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Hairdresser almost lost an eye after a single hair from a cut gave her deadly infection

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAN DIEGO, USA: A SINGLE HAIR from a CLIENT almost caused this barber to LOSE HER EYE after it SPLINTERED in her skin and caused an MRSA infection. Barber, Lyndsey Burbank (36) from San Diego, USA, is no stranger to hair splinters. Much like any other kind of splinter, these are easily removed with a pair of tweezers - something Lyndsey is used to doing in her profession. In March of 2020, Lyndsey awoke to a swollen eyelid having removed a hair splinter the day before having spent the day cutting customers’ hair. She could feel a red bump under the skin and thought perhaps a facial would reduce the swelling. Over the next 48-hours, things got progressively worse as Lyndsey began losing sight in her eye due to the swelling and pain. She was sent home from urgent care with a course of antibiotics. Despite the antibiotics, Lyndsey’s condition continued to worsen. Eventually, she went to the hospital’s emergency room where she was put on an IV drip and given the strongest possible antibiotics. Doctors initially suspected Lyndsey may have developed a staph infection - but ultimately, this wasn’t the case. Doctors told Lyndsey that she would need to undergo surgery. Not wanting to be admitted, Lyndsey had the procedure done bedside with only a local anaesthetic. As doctors cut open and drained Lyndsey’s eyelid, she could feel much more than she bargained for. The following day, Lyndsey was finally admitted to hospital as doctors diagnosed her with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection and Lyndsey faced the possibility of losing her eye. MRSA is known as a „superbug” due to its intense antibiotic resistance. Lyndsey underwent a further two surgeries; doctors were able to drain the infection more successfully and rid Lyndsey’s eyelid of some scar tissue. Since then, Lyndsey has made a full recovery and despite the ordeal she went through, is left only with a small scar.

A mum has married the plate-smashing Greek waiter -- who she danced with at her FIRST wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** Natalie Perry, 37, met waiter Fred Kasa, 36, hours after she tied the knot to her husband following a beach wedding in Crete.  Photos show her in her wedding dress holding his hand - and her husband's - while they all perform the traditional 'Zorba' dance at her reception.  Five years later she revisited the restaurant after splitting up with her hubby, Natalie and Fred instantly bonded.  After a whirlwind holiday romance they became an item and tied the knot last month.  Once again they danced together - this time swapping the Zorba for a slow-dance as man and wife.

Family-of-four spend SIX hours colouring every brick of their terraced house in chalk to create a rainbow effect to 'lift people's spirits' during the coronavirus lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family spent six hours colouring in every brick of their home with chalk to create a 'rainbow house' to cheer their neighbours during lockdown. The Taylor family used up 40 jumbo chalks as they decorated the front wall of their red-brick terraced house in Wellington, Somerset.  Mum Fern, 26, started with her daughters Arabella, four, and Matilda, two, and her Royal Marine partner, Marco DeFazio, 28, finished the mission on a ladder.

UnBAAlievable! Adorable flock of lambs flout the two-metre rule as they hop and skip on a roundabout in a deserted playground

***EXCLUSIVE*** This adorable video shows a flock of lambs getting their daily exercise on a kids' roundabout. The animals are seen hopping onto the playground favourite and running on the spot as it spins beneath them. Hairdresser Debbie Ellis, 52, captured the footage in a field attached to her home in Preston, Lancs., on Thursday (02/04). The mother-of-three said: „We have a field that belongs to us by our house and we let it to a guy who keeps sheep in there as a hobby.”

These stunning pictures show a wedding dress at a bridal shop in Edinburgh - made out of TOILET ROLL

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning pictures show a wedding dress - made out of TOILET ROLL. Bridal shop owner Mette Solvtoft Baillie, from Edinburgh, made the striking dress on Tuesday as a ‘topical’ joke. Dressmaker Mette, 49, crafted the striking white garment from 18 loo rolls in just two hours. However, she claimed it was more challenging to make than a normal silk dress as toilet roll is more delicate.

Astronauts could use their own pee to build structures on the moon, a new study claims

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists mixed urine with moon soil to make a sturdy lunar concrete. And it could be the key to minimising the cost of transporting materials to build moon bases. NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and its Chinese counterpart plan to build moon bases in the coming decades. These plans form part of a broader space exploration mission that will take humans to more distant destinations like Mars. But the colonisation of the Moon poses problems - high radiation levels, extreme temperatures and consistent meteorites. And the biggest logistical issue of them all is how to get construction materials there to start building. Transporting materials from Earth to space is expensive, costing about £8,064 ($10,000) for every 0.45 kilograms.

