brood over a period of more than 24 hours - despite being predicted to bear just six. Sadly nine dogs died during their first few days meaning owner Amber Rees, 20, is now left with a group of eleven to deal with. But she's still immensely proud of her pet, who is currently resting up and recovering after her ordeal last week. Part-time breeder Amber is also trying to catch up on sleep - having stayed awake during the whole birth to look after Cali. The puppies are currently living with their mum and owner in Swindon, Wilts., before they are sold on. Amber said: "It’s been chaotic and crazy but quite fun. "Seeing all those puppies together has been really heartwarming and sweet - but it does test your patience sometimes. "When we first took her for a scan the vet told us to expect six or at most eight puppies.

Fighting bears

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two enormous grizzly bears fight in the shallow water of a clear river. The huge 400lb predators roar aggressively as they splash and brawl in the cold water. The striking images were captured in the wilderness of Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA, by amateur photographer Thomas Vijayan.

Worker making umbrellas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker in Myanmar is surrounded by hundreds of colourful umbrellas which she has painstakingly made by hand. Each one, costing around £8 ($10 USD), would usually be sold to tourists as souvenirs visiting Bagan and Mandalay. The striking image was taken by amateur photograher Thirawatana Phaisalratana, 37, from Thailand.