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Florida woman constantly aroused didn’t have sex with husband for months due to rare condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, USA: WOMAN with a rare condition that causes PERSISTENT GENITAL AROUSAL was left so SORE she couldn’t have SEX with her husband for MONTHS. In December 2012, event planner, Lior Ofir Schwartz (28) from Miami Beach, Florida, USA, began feeling consistent arousal urges without having sexual desires. The feeling caused pain in her genital area that was so extreme that she decided to research what was happening. This is when she discovered persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), which is spontaneous, persistent, unwanted and uncontrollable genital arousal in the absence of sexual stimulation. It was especially triggered when she felt stressed and every night before she went to bed. Her condition worsened over time and in October 2012, she was dating her now-husband, Jonathan (29), and when she invited him round to her apartment to have sex, it was too painful that they had to stop. So, in an attempt to find out what was happening once and for all, in March 2013, she had her first appointment with a PGAD specialist who confirmed that she in fact did have this condition and pelvic dysfunction. Her then-boyfriend, Jonathan, was very supportive during her ordeal and whilst she spent all of 2013 in physical therapy to alleviate her symptoms, Lior and Jonathan had to go without sex for two months at a time. Their relationship was tested over and over again throughout her journey, but it also grew stronger in this time that in October 2016, Jonathan proposed to Lior. The proposal was based around the US hit late-night talk show, The Tonight Show, which stars Jimmy Fallon and Johnny Carson, as Lior is a massive fan. In March 2017 they got married with their close family and friends. After six years of enduring pain, Lior underwent Botox injections in her prudential nerves and in September 2019, she had a vestibulectomy, a surgical procedure where the hymen and vestibular skin is removed. Following the surgery Lior and Jonathan were not allowed to have sex for four months. Lior’s physical therapist uses a dilator during her sessions which she uses 15 to 30 minutes before having sex. She can now have sex with her husband pain-free.

Life is but a dream: Magical photos make some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes look like something straight out of your imagination

***EXCLUSIVE*** Could this gorgeously-doctored shot become reality with the threat of climate change? Dream catcher captures magical pictures of the world’s most idyllic places. Calming photos show a lone explorer gazing upon a dazzling aurora borealis display in Norway, whilst a lone lady strolls along lavender fields in France. Meanwhile a single resilient cliffside tree defiantly reaches out to sea despite a nearby bubbling volcano. A meticulously crafted shot of camels navigating sand dunes looks like a movie shot on another planet. One photo even mirrors the Wadi Rum deserts of Jordan full of flowing water, as he miraculously replaces sand with water from an azure Scandinavian lake in front of a holy setting sun. And an Asian rower navigates a hazy endless river through dimly-lit lanterns in an image that allowed the young prodigy behind the images to turn it into a career. It is almost as if these photos were taken in a dream from a deep sleep. Photographer and digital artist, Julius Kähkönen (20) from Turku, Finland, only started taking photos at age 17 when he became bored stumbling upon his Dad’s camera. However, he self-taught himself the craft, the editing software, and has managed to turn it into a business by selling prints and teaching others.

Mom enetertaining her daughter during lockdown with a series of wacky activities including kayaking down the stairs, stomping in the shower in wellies, and turning the washing line into a fairground

***EXCLUSIVE*** These videos show a hero mum keeping her kids entertained during lockdown - by turning her shower into a WATERPARK and the washing line into a FAIRGROUND. GP receptionist Terri Haliwood, 39, brought the outdoors in to keep her daughter Bella, four, Bristol kayaked down the stairs, stomped in the shower in her wellies, and turned the washing line into a fairground. She’s hoping Bella will remember the silly memories rather then being stuck indoors.

Ornate ostrich eggs sold to the Mediterranean's elite 5,000 years ago reveal a complex trade network in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millenia before the first Faberge was produced, the elites of Mediterranean civilisations from the Bronze and Iron Ages treasured ornate ostrich eggs. Archaeologists generally agree that nomadic craftspeople travelling the Eastern Med and the Middle East from as far back as the third millenia BC would carve the eggs for foreign royal patrons. But the ancient custom as largely puzzled researchers until now. British scientists have uncovered evidence of an „extremely dangerous” luxury egg-hunt involving close encounters with wild ostriches.

Artist paints rooftops of houses bright colours

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rundown village was transformed into a beautiful rainbow painting after locals covered the entire area in bright colours. A group of university students decided to paint the buildings of the slum to help improve living standards and encourage tourism. With the help of the local military they set about painting every inch of Jodipan in East Java, Indonesia. Firefighter Hugo Healy used a drone to capture the images while travelling through the region.

Seeing double? Two headed bison

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of bison appear to merge to become a single animal, with two heads. The two male Indian Bison, which belong to the same family, stood like this for a couple of minutes before retreating back inside a nearby forest. They had been looking out for one another to keep watch for any approaching predators.

Chilli workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers in Sariakandi Upizila in the Bogra district of Bangladesh huddle under umbrellas while surrounded by a sea of fiery red chillis. The image was captured by photographer Shafiul Islam. Shafiul said, "The workers are paid very poorly, and often do eight hour shifts. The chillis can also cause breathing difficulties and poor health." "Chillis play a key role in the cuisine in this part of the world. They are often combined with other spices in various meat dishes such as chicken and beef."