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26-year-old „breatharian” woman reveals how she hasn’t eaten solid food for over a year and is nourished by her breath instead - only consuming liquids like herbal tea and smoothies

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Youtuber has revealed how she feels better than ever since adopting a breatharian lifestyle, which sees her mainly consuming liquids like herbal teas and smoothies and getting nourishment through BREATHING. Casey Budd, 26, who lives in Atlanta, USA, has hardly eaten solid food for over a year since discovering Breatharianism in February 2019. Casey says that practising breath-work for one hour per day allows to get energy from prana. As a result, she has seen her appetite decrease and on a typical day, she only needs liquid foods such as herbal tea, a smoothie and raw soup to sustain her. Now only eating solid food occasionally, Casey has shared her transformative journey with her 50,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Since adopting the pranic lifestyle, Casey explains how she has more energy than ever before and she feels more relaxed, creative and positive in life.

Bakery can hardly keep toilet paper cakes in stock

Dortmund, Germany: The Schoener Backparadies, a German bakery and bistro, has been making customers smile during this frightening global pandemic with their loo roll shaped cakes! Such is their popularity that they’re now more in demand than the real thing! With news of the hoarding of toilet paper, bakery manager Tim Kortem of The Schoener baking paradise in Dortmund, thought he’d bring a smile to people’s faces by meeting demand with edible toilet paper cakes. And the customers it seems, are eating it up. „Finally, toilet paper!” Writes a customer on Facebook under the posted post of the bakery. But only one role per customer’s jokes another. They bakery initially made only eight of the cakes as a gag, but they were gone within 2 to 3 minutes because everyone in the bakery took a roll home with them. So, they made 60, then 80 and have just been trying to keep up. Requests from all over the world are coming in via the internet. The round marble cakes, wrapped in white fondant, are being churned out at 200 a day. The bakery responds with a good sense of humour „We should probably limit it. Some come in and buy ten cakes straight away. We are baking as fast as we can.”

A pair of Vegas showgirls left unemployed by coronavirus have launched „The Socially Distant Show” to keep people smiling during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Devon Alarid, 34, and Nina Kane, 33, both regulars at Harrah’s and Bally’s casinos, normally have gigs lined up every night, for months in advance. But on March 16 everything was cancelled in Las Vegas. „I was in a dance rehearsal that day and everyone’s phones started blowing up with messages saying all the gigs had been cancelled” said Devon. „A lot of the girls had backup work, like working in bars, coffee shops and restaurants, but that was all cancelled too.”

Coronavirus dating app launched

United States: A new coronavirus lockdown dating app has been launched. Called Quarantine Together, it comes with the tagline „Get close even when you can’t be close”. The app texts a daily reminder to wash your hands and physically distance, then they match you with a date at 6pm daily after you confirm you’ve cleansed. You and your match will receive a private text message and after 20 minutes a video chat link. The idea is the brainchild of Daniel Ahmadizadeh and Christopher Smeder. Mr Ahmadizadeh told CNN: ''In quarantine, it's not repositioning what people do, Quarantine Together is specific to how people are living in this time.'' The app has so far proved popular having already reached full matching capacity and with a waitlist to get early access. Quarantine Together is currently free, but they will be collecting optional donations to provide healthcare workers with masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment). The developers say: „In this time of both uncertainty and heroism, we want to support our frontline healthcare workers. Quarantine Together is currently free, however, we will be collecting optional donations to provide healthcare workers with masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment).”

A father-of-three who has been placed on the government's Covid-19 vulnerable list due to chronic lung disease has been forced to self-isolate in a caravan on his drive

***EXCLUSIVE*** David Dubois, 44, separated from his wife and children for a fortnight as he suffers from severe allergic asthma, bronchitis and a suppressed immune system. David, a filmproducer, moved into the caravan when his seven-year-old son Arthur developed a temperature and a his doctor advised him to make no contact. Since then, David has been living in the caravan, while his wife Lisa, 42, has taken on sole caring responsibilities for Arthur and the couple's daughters, Rebecca, 10 and Lucy 12. David gets a text from Lisa when his dinner is ready and she leaves it on the doorstep for him to collect - and he video calls the rest of the family so they can eat together. David said: "The family have been amazing, but we’re all started to show some cracks from being under the strain.”

Beautiful bunny brothers show off their paw-fect hair and make-up during lockdown

Somerset, United Kingdom: With hair as white as snow and deep, dark eyes, you could easily mistake these three brothers as professional models. But they are in fact three beautiful bunnies who are being cared for by RSPCA staff in Somerset. Pluto, Mercury and Earth enjoyed being centre of attention for a photoshoot during lockdown at RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre, in Taunton. The brothers were rescued alongside seven other rabbits after their owner lost interest in them and could no longer meet their needs. They are among thousands of animals being looked after by the RSPCA, which this week launched its emergency appeal as the numbers in its care are set to rise further. Bel Deering, West Hatch manager, said: „These friendly bunnies could put Beyonce to shame with their windblown hair and perfect makeup! We wish we all looked this good in the morning! Five of the 10 buns have been reserved and will go to their new homes once lockdown is lifted. The other five - including Pluto, Mercury and Earth - are still available and will be looking for homes when the centre reopens.”

Watch a $10 billion telescope being unfolded

This is NASA’s $10 billion undergoing an important unfolding test. The space agency announced 31 March that the James Webb Space Telescope full mirror deployment was a success. In order to perform ground-breaking science, Webb’s primary mirror needs to be so large that it cannot fit inside any rocket available in its fully extended form. Like the art of origami, Webb is a collection of movable parts employing applied material science that have been specifically designed to fold themselves to a compact formation that is considerably smaller than when the observatory is fully deployed. This allows it to just barely fit within a 16-foot (5-meter) payload fairing, with little room to spare. „Deploying both wings of the telescope while part of the fully assembled observatory is another significant milestone showing Webb will deploy properly in space. This is a great achievement and an inspiring image for the entire team” said Lee Feinberg, optical telescope element manager for Webb at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The test was performed in early March. Launch date is scheduled for 30 March 2021.

A thoughtful shopkeeper is distributing beautifully decorated biscuits to show her gratitude to NHS staff, cops, prison officers and refuse collectors working during the Coronavirus pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Asiyah Javed, 34, and her husband Jawad, 35, run the Day Today Express convenience store in Stenhousemuir, Falkirk. They have given away thousands of pounds worth of goods to their community, including face masks to OAPs, and baby milk to families with infants. Asiyah found a way to show their gratitude to emergency service workers, including medics and police, as well as often-forgotten prison officers and refuse collectors - by commissioning a local business to make biscuits with messages of appreciation.