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Mum-of-seven shares her home-schooling tips for parents panicking during coronavirus lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSISSIPPI, USA: Wonder-mum of seven shares her regimented HOME-SCHOOLING TIPS with THOUSANDS of panic-stricken parents desperate for advice during the pandemic. Stay-at-home mum, Kristen Schroder (35) from Mississippi, USA, is somewhat of a home-schooling expert having started home-schooling her children four years ago. The busy mum has had seven children in just eight years - yet she still finds time to share her home-schooling experiences with her 142,000 Instagram followers. Kristen wasn’t home-schooled herself growing up. It was only when she had children that she decided home-schooling was to be her new vocation, and the best way she could take care of her children, husband, and home. A typical home-schooling day for Kristen begins at 9am - shortly after breakfast; the children spend an hour learning before they take a short break. After this, they resume any study. The rest of the day is spent playing, reading, or doing extra-curricular activities with friends such as attending sports groups and music lessons. Kristen is moved and humbled to know that she has inspired other mums to take up home-schooling and is more than happy to share her tips. Something that is extremely important to Kristen is the belief that one-to-three hours of study can be much more effective than any kind of longer schedule. She enjoys allowing her children to play and build relationships with others believing that this learning style instils the most important moral lessons. More families are finding themselves turning to home-schooling amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. It's tips like these that Kristen hopes to share with other parents to ease any anxieties they may have - they do not need to teach 18 years of curriculum in one day. She would like to inspire other parents to value this unprecedented stretch of time they have to spend with their children.

OnlyFans model who quit investment banking says she makes more money now

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRANKFURT, GERMANY: Boob Blocked: Woman who spent THIRTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS on surgery says she’s unable to find a relationship because her boobs are TOO BIG. Model and former investment banking assistant, Yvonne Bar (26) from Frankfurt, Germany, has always loved the idea of having curves „in the right places”. She felt very insecure about her body for years and would even avoid going to swimming pools or the beach. Her high school peers would mock her body shape, calling her names like „tomboy” and said that she looked like a „stick with nipples”. Since 2013 she has undergone three boob jobs which cost Ł20,260 (22,000 euros) which has increased her bra size from an AA to a H cup. She has also had a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) as well as countless fillers and Botox. Collectively she has spent over Ł29,500 (32,000 euros). She now feels very secure in her appearance and even admits that men are intimidated by her look. She had booked flights to Turkey on the week of March 23, 2020, for another procedure with Dr Ali Uckan - the surgeon who performed Yvonne’s BBL - but since the coronavirus outbreak, she has had to cancel her flights which cost her Ł375 (400 euros). She says that she continues to make money on her Only Fans website and makes much more than she ever did as an investment banker.

Puzzle fan creates world's largest Rubik's cube standing 6ft7in high

***EXCLUSIVE*** A puzzle fan has created the world's largest Rubik's cube standing at six-foot-seven inches tall. Tony Fisher, 54, from Ipswich, Suffolk, previously built the biggest cube in 2016. Measuring in at 2.022 metres high (6ft 7ins), it weighs 160kg (25 stone) and took the former archaeologist around 330 hours to make in the garage of his home. His first attempt was subsequently beaten twice but now Mr Fisher - a former archaelogist - snatched back his world record and this time holds an official Guinness World Record to prove it. 

Angry hippos! Two beasts lock jaws as they fight for more than an hour in Botswana

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOTSWANA: Graphic photos capture two enormous hippos engaged in a BLOODY BATTLE for territory. Startling shots show the two bruised colossuses embroiling in a savage fight, using their front-facing tusks to tear at each other’s blubber. The beasts - who can weigh up to 8,000 pounds each were locked in conflict for an hour before the smaller hippo admitted defeat and hastily retreated. The brawl took place in the Okavango Delta earlier this year, as the hippos fought for territory as space in waterways - decimated by a huge drought last year - was at a premium.

Terrifying moment great white shark leaps from water with teeth glistening in the sun captured by brave Brit

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: A fearless British photographer has got up close and personal with the deadliest creature in the ocean. The breath-taking snaps, taken off the coast of South Africa, show a great white gnashing away at the bars of an underwater cave; a humongous shark showing off its dazzling, razor-sharp teeth directly in front of a startled photographer; and the chilling smile of the ocean’s most lethal killer. The awesome images were shot by British photographer Harry Stone, who lives near Bath, Somerset, who is keen to celebrate and conserve the great white shark using his ultra-close-up shots.

Hilarious moment man enforces social distancing rules by strapping a tape measure to his head

***EXCLUSIVE*** Life has become very strange with new social distancing rules in place to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. One man in Essex has come up with a novel way of enforcing social distancing by strapping a tape measure to his head. The unknown man posted a video online of himself walking around Grays, near the River Thames, with a tape measure sticking out by the recommended distance of two metres. He also donned a protective face mask for extra security, giving the man a truly bizarre look. In the video he stares into the camera with his unique outfit on and says: „Two metres is the rule.”