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Meet the fearless „Crocodile King” who lives with three rescue crocs and 24 other animals in Texas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Will Sherrer lives on a quarter of an acre of land in Spring, Texas with his girlfriend, their newborn baby, three crocodiles, three snakes, four giant lizards, six cats, four dogs, five ferrets, two domestic rats and a pond full of fish. „We’ve got our hands full for sure” said Will, 33, who has been working with animals for the last 18 years. „I’m a wildlife biologist so I help rehabilitate wild animals that have been injured or orphaned until they are ready to be released.”

The family of a little boy who looks the spitting image of Boris Johnson has shared adorable photos of him dressed as the Prime Minister to show their support

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two year old Cash Rudd has always been compared to Boris Johnson because of his floppy blonde hair and strikingly similar facial features.  With the Prime Minister currently hospitalised after displaying coronavirus symptoms, Cash's mum Sarah Rudd, 39, decided to share photos of the young doppelganger in support of the politician.  Dressed in a slightly too big suit with his blonde hair tousled on top, little Cash gave his best smoulder to the camera as he impersonated Boris and the result is simply adorable.  Skin and laser clinic owner Sarah proudly posted a photograph of Cash in a Facebook group that is organising a movement to clap this evening at 20:00hrs for the Prime Minister.

Original posters from some of the best known films ever are up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Film Producer, Howard Kazanjian and SFX Cinematographer Richard Edlund are responsible for some of the most famous and best-loved blockbuster movies ever made, including Indiana Jones’ Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Star Wars (1977-1983), and many more. A selection of posters from their personal archives will be amongst 341 lots going under the hammer.  Prop Store’s Cinema Poster Live Auction will take place on Thursday 23rd April 2020 from 12pm BST.

A scaffolder refused to let gym closures stop his workout routines - by creating his own gym in the yard

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daniel Hobbs, 32, started building the gym at his Milton Keynes workplace last Monday.  It took seven hours in total to construct - he spent five of them by himself and then his brother and another scaffolder helped out with the final two hours on Tuesday.   He said: "I normally train four for five times a week but they shut all the gyms so I thought I would make my own one!  "You have to think about the kind of machines and what kind of things you are going to use and how you are going to build it.   "I just used all the normal tools."  His gym includes bicep curls which can double up as a shoulder place simply by removing one pole.

A couple who create bespoke period costumes for museums and re-enactors have been taking their daily walks - dressed in their own, amazing historical costumes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Azabela Pitcher, 45, and her husband Lucas, 51, have been donning authentic hand-made historical costumes, covering eras including Georgian, Tudor, and late Medieval. And they are taking their government-approved daily walks - which they have renamed their "costume constitutionals" - at the same time each day, so that their neighbours can watch them from their windows. Izabela and Lucas, from Clifton Reynes near Milton Keynes, Bucks., run period costume shop Prior Attire, providing historically accurate clothes for museums and historical re-enactors.

Meet the postman doing his rounds in fancy dress to lift spirits

***EXCLUSIVE*** For many families, a postman may be the only person that they will see every day and one is on a mission to lift their spirits. Penrith postman, Simon Richardson, has become a legend in his community by bringing a smile to people's faces. After seeing the mood the customers on his rounds change after the lockdown, Simon came up with a cunning plan to make each day brighter for everyone he sees. The 40-year-old decided to dress up as a postbox while delivering his letters - a job which now takes twice as long, as people are stopping to chat and take photos of him.

„Won’t be getting car sick!” - Hilarious moment man puts protective mask on his vehicle

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a YouTube prankster puts a protective face mask on his CAR. Amidst the coronavirus panic a popular vlogger has brought a smile to people’s faces by putting a giant surgical mask over the bonnet of his car. RossCreations who runs YouTube channel Vlog Creations, which boasts 1.5 million subscribers, put the video out yesterday Monday 6th April, 2020. Ross starts the video, which is filmed in Florida, by putting on a face mask on himself and then putting a giant one on his Dodge SUV. He then films people's reactions to the face mask. People are laughing and pointing at the car, with many trying to take a picture.