Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Man lives in the middle of an Swedish elk forest with only bears and wolves for company offers best remote living tips

***EXCLUSIVE*** When your home is on this tiny clearing in the middle of the Swedish forest - surrounded by miles of trees, you know a thing or two about self isolation. Brit Will Dean, 40, and his wife Emilia, 42, bought the 3.5 acre clearing in the middle of a Swedish forest 11 years ago and moved there full time in 2012. It had no access road and their self-built home 90 minutes north of Gothenburg can only be reached along a winding tree-lined dirt road, weather - and moose - permitting. A twice-monthly trip to the one shop in their nearest town - which is 30 minutes drive away - sees them have to take a chainsaw in case they come across a fallen tree. So for Will it's much easier to be as self sufficient as he can be - with water from his self-dug 110m well, potatoes from the veg patch and wood from trees around his home. The novelist and his lawyer wife work from home - in separate wooden huts - meeting in the middle for lunch, when work permits. Along with his six-year-old son Alfred, he has a massive Norwegian forest cat called Monty and Bernie the Saint Bernard for company.

Adorable miniature Shetland pony Little Alf who has has been spreading joy in his home village by delivering supplies to vulnerable people forced to self-isolate due to coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Alf, who stands at just 28 inches tall, has joined his owner Hannah Russell, 23, in delivering eggs to elderly residents in the town where he has become a local celebrity. The pint-sized pony became a global internet sensation when he was adopted by entrepreneur Hannah in 2012 and she shared his incredible story on social media. Alf, whose ears are around 3cm big and hooves only slightly bigger than a £2 coin, has amassed 14,000 social media followers after fans went wild for his adorable exploits. And this week, he has been brightening people's days for the past week in Leyburn, North Yorks., since residents began to self-isolate. Hannah, who runs a furniture and gift shop in the town, has been delivering boxes of fresh eggs free of charge to people she knew could not access shops themselves.

Fish owner says she saved her goldfish's life - by performing a Heimlich style manoeuvre

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kharis Harvey, the businesswoman was watering one of her houseplants when she spotted that Gilly, her 10-year-old pet, was poorly. The woman from Cornwall said: "I thought it was strange as she is normally always very mobile, so I opened the lid of the tank and reached in and turned her over so I could see her face and that's when I saw a large stone in her mouth.

Hengshan Xuankong Temple: North mountain wall temple for thousands of years

Datong, DaTong, China: Xuankong temple, located in hunyuan county, datong city, Shanxi Province, ''north mountain'' hengshan jinlong gorge between the west side of the cuiping peak cliff, known as hengshan 18 ''the first scenic spot.'' Originally named ''xuankong pavilion'', ''xuan'' was taken from the teachings of Chinese Taoism, ''kong'' was taken from the teachings of Buddhism, later renamed ''xuankong temple'', because the whole temple is like hanging on a cliff, in Chinese, ''xuan'' and ''xuan'' sound the same, hence the name. Built in 491, it is a unique temple integrating Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. ''Temple'' building is very characteristic, as steep as the precipitous abyss known, known as ''temple, half a day high, three horse tail hanging in the sky,'' said. Xuankong temple is ''a courtyard and two floors'' like layout, the total length of about 32 meters, 40 pavilions.

A rare unnamed foal takes it's first steps in Somerset

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Pure Spanish colt foal of Lago Hidalga and Pearl of Peace was born on Wednesday morning (March 11th) at 4am and is an extremely rare colour in the Spanish breed, one of a handful in the entire world.  The sire who is resident in Spain is owned by Christina Kershaw and the foal was conceived via AI (artificial insemination) making him even more special.  Sarah Sutton is expecting another 4 beautiful rare coloured foals over the coming weeks and with her husband currently working away, she manages the stud farm by herself. But having her two daughters aged 11 and 13 at home on school closures will certainly come in useful with all the new arrivals due.

A seaside shelter has been given grade II listed status by the government because it evokes the "golden age" of the British beach holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Edwardian shelter and viewing terrace has been used by holidaymakers and day-trippers as a place to admire the sea view - or take shelter from the rain - for more than a century. The shelter in Scarborough, North Yorks., is made up of a series of decorative ironwork arcades and has a viewing terrace on its roof overlooking the beach.

The new e-BULLI car

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last July, Volkswagen took the wraps off its first electric microbus concept surrounding the beloved Type 20 campervan. The German automaker continues to experiment with classic aesthetics and modern tech with its new e-BULLI prototype. The e-BULLI has a top speed of 130 km/h (approximately 80 miles per hour). It also sports rear-while drive with its battery located in the center of the vehicle's floor to lower its center of gravity and improve maneuvering. Prices starting at around $70,000 USD.