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Naomi Campbell uses vinegar, Halle Berry goes for coffee and Mariah prefers MILK – here’s how to bathe the A-list way

Being stuck indoors means there is plenty of time to enjoy a long, hot soak in the tub. But for a lot of celebs, simple bubble bath won’t cut it.

Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 49, revealed her favourite way to calm down is with a bath of Epsom salts, kosher salts and vinegar.

J-Lo pops fresh flowers in tub

If anyone has the secret to ageless beauty, Jennifer does. The 50-year-old singer and actress relies on a handful of anti-ageing skincare tricks, including bathing with fresh flowers. She also adds rose quartz, a gem linked to love and romance, as well as Himalayan pink sea salt, hibiscus and dried flower petals. Experts say this can help with deep muscle relaxation.

Halle Berry adds coffee

Halle looks pretty much flawless to us and that could be down to her love of coffee. The caffeine in the beans is meant to energise skin, causing a tightening effect and boosting blood flow. Halle swears by this, claiming it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is gentle on the skin and will give a great buzz too. The 53-year-old movie star revealed on Instagram she uses ground coffee as an exfoliant while in the tub.

Mariah Carey prefers milk

The singer as famous for her diva demands as her voice bathes in milk “as a beauty treatment”. Experts say the fat and protein in milk would provide an immediate benefit in your bath, as the lactic acid helps clean and soften the skin. Mariah, 49, insists the milk must be cold, but she would settle for an alternative in her bath if she had no option. She admits: “Well, I guess if there is no clean water and I had to use mineral water, maybe I would.”

Suki Waterhouse likes Coke

The British model and actress, 28, revealed the secret to achieving her perfectly tousled red carpet-ready hair is . . . washing it in Coca-Cola. Suki says it gives her hair perfect volume and texture. She adds: “I don’t like my hair when it’s washed. It’s fine and limp but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I’ve gone through the Amazon or something.” Coke contains phosphoric acid, with a very low pH value, which makes strands appear smoother and curls more defined.

January Jones and baking soda

A glance at the Mad Men star’s Instagram is enough to tell you she loves a good bath. The 42-year-old actress adds a pound of sea salt and a pound of baking soda to a warm bath and soaks in it for at least 20 minutes. She says: “I learned about this a few years ago from Dr Linda Lancaster in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I do it once or twice a week. “She recommends various baths to rid the body of toxins and metals from flying.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones washes her hair in beer and honey

The actress, 50, says: “I rub a mix of honey and salt all over my body to moisturise and exfoliate. You can wash it off and your skin is gorgeous. “I condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards but it’s very good for the hair.” US hair expert Dr Ryan Welter says: “Beer is rich in proteins and vitamins through the natural barley and hops. It contains nutrients for helping to develop healthy hair.”

Kate Hudson has ice facial

When her skin looks puffy and tired, Kate plunges her face into ice water. The actress, 40, was inspired by an actor who would stick his face in an ice bath for as long as he could bear every day. So how long does Kate keep her head in the freezing water? “It depends how badly I want it,” the star says. The ice bath is thought to constrict blood vessels and flush waste products to reduce swelling and tissue- breakdown.

Teri Hatcher pours in wine

The Desperate Housewives star never drinks the calorific tipple but is happy to bathe in it. That is because 55-year-old Teri believes plonk has skin-softening properties. A source says: “She is one of an increasing number of people who have started pouring a glass of wine into their baths every day.” Beauty brand Caudalie, which makes a “vinotherapy” range, argues that grapes have powerful antioxidant qualities that offer “priceless benefits for the skin”.