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Barber, 26, has travelled the world giving people the perfect trim, - from the Hollywood sign, to Vatican City and the holy temples in Asia, as well as at Rome's Colosseum and even 17,000ft up Mount Everest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the world's most travelled barber who has trimmed hair around the globe - everywhere from Mount Everest to the bottom of the sea.  Jess Palfrey, 26, packed in her army career and trained as a hairdresser before setting off on a five-year adventure. Armed with a pair of scissors, beard trimmer and a hairdressers' robe, Jess has earned her keep trimming across four continents. She has given haircuts in front of the Hollywood sign, in Vatican City and holy temples in Asia, as well as at Rome's Colosseum and 17,000ft up Mount Everest.

Four-year-old farmer's daughter is left with horrific burns all over her body after getting caught in a grass fire while helping her dad on the farm and now faces YEARS of painful treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** UTAH, USA: Grass fire that WENT WRONG left this brave little girl with THIRD DEGREE BURNS all over her body. In February 2020, salon owner and stylist, Megan Hunt (28) from Kanab, Utah, USA, was picking up her son Kwinn (6) from school whilst her youngest daughter, Rawkee (4), and her sister, Martina (1) were with their father, Shay (28) on their farm. However, Rawkee got caught in the flames of a grass fire that was caused whilst they were burning the fence lines with their dad. She was rushed to Kane County Hospital where she was intubated and then was taken by a helicopter to Las Vegas University Medical Centre. She spent five days in the intensive care unit (ICU) where she underwent her first surgery of skin grafts to all areas of her body which didn’t go to plan as her temperature dropped and cut short the operation. At the Utah Burn Trauma Centre, Rawkee underwent three more surgeries; skin grafts on her legs, a procedure called recell, where they test skin samples and a full-sheet graft on her forehead. Her parents were informed that the fire caused 18.5 per cent of her body to be burnt with second and third degree burns on her face, front of both of her hands, left elbow, left ribcage and at the front of both of her knees in the thigh and calf areas. Despite her ordeal at such a young age, Megan says that her daughter has shown great courage, independence and strength, as if she was „born to experience this journey”.

This is a first person view of a scenic rollercoaster that goes down the side of a MOUNTAIN

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mountain coaster also known as 'Rodelbahn' in German is a must visit attraction for any hardcore thrill seeker. Nestled in the mountains surrounding Oeschinensee Lake, in Switzerland the coaster sees the rider on a tobogan sled and offers a 60 second thrill ride through some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see from a rollercoaster. The footage was captured by 28 year-old Rushabh Chheda orginally from Mumbai, India, currently living in the Netherlands.

Burglars steal food from school meant for key workers’ children

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last July, Volkswagen took the wraps off its first electric microbus concept surrounding the beloved Type 20 campervan. The German automaker continues to experiment with classic aesthetics and modern tech with its new e-BULLI prototype. The e-BULLI has a top speed of 130 km/h (approximately 80 miles per hour). It also sports rear-while drive with its battery located in the center of the vehicle's floor to lower its center of gravity and improve maneuvering. Prices starting at around $70,000 USD.