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Las Vegas woman spends $200,000 of fans’ money to become ‘Futuristic Bimbo’

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA: Woman spends ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SEVENTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS on gravity-defying breasts - all paid for by her FOLLOWERS. Fetish content creator and body modification artist, Ruby Doll Sunset (25) from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, has gathered a loyal legion of 20,000 Instagram fans thanks to her unique modified look. Ruby has always been fascinated with hyper-feminine, extreme beauty and „gravity-defying” breasts. Since 2014, she has been seeking to create the look on her own body. To date, Ruby has spent over Ł170,000 ($200,000) creating her „futuristic bimbo” aesthetic - partially funded by her custom online fetish content purchased by her fans. Ruby’s surgeries include an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, regular lip fillers, and multiple breast augmentations. Ruby has upgraded from her original 550cc implants to a much larger 3600cc implant - vastly increasing her breast size from her original 34A cup. The transformation of Ruby’s body is far from over as the young modification artist hopes to continue using her body as a canvas for her aesthetic vision. Possible upcoming plans include increasing Ruby’s implant size to 4600cc, continuing to enlarge her lips, and undergoing butt implant and lift surgery. Ruby has the full support of her friends and family who encourage her to continue pursuing a vision that brings her happiness. Ruby is aware that her unique look may not be to everyone’s tastes but that isn’t something she puts her energy into. Her fans - particularly men - call her a „goddess” and „other-worldly”. Some even create fan-art and that is enough gratification for Ruby. It means a great deal to Ruby that she is able to inspire others to pursue their own aesthetic visions regardless of what is considered conventionally beautiful. She hopes to continue spreading this message through her online custom fetish content.

Iranian coffee maker popular for insisting making free coffee for frontline professionals during Wuhan lockdown in south China

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sina, an Iranian coffee maker working at Wakanda coffee shop in Wuhan, refused to leave while iran sent evacuation flight to pick up Iranians in Wuhan and insisted on staying and making free coffee for frontline professionals working to flight COVID-19. After knowing this, Chinese netizens donated thousnads of money to Walanda to support his cause. Lately, Sina and his coworkers as well as supporting netizens, donated 40,000 face masks to Iran.

A couple forced to postpone their wedding due to coronavirus have hosted their own ceremony using 115 chocolate bunnies they had bought for guests

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Burton, 32, and his fiance Frankie Lewis, 28, were due to get married on 4 April but had to put the big day on hold. They decided to host a „bunny wedding” for the 115 chocolate bunnies they had bought their guests as wedding favours. Mark, who works for a data science company, said: „While working from home on some pretty weird hours, we have an abundance of two things - bunnies and time.”

Sci-fi vision of ‘organic tower-blocks of the future’ revealed by genius city architect

***EXCLUSIVE*** An architect today offered a glimpse into what the flats of the future will look like - 'organic towers' designed to improve the mental health of people in cities. Newly unveiled plans for the extraordinary 'Rainbow Tree' tower block reveal how it will stand out from typically drab city apartment buildings thanks to the 30,000 plants covering it. At 380ft, the 32-storey building can house hundreds of families and is among the most environmentally friendly the world has ever seen due to its incredible eco-system. Photographs of the plans, unveiled today by award-winning architect Vincent Callebaut, paint a picture of what flats could look like in years to come.

People bored in isolation have tried giving themselves haircuts

***EXCLUSIVE*** People are giving themselves atrocious home haircuts as isolation prevents visits to the hairdresser. There’s a weird phenomenon occurring across the country. Whether it’s something about the guarantee of being stuck indoors for the coming weeks where no one will have to see your mop, or the mania that’s induced from being isolated for long periods at a time, people are pulling out their mum’s old clippers and going at their own heads. Perhaps it’s simply because we’re not even allowed to go to the barbers.

Piano music for the soul

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz: Simon Höneß, pianist, plays on his rolling piano in the middle of the street. The pianist from Mainz has a lot of time at the moment - all appearances at companies or private parties have been cancelled. So he takes his rolling piano out onto the street and plays for the people who stay in their homes because of the Corona crisis.

Incredible photograph captures dramatic moment a fox pounces on tiny mouse in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** CZECH REPUBLIC: This fox looks delighted with itself as it leaps towards a startled mouse in an astonishing photograph. A stunning series of images shows a fox bearing down and leaping onto a terrified mouse in spectacular detail. The remarkable shots were captured by German photography tutor, Johnny Krüger (58) whilst on a recent photography shoot on the snow-dappled hills on the border of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Artist crochets colourful respirators

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lower Saxony, Hanover: Artist Mansha Friedrich shows a crocheted respirator mask with exchangeable fabric inlays. When everyone wears face masks - will the smiles disappear from the streets? Not if Mansha Friedrich has his way. She gives away crocheted protective masks with sun motives or smiling faces.

