Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Two women in their 50s have broken the world record for tandem cycling around the globe by 19 days - after pedalling over 18,000 miles in 263 days

***EXCLUSIVE*** Best pals Catherine Dixon, 53, and Rachael Marsden, 55, fondly known as Cat and Raz, cycled through 25 countries across five continents and raised over £37,000 for charity. The pair raced their pink tandem named Alice to the finish line on 18 March after 263 days, seven hours and seven minutes on the road, smashing the men’s record of 281 days. They had originally planned to finish a few days later, but due to Europe closing their borders due to Covid-19, the speedy pair had to race against the virus. Luckily they squeezed on to the penultimate ferry leaving Caen, in France, to Portsmouth, where they eventually were able to cycle back to Oxford where they began. Cat, from London, said: „It’s been a long journey to say the least but all the things that made it unexpected made it the experience that it was. We planned to do it 290 days but just as we set off that record was beaten so we knew we had to go even faster.”

Finalists from a prestigious international food photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Almost 9,000 images - divided between a dozen categories - from over 70 countries around the world were whittled down by judges for the annual Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards.  Legendary food photographer David Loftus heads the judges, with a number of other prominent figures from the worlds of food and photography casting a critical eye over this year's submissions.  The photos range from the mouthwatering to mind-bending, with portraits of fine-dining tussling with innovative images of spices rearranged to resemble the solar system.

A man updated his Tinder profile with hilarious pictures of himself surrounded by towers of toilet paper in the hopes of getting a date during the coronavirus pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jameson MacInnis, 40, even stripped down to his boxers in one amusing snap, covering his modesty with stacks of the highly sought after household item. The IT worker, from Bristol, Connecticut, USA, said he took the pictures to make people laugh during this tough time but sadly he has not yet matched with any potential partners. Jameson said: „Honestly I just want to make people laugh. I hope someone just looks at them. Ironically I haven’t matched with anyone on Tinder so people clearly don’t know a good thing when they see it.” Jameson began swiping on the dating app because he was so bored during self isolation. „I am working from home and I live alone and I was bored out of my mind, as many people are. I was looking through Tinder and my pictures were old and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my toilet paper stash.” He set up his phone on a stand and posed for the hilarious pictures by lolling on his bed surrounded by the stacks of toilet paper.

Couple have converted front room into their favourite beach in Cornwall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family that were gutted they couldn't visit their second home in Cornwall recreated their favourite beach - inside their living room wanted to spend isolation in their holiday home but decided that would be irresponsible. Instead, they stayed at their home in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire - but they still missed idling on the beach listening to the sound of the waves. So Keith Wheatley, who owns an artificial rock company, decided to recreate their favourite beach - Crooklets in Bude, Cornwall, right in their front room.

A dive-obsessed family relocated to Thailand a week before coronavirus chaos closed down the island - now they’re HOMELESS and WITHOUT WORK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lauren Edwards relocated to Koh Phangan with husband Greg Wiseman, 45, and their two boys Ifor, three, and Gryff, one on March 2nd. Having worked on the island as dive instructors in 2015, the pair thought they knew what their island life would involve. But three days after Greg started his job as a dive instructor, all the island’s businesses closed due to coronavirus.

Man has completed a marathon in his garden during the coronavirus outbreak

***EXCLUSIVE*** The event, the first by its new organisers, has been postponed until October because of the global pandemic, so 57-year-old keen runner Graham Merfield had to think creatively. Under the rules of the island’s lockdown people are allowed to leave their homes for up to two hours a day in order to exercise. Despite being an ultra runner, Mr Merfield knew he had no chance of being the second person in the world to break the two hour barrier for the marathon.

Three housemates re-creating their morning commute whilst stuck at home - by using their SHOWER as a London Underground carriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** This funny video shows three housemates re-creating their morning commute whilst stuck at home - by using their SHOWER as a London Underground carriage. Rowan Akin-Smith, 26, and his housemates Felix McKechnie, 27, and Pablo Hutchinson, 25, are all "avid riders" of the tube, using it daily for their commute to and from work. But the trio, who live together in Clapham, south London, have been stuck working from home for the past two weeks, due to the coronavirus lockdown. So to break up the monotony, they thought they would re-create one of their most familiar pasttimes - riding the tube - from their own home.

Man’s lonely journey from Chicago to Las Vegas

***EXCLUSIVE*** This haunting photos shows one man’s lonely journey from Chicago to Las Vegas in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Tom Munaco, a videographer, was required to make the journey on March 26 and 27 for work - so he decided to document the lonesome voyage. „It was really bizarre” said Munaco, 32, who lives in Chicago. „I travel a lot for work, I’ve never seen anything like this. It was a strange journey, O’Hare is usually one of the busiest airport in the US but everything was deserted, the food courts, the airport walkways, everything.”

Man in T-Rex costume pushing a shopping trolley in a queue for Tesco Extra

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a person in a T-Rex costume pushing a shopping trolley rushes to join the back of a busy Tesco Extra in Yate. Russell Owen, 37, captured the peculiar moment whilst waiting in a queue at Tesco Extra within Yate Shopping Centre. Russell, an IT Manager from Yate said: "My mother is currently unwell and is a full time carer for my disabled father. "She isn't able to go shopping and can't get a delivery so I arrived early at Tesco Yate to do her weekly shop.