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Adorable therapy dog will ensure you remember to clean your paws during worldwide pandemic

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States: It looks like Coco the Maltese dog has heard about the Coronavirus, cleverly recognising the importance of clean paws! Maltese Coco, lives with her sister, Cici, aka „the troublemaker”, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has become something a hit on instagram - not just because she’s extremely cute - but also because she prefers to stand on her hind legs and bear her belly. And, as if that weren’t enough to make you fall in love with her, Coco (along with her sister) is also a registered therapy dog working weekly at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Owner Katee Lauchner says: „The best part of being a therapy dog is seeing the kids’ faces light up with joy when we walk into their rooms; online or in person our goal in life is to spread love and joy.” About Coco: „I was born on March 21, 2017. My mom started my Instagram in May of 2017. Since that time, we have accumulated more than 223,000 followers from all over the world. We are a popular creator on TikTok with over 1.1 million followers. I'm famous for my pose of, ''Sit Pretty'' which most people say Paws Up. I love the camera and I'm super food motivated that's how my parents got me to learn so many fun tricks.”

A family have triple cause to celebrate – after a THIRD generation of females has been born on the same day defying odds of 48-million-to-one

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Harper Taylor, just 30-days-old, was born on 8th February - joining her mother and grandmother who both share the same birthday. Mum Evie Berry, 26, was induced four days earlier on 4th February, but incredibly her baby girl held on to arrive on the special day - much to the amusement of the rest of the family, including her grandmother Jacqui Berry, 55. The family, from Birmingham, West Midlands, plan to have a big party next year to celebrate the first birthday they will share together – having defied the odds of 48-million-to-one.

Meet the puppy who has gone viral after his wacky mane left adoring fans comparing him to the likes of „Rod Stewart” and „Tina Turner”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five-year-old Springer spaniel Teddy has gained him an army of followers across his social media platforms for his charming posts and crazy hair-do. Owner Tracy Burgess, 48, started posting photos of Teddy on a dog Facebook group and set up a page devoted to him after fans started flocking to her posts. Tracy now posts daily updates to Teddy’s followers and captions them with hilarious „quotes” from the pup in a Yorkshire accent. Teddy now has followers across the world including Australia, America and South Africa.

Man completed Half-Marathon on three metre balcony of his apartment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sam Hustler, 27, completed the 21km trek by completing 5,000 "laps" of three metre balcony of his flat this morning (29/3). He had been due to complete the London Landmarks Half Marathon, which would have seen him take in sights such as the Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral and The Shard. But due to the government-imposed restrictions of public gatherings due to the Coronavirus pandemic, event bosses have cancelled the race. Organisers encouraged runners to get creative and identify their own local landmarks and map a run around hidden gems in their area on a solo run. However, Sam has been self-isolating with his girlfriend Chloe Skerritt, 28, since Monday when she developed a fever and a cough. So instead, he had to make do with the views from his third floor apartment in South Woodford, Essex, as he completed the run in three hours with Chloe cheering him on.

A dad has been rejected from the army after being told his six inch tattoo of a PENIS is offensive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kevin Price, 28, got the tattoo on his inner thigh at a mates house when he was "eight pints deep" after a night at the local pub. He kept it secret from his girlfriend Kimberly, 28, for three months before she found out - and said he gets lots of attention when it peaks out the bottom of his shorts in summer. But he insists he doesn't regret the phallic inking despite being rejected by the army who deemed it "offensive and ineligible under current policy" earlier this month. The dad-of-three, from Hartlepool, has slammed the decision as "a bit of a joke".

The world's oldest man is set to spend his 112th birthday in self-isolation

***EXCLUSIVE*** 'Frustrated' Bob Weighton admitted he has never experienced anything like coronavirus before. But the 111-year-old - whose birthday is Sunday - said that after experiencing the First and Second World Wars he's used to having his plans interrupted.

Deaf boy with autism who has 'no friends' receives hundreds of birthday cards from strangers after mum posts appeal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dylan James, who is deaf and has autism, has spent over nine months in hospital in London so had to take an extensive period off school, which his mum Tasha explained meant he "has no friends". Due to this, he wasn't expecting any birthday cards this year - but his mum sent out an appeal to the public asking people to make his day and send a card to mark his ninth birthday, as his "his favourite part of the day is receiving post".

Weightlifting squirrels

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red squirrel musters up enough strength to weightlift. The weightlifting squirrel - with legs outstretched and arms strained - is triumphantly lifting nuts and eggs above its head. Photographer Geert Weggen managed to picture the weightlifting squirrels on a table in his garden in Bispgarden, Sweden. The red squirrels live in the forest near Mr Weggen's house and visit the garden daily, he said.

The Rainbow Tree: modular timber condo tower

Paris-based architect Vincent Callebaut has revealed plans for a primarily residential, mixed-use building in Cebu - one of the largest islands in the Philippines. Built from timber, the 32-story, 115-meter (377 feet) tower has been designed with verdant balconies capable of accommodating a diverse selection of plant life. Callebaut titled the project „the rainbow tree”, a name that references the eucalyptus deglupta - a colourful tree native to the region. Callebaut’s „rainbow tree” is a staggered geometric stack of 1,200 prefabricated timber modules, with this element of the scheme directly references „nipa huts” - indigenous nomadic houses made of natural materials from the forest. This modern interpretation of the ancient typology will be built using cross laminated timber (CLT), a material that requires much less energy than concrete or steel, and does not generate greenhouse gases. The tower’s basement contains 120 parking spaces, while the first (ground) floor accommodates a catering restaurant, a co-working space, a lobby, and space for parked bicycles. The second story includes further co-working spaces with floors three to six offering 160 spaces for electric vehicles. the seventh and eighth stories accommodate a pool, spa, and fitness centre. It is estimated that the 30,000 plants, shrubs, and trees planted on the tower will capture 150 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere before transforming it into oxygen through natural photosynthesis.

Shots of busy places now quiet in Oman caused by COVID-19

***EXCLUSIVE*** Extraordinary and sobering pictures reveal comparisons between busy locations, now quiet, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The shots show busy markets, football pitches, schools and beaches in Oman now empty as a result of a nation-wide lockdown. A sinkhole, a famous landmark and tourist attraction usually full of people enjoying the sunshine and vibrant blue water, in Qurayyat, Oman, is now completely empty. The traditional market of Sinaw is now without colourful stalls, cars, and people following a government closure of all markets in Oman.

New Polaroid camera

***EXCLUSIVE*** Polaroid has just unveiled a “new look for the new decade,” alongside a fresh range of instant cameras. The brand announced earlier that it has shortened its “Polaroid Originals” moniker and returned to its original brand name of “Polaroid,” as well as debuted its “Now” i-Type Camera in a flurry of bold colorways. For a limited time only, the Now camera will launch in a broad range of shades including red, orange, yellow, green and blue.