One-eyed bull terrier still loves all humans even after suffering gunshot trauma

***EXCLUSIVE*** HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA: DOG FINDS new lease of life as an INSTAGRAM STAR after being SHOT IN THE HEAD and BEATEN WITH A HAMMER. Three-year-old bull terrier mix, Bubbles, was brought into a dog shelter when she was just six-months-old after being shot in the head by a bullet that did not kill her and beaten with a hammer. Owners of a mobile dog grooming service, Kilyn Horton Blanchard (51) and her husband, Ike Blanchard (56) from Houston, Texas, USA, were volunteering at a local dog shelter in September 2017, when they first met a severely injured Bubbles. Bubbles? right eye was severely injured, she had an open wound on her face and scans revealed that her jaw was shattered but had started to heal incorrectly, meaning that she could only open her mouth half an inch. A CT scan confirmed that poor Bubbles had been shot through the right eye and the bullet had shattered her jaw and inner ear. As soon as Kilyn and Ike met Bubbles they knew they wanted to care for her and have her in their life, so they fostered her and brought her home a few days later. Now, over two years later, Bubbles is the light of their life and after four gruelling surgeries to remove the bullet, her inner right ear, a proportion of her jaw and the removal of her right eye, she has also become something of an Instagram sensation with 67K followers under the handle, @khbubbles. Despite everything she has been through Kilyn says that Bubbles is a loving and trusting dog and craves human attention.

Sotheby’s offers every DC Comic ever in upcoming auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sotheby's is offering the complete run of DC Comics published since its founding year in 1934 through 2014 in an upcoming auction. The 40,000 comic collection includes every appearance of superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash throughout the publication's nine decades of storytelling. The first appearance of Superman in “Action Comics 1” currently holds the world record for most expensive comic auctioned at $3.2 million USD.

New Balance is using some of its sneaker manufacturing facilities to produce masks for healthcare workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last week New Balance announced it was getting "all hands on deck" to produce face masks for hospitals, and today it has announced it is scaling up the production process in response to COVID-19. The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has become a widespread need following the outbreak of coronavirus. As a result, New Balance aims to make 100,000 face masks a week in consultation with local medical and RD institutions, following just one week of prototype development.

Craftsmen making leathers for Thai shadow play

***EXCLUSIVE*** A craftsman intricately carves art into leather ahead of a traditional Thai performance. The eye-catching and extraordinarily detailed drawings are carved into the material using a chisel and mallet. Photographs of the colourful finished leathers show them being used for Nang Yai, a traditional Thai play which uses shadows and light to illustrate a story. Amateur photographer Thirawatana Phaisalratana captured these shots of the craftsman working at his house in Ang Thong Province, Thailand.

A photography club has bagged a coveted national award for its dazzling display of shots

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photography duo, Roger Wates and Mick Dudley, captured a slice of history in their photos of an Alchemist and a Tudor doll maker taken during a reenactment event at Kentwell Hall, in Suffolk.  They are two of nine photographers from Tonbridge Camera Club in Kent, which has won this year‚Äôs Mersea Island Challenge Trophy.  The team won the annual competition for the first time beating 11 of the UK‚Äôs top camera clubs from as far as Cornwall and Scotland.  Club Chairman Colin Burgess said: ‚ÄúWe are not meeting at this time due to the coronavirus. So to get this news was a real boost for us.

Mum and cubs fish and then run from impending danger

***EXCLUSIVE*** A female brown bear teaches her young cubs to fish before they are forced to flee when another male approaches. The cubs learn from their experienced mother who, for now, catches the fish for the hungry youngsters. The unique images were taken at Kurile Lake, a volcanic crater lake in Kamchatka, Russia. Wildlife photographer Petr Šimon, who captured the photographs, said: "It is an amazing experience to observe bears in their natural habitat.

Hungry owl swoops to devour vole

***EXCLUSIVE*** An owl swoops into the snow and gulps his meal down with great satisfaction at the Meadowlands in Minnesota, USA. Medical manufacturing worker Janet Johnson had been watching the bird for a few days before snapping the incredible moment he wolfed down his dinner of a vole he had just caught.

Rare white baboon tries to blend

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare white baboon stands out as it wanders among the other members of its troop. Albino baboons are an unusual sight in the wild as they struggle to survive in an environment that favours blending in.

Huge stretches of red cotton dries in the sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of metres of newly dyed, bright red cotton are rolled out to dry in the sun. Aerial photos show workers unfurling huge stretches of the fabric across green fields in the Narsingdi district of Bangladesh.