Harley Davidson motorbike from 1916 converted into a DELIVERY VAN goes up for sale for £35,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bizarre Harley Davidson motorcycle that was used as a delivery van in the early 20th century has emerged for sale for £35,000. The 1916 1,000cc Model J is a million miles from the modern image of Hells Angels riding on the iconic American machines. Instead, the pale blue two-wheeler is fitted with a 'package truck sidecar' which was used to ferry spare parts around.

YouTube influencer, 30, whose partner is 28 YEARS her senior reveals he thought she'd be bored with him in months - but they're still going strong after six years

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORWICH, UK: Meet the woman in a relationship with a man TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS her senior who strangers mistake for her DAD. In March 2014, YouTube influencer, Harriette Simmons (30) from Norwich, UK, first met the love of her life, carpenter, Micky Lowe (58), whilst they were working in retail. There were instant sparks flying between them and they began dating. Whilst even during the early stages of their relationship Harriette saw a future, Micky didn’t think their romance was going to last due to their 28-year age gap. However, six years later and they’re still going strong, proving so many people wrong. They have been frequently mistaken for father and daughter, even though Harriette gets along with Micky’s actual three sons, Liam (27), Jake (30) and Joss (32), despite being of similar ages. Whilst the public haven’t warmed to their relationship, their families have been nothing but supportive, with Harriette admitting that her grandmother and grandfather „love him to pieces”. For years they have built up an online presence to support other age gap couples on YouTube where she has over 72,000 subscribers and Instagram where she has nearly 50,000 followers.

Homemade face masks

***EXCLUSIVE*** There are currently numerous tutorials and online patterns for sewing face masks against the corona virus on social media. From an expert point of view, however, their use offer very limited protection against COVID-19. The Liebenau Foundation recently published a DIY video tutorial on how to sew cloth masks. The foundation's sewing unit is currently equipping employees in the kitchen and laundry with so-called makeshift mouth-nose protection.

Wish you were locked down here! Amazing 10-bedroom London mansion complete with private gym, cinema and pool is perfect place to wait out coronavirus... but it'll cost you £30million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Experience how the ONE PER CENT does LOCKDOWN with this ten-bed London mansion complete with private gym, cinema and pool - but it'll cost you Ł30M.  Upper Phillimore Gardens, located in upmarket Kensington, London, could be the perfect place to shelter in the capital from the coronavirus storm. The exquisite six floor, 12,260 sq. ft. property which consists of 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, seven of which are en-suite, three reception rooms and kitchen-cum-breakfast room is on the market for Ł29,950,000 with John D Wood & Co. Social distancing shouldn’t be a problem in this sprawling mansion, with the property’s lower ground floor offering separate accommodation for staff which can be accessed by a separate side entrance. Those who are feeling at a loose end thanks to Boris Johnson’s blanket shut down of cinemas, pubs and leisure facilities could keep some form of connection to normality in this house as it comes with its very own swimming pool, sauna and steam room, 12-seater home cinema and temperature-controlled wine vault with storage for an incredible 1,251 bottles - making self-isolation a doddle. The Phillimore Estate is located north of Kensington High Street between Holland Park and Kensington Palace Gardens/Hyde Park. When lockdown is lifted, the property is close to the world-famous shops and restaurant scene of Knightsbridge, South Kensington, Mayfair and Notting Hill, as well as being just a stone’s throw from central London’s finest schools.

Design your own 70-room stately home! Huge mansion with two swimming pools, gym, bowling alley and cinema goes on the market for £7.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lucky homebuyer can get this enormous manor complete with marble staircases, swimming pools, cocktail bar and wine room - but they will have to build it first. The plot for the spectacular home is on the market for £7.5m but could end up costing up to £21m and the new owner would have to retain developer Stately Homes for the build. When finished, Hampton Hall near Oxshott, Surrey, will have around 29,000 sq ft and 70 rooms, including 11 bespoke bedroom suites. The manor will be built on the site of an older property on the Crown Estate at Oxshott and the buyer can alter or remove any part of the build. Its jaw-dropping design spec includes 11 bespoke bathroom suites, personally-sourced marble, a luxury family kitchen, professional catering kitchen, a staff kitchen and walk-in refrigerated pantries.

Enterprising singer performs in care home gardens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Singer Steve Linn entertains the residents of Ferndown Manor Care Home from the garden as they sit inside behind the windows. Thinking outside the box - A hero singer has been performing in the gardens of elderly care home residents in a bid to boost morale amid the coronavirus pandemic. Steve Linn, from Bournemouth in Dorset has been putting on the spirit raising shows at around 40 centres across the south coast. With the pensioners in lockdown following government advice he has been singing from outside their rooms, keeping them entertained. Mr Linn, 38, says his list of 250 songs are proving a huge hit with his elderly audiences as well as staff at the care homes. The performer began singing at old folks homes around two years ago but was left fearing for his livelihood by the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to the risk to over 70s most of his gigs were cancelled, leaving him without his main source of income. However, he quickly came up with the idea of singing to residents from outside their rooms and his bookings have since sky-rocketed.