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Youtuber mum who completed a „no buy challenge” for a whole year reveals hows her family managed to save an incredible £25,000 by not spending

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Youtuber has revealed how she and her husband managed to save an incredible £25,000 in 2019 by doing a „No Buy Year” challenge and giving up spending for one year. For a whole year, mum-of-two Lara Joanna Jarvis, 36, from Hampshire cut out almost all her spending aside from rent and essential household bills and stuck to a budget for family groceries to save the impressive sum. Influencer and blogger Lara gave up everything from getting haircuts to buying takeaway coffees and clothes. Lara also made the rule that she would have to sit on all purchase decisions for thirty days - but the month-long wait meant she ended up not wanting to buy anything in the process. Lara and her husband Stuart, 39, decided to do the „no buy year” challenge in order to save a deposit for their first home. Not only have the couple saved thousands in the process, Lara says the „no spend” lifestyle has made her more sustainable, grateful, and changed her life for the better. Inspiring Lara has created a huge following after documenting her No Buy Year experiences on her YouTube channel and she has created an online community through her „Budget Best Life” group on Facebook so that she can personally interact with her followers and share tips and advice.

Meet the couple who proved their doubters wrong and are still together despite being 12 years apart in age - after he proposed on their FIRST date

***EXCLUSIVE*** At 60, Nicola White is over a decade older than her husband, Mike, 49, but they have been married for 24 years - and are 'happier than ever'. When the lovebirds first became an item, toyboy Mike faced criticism from friends and family for being with an older woman, but the two have proved 'age is just a number' and are still going strong. Nicola, a retired mental health support worker, from Plymouth, Devon, said: "Everybody told us we were silly and that it wouldn't last.

These incredible images capture the unlikely friendship between a dog and a white rhino

***EXCLUSIVE*** A "remarkable and unbreakable" friendship between a dog and a RHINO has been captured on video. The sweet pairing can be seen doing everything together - with the rhino even giving the dog a kiss. David is an Anatolian Shepherd and Esme is a white rhino. Despite their differences, the two are clearly fond of each other's company.

A tiny paralysed Chihuahua can now walk - after it was given a custom designed 3-D printed bionic implant in its neck

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Zoe Cekalla took her pet, four-month-old Ping, to the vet after noticing he struggled walking on all four legs. The chihuahua was instantly referred to Specialist Vets at Hamilton Specialist Referrals, where Ping was diagnosed with a severe malformation in his neck. CT and MRI scans showed that Ping's bones were not formed properly leading to instability and a pressure on the spinal cord. He was hospitalised and put in a neck brace while he waited for surgery, which he received six days later. The specialists used custom designed 3-D printed guides to position 1mm screws to stabilise Ping's neck.

The moon disguised as Saturn as clouds form rings around it

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning image has captured a new perspective of the moon - making it appear like its distant neighbour Saturn. Photographer Francisco Sojuel, 25, took the photo from the base camp of volcano Acatenango, Guatemala. He took it before sunrise after a tiring six hour hike to get there. In the picture clouds are forming around the moon which making it look strikingly like the sixth planet from the sun - Saturn.

A Blue Morph arctic fox poses for photgrapher

***EXCLUSIVE*** A curious fox caught a British photographer by surprise in the arctic - and she responded by taking a series of cute pictures of the animal. Tracey Lund, 45, has been doing photography for 15 years but rates these images as "some of the top photos I've taken." The series of shots shows the Blue Morph fox incredibly close to the camera for a series of adorable portraits.