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The Toiletpaper Cake became „Bestseller” during coronavirus pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** North Rhine-Westphalia, Dortmund: A saleswoman of the bakery Schürener Backparadies shows a tray with round marble cakes wrapped in fondant that look like toilet paper rolls. The toilet paper cake from Bäcker Kortüm has become a "bestseller" during the Corona crisis. Tim Kortüm (36), pastry chef from Dortmund, found a creative way to uplift the spirits of his customers during the coronavirus crisis with a new cake design: the Toiletpaper Cake. Kortüm, who also posts his creations on Instagram and Facebook, initially said he was a little worried about getting negative feedback when he introduced the toiletpaper cake to the public. "But people mostly find it just cool and are happy about our idea."

Palestinian artists paint protective masks for raising coronavirus awareness

Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory: Palestinian artists Samah Said and Dorgham Krakeh paint N95 protective masks for a project raising awareness about the coronavirus COVID-19, in Gaza City. Production of face masks in factories has increased recently as a precaution, amid concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus.

Inside the murderous tribe that DROWNS disabled babies

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETHIOPIA: Meet the tribe that DROWNS disabled BABIES because they believe them to be CURSED. Photos show young boys of the Karo tribe smiling covered top to toe in multi-patterned warrior paint. However the adults find less time to smile, as they pose behind their land that is being destroyed by the government for industrial development. Men carry rifles that were gifted to them by European visitors across the last 50 years, and have been passed through generations like family heirlooms to scare off enemies. One elder woman even uses a drinks straw as jewellery. The photos were taken in the Omo River Valley, Ethiopia, by Jim Zuckerman (72) from Franklin, USA. The American shot the fascinating portraits on a Canon EOS-1Dx Mark II.

Studio release file to 3D print hands-free door openers to contain spread of coronavirus

Belgium: A 3D printing company have released a free design that prints hands-free door openers to held battle the spread of COVID-19. Belgium-based 3D printing company Materialise, a company that normally offers advanced 3D printing services for medicine and other fields, has just released the file which creates plastic attachments for common types of door handles therefore making it possible to open and close doors using only your arm. This reduces the need to touch a common surface which experts have warned the virus can survive on for days. The attachments install in seconds and is designed to be fitted to a door handle without having to drill holes or replace the existing door handle. To set it up, all users have to do is fasten two 3D-printed pieces together with screws over the handle. Right now, it only attaches to cylinder-like door handles, but the company plans to introduce additional designs as they are needed to slow the spread of coronavirus. To garner a greater impact, the company is offering the printable design for free.

Priest holds service on church roof amidst coronavirus lockdown

Arroyo De La Luz, Spain: A priest had a higher inspiration on 25th March when he took to the roof of his Spanish church to give a service and a blessing. Holy man Juan Manuel Garcia Acedoes village of Arroyo de la Luz is on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Undeterred, he ascended to a gently sloping tiled section and sat at a makeshift altar.

Meet Britain’s oldest dog who is still going strong at the grand age of 21 (or 147 in human years)

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet what could be Britain's oldest dog who is still going strong - at the grand age of 21. Former stray Queenie is thought to be the most ancient mutt in the nation - but is showing no signs of slowing down. The ageing terrier enjoys a potter in the garden and walk in the forest and is happy and relatively healthy - minus a few ailments. Queenie shares her home with two other old terriers: Bonnie, 10 and Bo, 12 - a collective age of 43. The trio were adopted by Bridget Pike, who works at the Dogs Trust in Salisbury, Wilts. Bridget was assistant manager at the rehoming centre when she first came across Queenie - and fell in love. Although she couldn't take her home initially, her circumstances changed in 2018 and she became her official owner.

Lion club winds up dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** A playful lion cub, trying to get the attention of his father, jumps onto his head. The cub had been circling the lion and nipping his hear attempting to get him to play - but the relaxed lion was unfazed. But, losing his patience, the adult male snarled at the cub. Professional wildlife and nature photographer Michael Snedic pictured the pair at the Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya.

Castle on a red lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone 17th century church sits in the middle of a red lake. The water is turned red as a result of algae - phytoplankton - blooming. But this year, as a result of climate change and a mild winter, the colour is more intense. Amateur photographer Aleš Komovec pictured the Church of Mary the Queen surrounded by red water in Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Eagle lands on shoulders of statue

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle flies down and stops on top of a human statue, taken around the Ganges River by Ramesh Karmakar. The way the eagle has landed, has made it seem as though the eagle has human-like features. Ramesh mentioned that "in Hinduism, idol worship is done by making statues with clay and buchuli. Then three days later it is immersed in a river or a large pond. The bird is resting on that statue".