Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A six-year-old Lego obsessive and his doting dad spent three months building this brilliant bed inspired by his favourite toy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kylan Smith, six, and dad Daniel, 31, spent hour after hour on the painstaking project to sculpt bits of wood into giant Lego pieces. After painting them six different bright colours the father son team built the blocks into the shape of a bed frame for Kylan to sleep in. The creation fits in perfectly with the schoolboy's Lego-themed room, which has an entire wall dedicated to characters from the films.

Woman makes artificial leg for husband from items found in their shed so he didn’t have to wait six months for one

Teacher Steve Watson’s wife made him a false leg in their shed — so he didn’t have to wait six months to have one fitted. She used a block of wood and an old moon boot after experimenting with a sandcastle bucket. Steve, 57, badly broke his right leg in 2018 after jumping off a 5ft wall and landing awkwardly on it. Following a series of operations, he had the lower part amputated in January. But after being told he may have to wait six months for a prosthetic his wife Atchari, 46, set about making one. Her first attempt used a child’s seaside bucket. But Steve complained it made him look like a pirate. The bucket was also too loose to fit around his stump.

Mum thought toddler was teething but he actually had coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother has issued a warning after her one-year-old baby she thought was teething had been struck down with coronavirus. Terrified Jessie Mitchell's son Perran was taken ill with a 'roaring temperature' on Mother's Day leaving his entire family now in isolation. But while he is expected to make a full recovery, Jessie issued a warning about the dangers of babies and toddlers being 'secret carriers'. Jess, 32, of Looe, Cornwall, who works in admin for Devon and Cornwall Police, said she first noticed his symptoms on Sunday but didn't initially think anything was seriously wrong as he had been badly teething.

World’s largest 3D printing factory creates face shield for medical professionals dealing with covid-19

Prague, Czech Republic: The world’s largest 3D printing factory has created a face shield design for medical professionals dealing with Covid-19 - and are giving away the design for free. Prusa Research, located in Prague, wanted to help efforts to combat the coronavirus, but realised producing 3D-printed respirator parts was not currently feasible due to concerns about the effectiveness of sealing. Instead they adapted an existing face shield design to maximise easier and faster 3D printing. The shields will help protect eyes and face from coughing and sneezing of patients.

A couple who had their nuptials cancelled because of coronavirus have donated their wedding food to NHS staff

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fiona and Adam Gordon fed over 400 staff at two hospitals over two days with the roast beef and hog roast which was supposed to feed their guests on Saturday (21 March). The catering company they were using for their big day, Galloping Gourmet, is run by a man who has close links with veterans' charity Hull4Heroes. And when they were dealt the mortifying news their wedding could not go ahead they got a call asking if they would donate their food.

Seeing double! Newborn rare TWIN ring-tailed lemurs who are the size of tennis balls cling to their mother following birth

Zookeepers have released adorable footage of twin ring-tailed lemurs clinging tightly to their mother shortly after birth. The delightful duo arrived to seven-year-old mum Fiona following her 135-day-long pregnancy and have been clinging tightly to her ever since. At just 15cm tall, the tiny twins are each no bigger than 'tennis balls with tails' and weigh just a few hundred grams. Zookeepers have not yet been able to confirm the genders of the new arrivals, as baby lemurs spend the first few months of life piggybacking on their mums.

Ice fishing in Idaho

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of fishermen drill holes into a frozen lake to catch fish. Using an electric and manual drill, they lean over the ice to create multiple small holes. The fishermen guide their fishing rod into the water and try and catch fish including trout and perch. Award-winning photographer Jassen Todorov pictured the fishermen on the American Falls Reservoire in Idaho, US.

Cattle in dry river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cattle being herded across the river Jamuna in Bangladesh for their daily bath. The cattle need to be herded for 2 to 3 kilometres to reach the river bed. Azim says that it reminds him of "large deserts such as the Sahara or Masai Mara, where wildebeests travel far for drinking water".