Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Super-organized blogger reveals top working-from-home that she insists will make you more efficient and productive, from creating a dedicated work space to BANNING pajamas

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, CANADA: Woman teaches followers to 'up their quarantine game' by sharing work-from-home hacks - including a BAN on PYJAMAS. Social media director at Talk Shop, and blogger, Krystin Lee (33) from Toronto, Canada, has become somewhat of a blogging expert over the last nine years. In 2012, Krystin was working in public relations and decided to set-up a lifestyle blog in her spare time to expand her skillset. Krystin’s blog, KrystinLee.com, would go on to become a runaway success. Krystin now has over 177,000 loyal fans on Instagram and she’s worked with major brands such as Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and American Express. Her content - which mainly caters to a female audience - covers a variety of topics including fashion, lifestyle, travel, home, and beauty. Blogging is strictly a hobby for Krystin but the online entrepreneur spends two days a week cultivating her online empire from home. Like so many others, Krystin has found herself working from home more often due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Having some pre-existing experience in this area, Krystin put together a list of tips to help her readers adapt to working from home with fans inspired to „up [their] quarantine game”, and „step it up”. Krystin believes that the key to success is to maintain your usual morning routine. This includes putting on your favourite outfit and doing your make-up - no pyjamas allowed. She also recommends setting out daily to-do lists, creating an office space in your home, and setting up virtual coffee dates with your colleagues - something less informal than scheduled zoom meetings. Krystin has been inspired by the renewed sense of community that has appeared online. This has translated into her content in which she is focussing on highlighting local businesses, encouraging readers to be frugal, and doing her part to raise awareness.

An amazing act of brotherly love has saved an eight-year-old Swindon boy's life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ben Couchman was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of six and endured two years of radio and chemotherapy before being given the miracle of a blood stem cell transplant by younger sibling Elliot. The procedure means Ben no longer has the blood cancer ‚Äď and meant mum Sam Couchman could spend Mother's Day this year with her two boys for the first time since his diagnosis. Sam, of West Swindon, recalled the horror of noticing random bruising and a a rash on Ben's body that wouldn't go away, before he was rushed to the Great Western Hospital.

A smart toilet that predicts cancer, heart disease and diabetes may soon be in everyone's home, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** A smart toilet that predicts cancer, heart disease and diabetes may soon be in everyone's home, according to new research. It detects telltale signs of trouble in human urine and stool using cameras and chemical analysis, say scientists. The technique is non-invasive and cheap enabling doctors to treat disorders before symptoms develop - or even completely prevent them. People just sit on it and perform their routines in the normal way - ensuring daily monitoring of health. It could even end the pain of needle tests for diabetics.

These hilarious images show women all around the world completing normal household tasks in their finest dress - all inspired by a Truro woman who had a black tie event cancelled due to the coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** These hilarious videos show people completing mundane household tasks in their best clothes - including ballgowns and wedding dresses. Angie Emrys-Jones, 43, is director of a charity and was nominated for a national award - but the black-tie ceremony was cancelled due to the pandemic. All dressed up with nowhere to go, Angie, from Truro, Cornwall, decided to start wearing her ballgown around the house and shared pictures of herself with friends. Her friends loved it which spurred Angie on to create the Facebook group Put Your Bins Out In Your Ballgown - and soon the idea spread.

This is the adorable moment a passerby spots a man and child dressed as BATMAN and ROBIN cycling past a local supermarket

***EXCLUSIVE*** Astonished passerby John Hubbard, 45, captured the moment outside of Tesco Extra, in County Way, Trowbridge last Wednesday (1/4). John, a car dealer for Orchard Mill Motor Company, was queuing outside of Tesco Extra shopping for his parents who were self isolating.

An orphan giraffe has been pictured on a 167 mile journey across Kenya to a new home - from where it can one day return to the wild

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kiko was taken by staff at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust from their Nairobi Nursery to his new home in North Kenya called Sirikoi - part of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. The giraffe is loaded into a specially built, spacious box on top of a truck, with his head peaking above the enclosed space. Kiko looks calm and collected as he stares at the road disappearing behind him.

Red squirrel with a shopping trolley full of acorns

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jeffrey Wang took this series of images in Carnie Woods before the lockdown. In them a squirrel is seen piling its shopping trolley high with nuts – far more than the two or three of each grocery items most supermarkets are allowing right now. The woodland animal is also seen trying to fight another shopper (an Andrex puppy-style cuddly toy) for what appears to be the last toilet roll!