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Fitness fanatic dad reveals how doing workouts with his young sons helps to keep them calm during quarantine

***EXCLUSIVE*** CARMEL, INDIANA, USA: This dad isn’t letting a PANDEMIC stop him or his KIDS from getting their daily workout. Fat-loss coach, Zach Pello (35) from Carmel, Indiana, USA, has always lead an active lifestyle and gravitated quite naturally to a career in personal training. Zach has been working as a personal trainer since 2003 and enjoys not only the physical results he sees in his clients, but also the personal growth they experience. Zach’s active lifestyle is something that spills over into his family life. The healthy dad has always encouraged his children to try different sports to find out what they enjoy - not just what they’re good at. Zach believes that the most important thing you can do as a parent is to lead by example. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, gyms and public spaces across the world are shutting down and it’s getting harder to find somewhere to exercise. Zach was finding that his at-home workouts were being interrupted by his equally house-bound children. Realising that they too needed exercise, Zach cleverly incorporated his children into his workouts - something that he’s shared on Instagram in a series of family-friendly workout tutorials. Zach has several handy tips. He recommends swapping weights for a couple of tin-cans or a backpack full of books. Washcloths can be used as sliders and towels that can be attached to doors to help you perform assisted chin-ups. If you want to get your children involved, 10 minutes of these core moves is what Zach recommends: squats, lunges, stretches, crunches, and step-ups. The best way to get active is by using the four-by-four technique. This consists of doing four exercises, four times a week. Zach is a firm believer in if you’re short on time, this is the best way to build a new healthy habit.

Middle aged couple who wed after a week invite teen girl to join marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONTERREY CITY, MEXICO: This couple married ONE WEEK AFTER THEY FIRST MET and have since invited a woman TWENTY-THREE YEARS his junior to join their relationship. On May 14, 2012, marketing entrepreneur, Rodrigo Contreras Diaz (41) from Monterrey City, Mexico, met his now wife, nutritionist, Melin Velasco Reyes (31) from Guadalajara City, through a mutual friend. Sparks flew instantly and Rodrigo ended up proposing to Melin that same day, to which she agreed. After just a week of preparations, they got married on May 21, 2012. Despite only having eyes for her, he explained to her early on in their relationship that he didn’t want a traditional monogamous relationship as he lived an alternative lifestyle and was open to a polyamorous relationship, which she accepted. For four years they focussed on their relationship then re-visited their exploration of other forms of partnerships and searched for another woman to join them in their union. On April 27, 2016, whilst they were both at a bar, they met one of the waitresses, Lucy (18), who was in high school at the time. Initially Lucy was shocked when Rodrigo began flirting with her in front of Melin, but after a few hours of chatting, they became closer and formed a polyamorous relationship. Since then, he admits that the addition of Lucy has positively improved his marriage with Melin and they now all plan to get married as a throuple, although Melin and Lucy, who are both straight, do not have a sexual relationship.

Gang of goats RETURN! Uninvited four-legged friends seen strolling around deserted streets of a seaside town during lockdown yet again

***EXCLUSIVE*** A herd of goats has once again taken over the deserted streets of a seaside town during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The mountain goats were first spotted taking advantage of the empty roads in Llandudno, North Wales. The wild herd was seen 'having a midnight feast' on bushes in the coastal town as residents stayed home due to social distancing measures, before reappearing to 'run riot' in Trinity Square over the weekend. Photographs taken today show the Kashmiri goats - which usually live on the rocky Great Orme - had returned again to munch on plants and jump on fences.

A heroic martial arts instructor is putting a smile on children's faces amid the nationwide lockdown - by roaming the streets dressed as Spiderman

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andrew Baldock, 44, has been donning his ultra-lifelike superhero costume and entertaining the kids of Stockport, Lancs, for the past week. Brilliant pictures taken while he did the rounds today show Andrew in dramatic superhero poses as adoring children watch on in awe. The dad-of-five said: "This is a very difficult time for everyone so I just wanted to do something to put a smile on people's faces.

A lottery winning millionaire couple have spent their winnings - rescuing a series of dogs from abroad

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peter and Ruth Doyle landed £1million sum on the Euromillions in 2015. The pair have since used the riches to retire and enjoy life, traveling to places like Japan, the Maldives and Dubai. But they have also used their wealth as a force for good, funding a trip to Romania on which they transported 13 rescue dogs back to new owners in this country.

Billionaires yacht to beat COVID -19

***EXCLUSIVE*** A groundbreaking superyacht which can go months without ever needing to come back to land is perfect for self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak - if you can stump up £80 million. Billionaires can now stay away from the pandemic and explore the world with the Green Expedition thanks to its incredible self-sufficient capabilities. The eco-friendly yacht is covered in over 200 square metres of solar panels, has its own wind turbines and is propelled by a 'skysail'. And just in case there's no sun, the yacht's hybrid engine will also be assisted by retractable wind and wave turbines as well as the skysail, which is a kite-like rig capable of propelling the ship.

Wacky animal heels

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pairs of designer high heels appear to look like animals. The limited edition leather shoes depict exotic animals such as orcas, panthers and flamingos. Only 20 pairs of each style is available - with each pair custom made per order. Designer Kobi Levi, from Tel Aviv, Israel, creates the shoes within a month.

Eagle with a snake tongue

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle appears to have a snake tongue during its afternoon snack. The short-toed snake eagle searched for its prey from 300 feet above ground. The bird of prey, spotting the cobra, immediately descended and killed the snake. Amateur photographer Gowathaman Ganesan pictured the incredible moment near Thenneri in India.

Screaming chameleon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon looks like it is screaming as it opens its mouth wide. The colourful reptile displayed its long tongue while opening its jaws in front of the camera. The veiled chameleon was perched on a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia, when it attempted to grab prey with its tongue. The shots are of professional photographer Tanto Yensen's own pet. The 40 year old, who is from Jakarta, said: "It had gone to grab some food but it missed. "In doing so, it looked like it was screaming or mad at something because its mouth was wide open."

A displaced Syrian man opens his cafeteria in an interesting way

The photos taken in the city of Idlib show a displaced Syrian man from the city of Hama who opens a cafeteria for juices and cocktails and fills them with fruits in an exciting way and brings people to them because of the beauty of the scene in which the man lives. He worked in this profession for thirty years, and when the Syrian regime deserted him to Idlib governorate, he transferred his work to it.