Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Meet the world's unluckiest bride whose honeymoon was cancelled by Thomas Cook collapsing, hen do ruined by a stripper breaking his leg and a big day scrapped - by coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-two Steph Carr, 31, had been over the moon when her partner of 13 years James Fuller, 35, popped the question. But a month later her dream wedding venue booking was cancelled when Netflix bought the venue. She booked another place and also a two week trip to Florida for her honeymoon but devastatingly lost the £3,500 holiday when Thomas Cook collapsed.  But then her hen do ended in disaster when the 'Dreamboy' broke his leg and knocked an elderly woman unconscious after falling in the crowd. And now her wedding next week and her subsequent rebooked honeymoon have been cancelled - due to coronavirus.

A freestyle footballer is hoping to add to his collection of world records after travelling 50 miles across a Siberian lake - while doing half a million KEEPIE UPPIES

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Farnworth defied temperatures of minus 20 as he kept the ball up in the air while crossing the world’s deepest and oldest lake in Russia for two days.  The only time the 34-year-old stopped freestyling during the challenge earlier this month was when he was sleeping or taking food or toilet breaks.  John kept the ball up for 7-8 hours each day as he crossed Lake Baikal.

A scaffolder who spends his days erecting poles and his nights swinging around them has been crowned a world champion in pole dancing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Justin Judge, 31, even practices his skills on the job and shows off his moves on building sites - much to the admiration of fellow tradesmen.  He wows builders with his strength and agility by dancing around scaffold tubes he had earlier erected.  His party trick and signature move is the "Iron X", which sees him hang from a pole in the shape of an X with his hands and legs spread wide.  And last year he scooped gold in the doubles category of the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships along with dance partner Jessy Yardy, 25.

Just the house for an emergency! Fun family home that comes with its own fireman's pole and slide goes on the market for £3.3m

***EXCLUSIVE***A fun family home that comes with a slide and a fireman's pole is on the market for £3.295m. The new owners of Hapsford Stables near Frome, Somerset, will never have to walk down the stairs again with the two novel ways of getting to the ground floor in this property. The owner bought the property as a stable yard and groom's cottage and transformed it into a quirky and stylish contemporary house. It also comes with stables, a swimming pool and 28 acres of land. The slide offers an amusing alternative to the stairs leading from the library to the kitchen and family room, while the fireman's pole is under a hatch in the guest bedroom suite and leads directly into the stables below - in case anyone needs a quick getaway on a horse.

The selfie a WW1 German soldier took with camera he stole from a dead British soldier is developed after over 100 years

***EXCLUSIVE***An old camera a German soldier took from a British Tommy in the First World War has been uncovered - and it still works. Military history Robin Schaefer was given the Model A Kodak Pocket Camera directly from relatives of German veteran Ernst Behnke. Mr Schaefer used it as a teaching aid for talks and lectures to mark the centenary of World War One. Now the 100th anniversary of the end of the war is over he wants to return the historic device to the family of its original owner. So he is appealing for relatives of tragic Lance Corporal Walter Samuel Town to come forward and claim it.

Polar bear cubs venture out of their den for the first time since birth with their mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** These playful polar bear cubs pose for the perfect family paw-traits after venturing out of their den for the very first time, before taking a well earned snooze curled up with their mum. The baby bears were captured in thick snow as they took their first steps into the inside world, accompanied by their protective mother. They were seen stomping around in -40 degree surroundings before curling up for a well-earned snooze in their freezing habitat.

Is it a plane, is it a bird, no it's a flying squirrel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red squirrel perfects its Superman pose as it soars through the air while hunting for food. The bushy-tailed animal stretched out its paws as it leapt across tree branches to grab hazelnuts. The red squirrel was one of a handful of the animals brave enough to make the jump from the trees to reach the nuts. Amateur photographer Albert Beukhof pictured the leaping squirrel mid-air in a forest near Tessenderlo, Belgium.

Worker in water chestnut field

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone farmer is seen harvesting water chestnuts which will be used as food for local cattle. The farmer works alone collecting the water chestnuts in a field near Truong Hai river, in Quang Nam province, of central Vietnam, spending an hour or two collecting what they need. Photographer Pham Huy Trung, 40, who is from Ho Chi Minh city, in south of Vietnam captured these images using his drone.