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Sex Ban Stars

It's a practice we associate more with monks than movie stars – yet Orlando Bloom isn't alone in abstaining from sex. From Mariah Carey to Towie’s Mark Wright, dozens of celebs have undertaken vows of celibacy at certain moments in their lives – although some have lasted longer than others.

Orlando Bloom

How long? Six months.

Orlando Bloom cut out sex for six months before getting together with Katy Perry. Incredibly, Bloom, 43, did not have sex with anyone or even masturbate so that he could "figure" out his life and be more open to another serious relationship.

Miranda Kerr

How long? Two years.

Miranda Kerr split with Bloom after three years of marriage in 2013 before taking up with Spiegel, and subsequently revealed that the pair would not consummate their relationship until she had a ring on her finger because of her fiance’s old-fashioned views.

Mariah Carey

How long? Two months.

Mariah Carey revealed she had employed a no-sex-before-marriage decree ahead of her union with American rapper and comedian Nick Cannon, claiming that sex would be ‘more special’ if they waited until it was official. They didn’t have to wait long: Carey and Cannon were spliced two months after they first met. They divorced eight years later – and Mariah’s clampdown on pre-marital sex is even claimed to have contributed to her 2016 split from her subsequent beau, Australian mogul James Packer.

Jessica Simpson

How long? 22 years (her age when she tied the knot).

Jessica Simpson now 39, famously declared that she would remain a virgin until her 2002 marriage to fellow singer Nick Lachey. And it seems it was worth the wait. Simpson later raved about their wedding night.

Peter Andre

How long? Seven months and eight days.

Following the 2009 breakdown of his four-year marriage to Katie Price, Andre announced he would embrace celibacy until his divorce was finalised. It took seven months and he was as good as his word – even waiting eight days after it became official before embarking on a three-month fling with former glamour model (and Price lookalike) Maddy Ford.

Lenny Kravitz

How long? Three years that we know of

Lenny Kravitz may have dated no less than Madonna and Nicole Kidman in his time, but in 2008 he revealed in a magazine interview that he hadn't slept with anyone for three years and was waiting for someone special.

Britney Spears

How long? Between one and two years.

The original Pop Princess vowed celibacy until marriage when she sprang to fame in 1998 aged 17. It’s a promise she didn’t keep however, as five years later it was revealed she had slept with young love Justin Timberlake during their three-year relationship, which began in 1999. Undeterred, in 2004 she pledged to embrace celibacy once more after a string of disastrous relationships and a shock 55-hour wedding to childhood friend Jason Alexander.

Lady Gaga

How long? About a year.

In 2010 Gaga revealed she was under a self-imposed sex ban and urged others to consider a similar stance. "I can't believe I'm saying this - don't have sex. I'm single right now and I've chosen to be single because I don't have the time to get to know anybody…" she told fans. "So it's OK not to have sex, it's OK to get to know people. I'm celibate, celibacy's fine." By 2011 she had taken up with American actor Taylor Kinney and, it’s assumed ‘got to know him’ more intimately.

Colin Farrell

How long? Unclear – but well-intentioned.

In 2015 a friend claimed that hellraiser Farrell, 44 had embraced celibacy after taking up Buddhism. He had form. Six years earlier he had announced he was embracing a period of celibacy after splitting up with long-term girlfriend, British writer Emma Forrest.