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I lost my entire long-term memory and couldn’t remember my own boyfriend after suffering a nosebleed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple had to do a real life '50 First Dates' and fall in love again after she forgot her entire life -- thanks to a nosebleed.  Sophie Clayton, 26, suffered a nosebleed in November 2019 which triggered a rare disorder, disconnecting her brain from her nervous system. Within minutes she forgot her phone pin code, the date -- and then her own name and was rushed to hospital. And while she was soon on the road to recovery she had no recollection of her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, Jonathan Wilson, 26. So just like the movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, he set about dating her for the 'first time' again.

2-years-old girl teaches her viewers how tod o their makeup

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch the sweet moment a little girl arms herself with her grandma's makeup and films an adorable tutorial teaching others how to apply the products to their face. Priya Milner may only be two years old but is already a little superstar after she started modelling when she was just six months old. Sweet Priya is now following in the footsteps of her grandma - affectionately known as 'Mema' - Louise Milner, 41, who owns the beauty side of Vault Salon and often films make up tutorials for her business LM Brows & Beauty. Inspired by her Mema's videos, Priya from Edwinstowe, Mansfield took it upon herself to film her own tutorial video last month and the result is simply adorable.

A self-isolating family have built their very own tiki bar out of boredom - after the coronavirus lockdown ruined their holiday plans

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Herriot, 32, his fiancee Veronica Sullivan, 34, and her son Josh, 15, built the tropical themed bar in the back garden of their home. The family usually jet off to Majorca, Spain twice each year, and had been planning to in the spring and again in October until the pandemic ruined their plans. Instead they will be soaking up the rays in their back garden in Kelso, Scottish Borders. The family made use of old wooden pallets and bamboo fencing to craft their bar, which they placed beside their hot tub to emulate a relaxing „holiday” setting. James, who works as a bus driver, said: „We like to have a drink and that and we see these same kinds of bars on holiday. We have the hot tub in the garden so we wanted our garden to be like a holiday space while we’re in isolation.”

Ten-year-old wins national skateboard title with back garden routine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ten-year-old Roxana Howlett wins the 2020 Skateboard England title with a routine in her garden. The event was switched to a 'virtual' championships after the coronavirus outbreak. The tournament was due to take place in Manchester last weekend but was cancelled due to the coronavirus. Organisers urged athletes to send them a recording of a routine on social media. The ten-year-old created a course in her back garden and although she did not pick up Olympic qualifying points, she did win prize money.

Market bag priced at $1,380 USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Japanese label visvim releases its latest bag drop, this time coming in as a tote bag meant to accompany shoppers to supermarket runs in lieu of disposable plastic bags. The carry-all, titled Market Bag (L), is fairly unassuming in design and shape; the dual-handled bag arrives in rectangular shape measuring 71.5cm tall and 40cm wide, with an accordion-styled expandable body to maximize interior space. Its construction and design may be unsurprising however the material may be the shock, as the tote is composed of 100% lamb leather and produced in France. Price: $1,380 USD, the smaller one is at $793 USD... only!

Hotel turned into a hospital to help fight the Coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seaside hotel today became the first in Britain to open as a hospital to help the NHS cope with the coronavirus crisis. The Hotel Rembrandt in Weymouth, Dorset, is taking 31 'low risk' patients from local hospitals to free up desperately-needed beds. The guests are not coronavirus patients but have been treated for other ailments and were taking up valuable bed space while waiting to be discharged. The three star hotel has been kitted out to accommodate them and have been supplied with nurses from a care agency. Twelve members of hotel staff have been kept on to see to laundry and housekeeping and to cook three meals a day for the patients and care workers.

A man lost nearly half his body weight after weighing nearly 22 stone - and is now a personal trainer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andreas Djiakouris ballooned to 22st lost nearly half his body weight - and is now a slim personal trainer. Andreas Djiakouris, 55, decided to shed the stones after trying to buy an outfit for a job interview - and failing to find anything in his size. Years of yoyo dieting then followed before he found workout brand CrossFit - which changed his life. The dad-of-two now weighs an impressive 13st 5lb and works out regularly to keep himself fit.

Extraordinary story of tragic WWII RAF pilot who was shot down and killed over Dunkirk as his brother watched from the beaches below emerges as his medal are put up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The tragic tale of a Hurricane ace who was shot down over Dunkirk while his brother watched on from the beaches can be revealed after his bravery medals emerged for sale. Flying Officer Peter Dixon, of No 145 Squadron, who had taken out five German aircraft in five days, was himself hit during a dogfight on June 1, 1940. While jumping from his damaged plane, his parachute caught fire and he was recovered from the sea, dying two days later from his severe burns. His brother, Major John Dixon, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, was stood on The Mole, a breakwater wall off Dunkirk's beaches, waiting to be evacuated. He only discovered when he made it back to Britain that the pilot he saw drop from the skies was his brother. F/Off Dixon's medals are being sold with London based auctioneer Spink & Son.

Beatles Shea stadium poster has sold for a world record price of £112,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 54-year-old poster for a Beatles concert has sold for a world record price of £112,000. The poster that was promoting the Fab Four's famous return concert to Shea Stadium in New York was removed from a train station wall by a fan in 1966. She kept it all her life until she died when it was left to her brother.