Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A man has hilariously documented his self-isolation with his dementia-struck nan - and says being with her has improved his mental health

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tommy Ferris, 31, was hunkered down with his Nana Jean, 81, for two weeks late last month - and loved every minute of it. The pair had to abide by strict social distancing guidelines at the home in Yate, Glos., as she is vulnerable. But that didn't stop them popping up for a trip to a family allotment on one day - where Tommy realised they had the opportunity to create a funny photo. He jumped on a nearby tractor mower and attached a rope from the back to Nana Jean's chair - making sure they were at least two metres apart. But behind all the fun is a serious message from Tommy - to make the most of the time you have with family while you can. He said: "We should use this unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level with those we live with.”


Amazing pictures about water

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing image captured tiny ants drinking a droplet of water. The snap, titled 'Thirsty Ants' was taken by Philipines photographer Analiza Daran De Guzman has won Agora's 50 best pictures in the world showing water. Other images which took a space in the top 50 include a snap of a bright, colourful bird's reflection in water with its wings outstretched. It was taken by Spanish photographer Pablo Boguñá Fisas. Another, snapped by Cao Ky Nhan in Vietnam, shows a man's incredible reflection as he rowed out to fish following heavy rain.


An owl watches a photographer with glaring yellow eyes from behind a rock

***EXCLUSIVE*** An "on patrol" owl has been snapped peeking above a rock and staring directly at a photographer with striking eyes. The startling pictures shows the little owl glaring into the direction of the camera almost as though it is policing the streets. Partially hidden behind a rock in Druridge Bay, Nothumberland, the small animal's glare is enough to force anyone into self-isolation.

Over 1,000 mini-figures have been removed from a LEGO display of Birmingham City Centre in order to replicate the Coronavirus lockdown and raise awareness

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michele Thompson carefully took out the characters by hand from the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham to simulate the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.  She removed the final figure out of the Miniland display just moments before the centre closed its doors to the public for the final time. The once bustling city scene is made of over 1.5 million bricks, but images now show the surreal atmosphere felt in cities in the UK with millions of workers being told to stay inside.

Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for Beatles classic Hey Jude are set to fetch £150,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for the Beatles song Hey Jude and his shooting script for the music video of Hello Goodbye! are tipped to sell for over £225,000. The two documents are among 300 items of Beatles memorabilia that are coming up for auction online. The sale has a total estimate of £2m but it is likely to raise far more as investors are said to be looking to put their money in tangible assets rather than the stock market due to the panic over coronavirus. The most expensive lot in the sale is the sheet of paper containing the partial lyrics for Hey Jude. It is expected to sell for £150,000.

Rare movie poster for the classic 1933 film The Invisible Man sells for an incredible £150k

***EXCLUSIVE*** The incredibly sought-after design was used to promote the iconic horror which was released nearly 90 years ago. It has been in the ownership of a collector for several years but has now gone under the hammer to coincide with the release of the 2020 remake. The sheet measures 27ins by 41ins and was designed by the esteemed Hungarian-American poster artist Karoly Grosz.

Jeep gifted to Dwight D. Eisenhower when he was a General in the American Army is set to sell

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Willys Jeep that was gifted to Dwight D. Eisenhower when he was a General in the American Army is set to sell for £150,000. The 1944 military grade vehicle was given to the future president by the National Trust of Scotland in 1946 in recognition of his wartime work. He was also handed the keys to his very own apartment in Culzean Castle, in Ayrshire and he used the vehicle as his personal transport whenever he stayed there.

Original artwork of the first ever Flash Gordon comic has sold for a world record $480,000 - 90 YEARS after it was first drawn

***EXCLUSIVE*** Original artwork for the historic first ever Flash Gordon comic has sold for a world record price of £390,000. The inaugural strip for the sci-fi epic featuring Alex Raymond's illustrations was published on January 7, 1934.

Poster advertising from one of The Who's earliest performances has sold

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare poster advertising from one of The Who's earliest performances at a short lived music venue has sold for an eye-watering £13,800. The 29in by 38in poster dates back to August 1965, just a year after Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and John Entwistle formed the band. It advertises their show at The Blue Moon in Cheltenham, Gloucs. Admission price was seven shillings and sixpence. They were supported by 'The Silence' whose band member Pete Overend Watts kept the poster.