Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A mum who longed for a family of her own after she helped raise her 12 siblings defied the odds to give birth to her own miracle daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Rees, 23, was the second oldest in her super-sized family - with five brothers and seven sisters - and helped care for her siblings from an early age.  Taking them to school, helping with homework, and doing her share of the cooking gave her a huge maternal, instinct, she said.  So she was devastated when she was told aged 15 she would never be able to have children of her own because she had polycystic ovary syndrome.  Devastated Amy and her partner longed for a family, but thought it wasn't on the cards, and eventually broke up.  And when she went to the doctors with stomach cramps a few weeks later she was astonished to discover she was six weeks pregnant.  Daughter Kaitlynn was born on September 9 2019 and Amy said it made her realise "nothing else matters".

Japanese company creates „pure hell” micro 2000-piece ALL-WHITE PUZZLE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Japanese board game manufacturer Beverly has just come up with a patience-testing jigsaw puzzle. Touted as the world's smallest 2,000-piece (micro) puzzle, the „Pure Hell” puzzle's claim to fame is that it contains no artwork at all. Yes, this 2,000 piece puzzle has no image to aid you in completing it.

The world's first delivery of insulin by drone has been completed to an Irish diabetes patient living on a remote island

***EXCLUSIVE*** The self-flying aircraft departed from Galway and took 16 minutes to deliver its package to a patient on the Aran Islands, 12 miles off Ireland’s west coast. After delivering the life-saving drug the drone returned to the mainland with a blood sample from the patient which doctors then checked for its blood glucose levels. Researchers say their landmark achievement enables a „full cycle of care” for patients living in awkward locations that could save lives in emergencies.

Mesmerizing photos of dogs in mid-air

***EXCLUSIVE*** A leaping dog looks just like a fluffy cloud in this extraordinary image which captures it in mid-air. The identity of the thick-coated pooch - from a breed of herding dogs knows as Puli - is only betrayed by the two black eyes emerging from its flying fur. In another photo a small dog with its ears poking up is caught focusing as he hurls over a branch in woodland. Two border collie pals are also pictured making the leap of faith together. The images of the dogs jumping in mid air were taken by Italian photographer Claudio Piccoli, 48.