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Yoga teacher, 27, whose face was left paralysed and scarred by a road accident reveals she would break down in tears every time she looked in the mirror

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND: HORRIFIC ACCIDENT left this woman in TEARS every time she looked at her PERMANENTLY PARALYSED and SCARRED face in the mirror. Physiotherapist and yoga teacher, Lisa Monn (27) who lives in Zürich, Switzerland, was 24 when her bike collided with a car, leaving her with severe cuts to her whole face, broken bones and a damaged facial nerve. Since then she’s had three surgeries and is still learning to fully accept the accident which left her with facial paralysis and scarring for life. Lisa was collecting berries with her friends in August 2017 when the accident happened, and her life was changed ever since. Lisa was rushed to hospital, with the adrenaline keeping her unaware of the severity of her injuries, and spent 10 days under the watchful eye of doctors who said she was lucky to survive. The calamity left the then 24-year-old with destroyed tear ducts, deep tissue cuts from the top to the bottom of the left side of her face, fractured zygomatic, maxillary and orbital bones, and traumatic facial paralysis due to nerve damage. She underwent two surgeries at the time which attempted to repair her facial nerve, suture her entire face, and reset her bones - and another surgery just over a year later which involved an injection of her own body fat under the skin in an attempt to soften her scarring and the removal of metal implants.

Stay in a galaxy far, far away with this unique holiday rental

Florida, United States: Whilst lockdown means no one can currently leave home, Star Wars fans may want to put this on their holiday list for when the ban is eventually listed. After the launch of the Galaxy’s Edge themed park in Florida last year, there is a definitive rise in the number of Star Wars-inspired rentals in the adjacent areas. A recent example is the 12 Parsecs by Loma Homes located near the Champions Gate resort, a 15-minute drive from the park. Sleeping up to 20 people at a time, there are nine bedrooms, each offering different Star Wars themes and scenes from the iconic films. So, depending on what takes your sci-fi fancy, you can either sleep on a bed themed after the Millennium Falcon cockpit, a floating bed in Cloud City, or in a furry bed in the hoth ice-cave room, to name but a few offerings. The entire living space is outfitted with hand-painted wall murals, custom lights, with all rooms meticulously detailed to the theme of Star Wars. The 12 Parsecs rental home offers resort-style amenities, as well as a private, heated swimming pool. In addition, there are several Star Wars Easter eggs hidden inside that guests are expected to find during their stay. This Star Wars-themed accommodation can be rented for about $490 on Airbnb or via the Loma Homes website.

This is the last pub in Britain still serving - a boozer a man spent 20 years building in his HOUSE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Simon Randall, 52, officially opened Randalls Tavern with his wife, Donna, in 2014. They spent tens of thousands of pounds on the project - and boasts more booze than the vast majority of pubs in the UK. He has real ale on tap, a fridge full of lagers and a wide rage of spirits including more than 80 varieties of gin from around the world.

A mum has issued a warning after her seven-month-old baby fell severely ill with coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Courtney Barker, 23, said people needed to stop treating the lock-down as "one big holiday" after speaking of the terrifying moment when her son Arthur fell "unconscious and floppy." He was rushed to hospital three days ago with a roaring temperature. The family returned home on Monday but Arthur remains very poorly with a multitude of symptoms.