Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A bride and groom who cancelled their lavish wedding in Mexico because of coronavirus tied the knot in a solitary ceremony with just a judge present and had their first dance in a deserted park

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie Russell, 43, and Brand Newland, 39, planned to wed in front of more than 60 guests in Todos Santos, Mexico, before cancelling the event due to the pandemic. But the couple decided not to postpone their wedding and became husband and wife in an intimate ceremony just a block and a half from their home in Austin, Texas. Katie, a teacher and writer, explained that she had waited all her life to meet Brand, a healthcare entrepreneur, and didn’t want to wait any longer. She said: „I had waited 43 years to be married and I had found the exact right person for me. Why would we wait any longer?” The newlyweds were married in the home of a local judge, exchanged vows in a nearby park and planned to celebrate with a romantic lunch.

A company that makes face masks for PETS has reported a 500% increase in sales since the coronavirus outbreak

***EXCLUSIVE*** New York City-based Pet Masks began making their products to protect our furry friends from air pollution - but sales rocketed once COVID-19 spread across the USA. „Our sales have increased by about 500 percent” said Pet Mask’s founder Salitia Henwick, 27, who lives in NYC with her husband and their border collie Cookie. „It used to be people would just buy them if they stay in very polluted cities or as a novelty accessory.” The masks, which can be fitted to cats or dogs, cost $25 USD each and come in three sizes. According to the Pet Masks website small would suit a Maltese, medium would be great for a corgi and large would fit a Labrador. The World Health Organisation initially suggested that canines could not contract COVID-19, but on March 19 the Hong Kong government released a statement saying that two dogs had tested positive.

„No Cell Service And Terrible Wifi” illustrator creates hilarious posters for US national parks from one star reviews visitors had left online

***EXCLUSIVE*** People are flocking to parks at the moment with very little else to do due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst the wisdom of visiting parks is currently being debated, it may be a surprise to learn that some people leave bad reviews of parks on the internet. And for illustrator Amber Shares (@ambershares_) that sparked a creative idea to put these one star reviews onto inspiring posters of US National Parks. The hilarious images feature beautiful illustrations of well-known parks like the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone, among others. Whilst Amber created stunning images of the iconic parks using her iPad, she also put aesthetically pleasing text on. However instead of something inspiring to promote the park Ð the words are taken from negative reviews left online about each destination.

Lightning strikes raining down on Dubai

***EXCLUSIVE*** Intense thunderstorms saw lightning crashing to the ground and into buildings in the United Arab Emirates City only days ago. One stunning snap shows Burj Khalifa and Burg Al Arab both being hit by lightning strikes against the beautiful blue backdrop of the sky. In another picture, Atlantis, The Palm hotel appeared to only narrowly avoid being struck.

The discovery of a new species of dromaeosaurid - a family of generally small to medium-sized feathered carnivores that lived during the Cretaceous Period - is reported in Scientific Reports this week

***EXCLUSIVE*** The fossil furthers our understanding of dinosaur evolution during the Late Cretaceous (70 million years ago). Steven Jasinski and colleagues discovered 20 identifiable skeletal elements of the new dromaeosaurid in deposits of the Ojo Alamo Formation in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA. The dinosaur has been named Dineobellator notohesperus from the Navajo word Dino (Navajo people) and the Latin word bellator (warrior).