Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A New York woman is making quarantine life seem glamorous - by wearing a different gown every day while she works from home

***EXCLUSIVE*** When COVID-19 lockdowns were ordered Lucy Rogers, 32, didn’t have anywhere to show off the dresses she receives via the clothing subscription service Rent the Runway. So Lucy began wearing a different one each day, while working from home. She posts humorous images of herself in the designer garments to the Instagram site sayyestothewfhdress. Lucy dons her fine gowns while making coffee, cleaning the bathroom, working in bed and doing at-home workouts - with very comical results. Her tagline is: „Wearing everything highly inappropriate while learning how to unmute on Zoom. I really wanted to wear all these gorgeous dresses I had rented, but I had nowhere to go” said Lucy, who works for the digital marketing agency Croud. „I started the Instagram site as a bit of a joke, to keep myself entertained while we’re all stuck at home. I thought my friends and family would find it funny and it just blew up from there really. I was going to cancel my subscription but then I thought this could be an opportunity to wear all these lovely things that I could never normally wear to the office. Lucy, who is originally from the U.K., says she’s received an outpouring of positive messages from people who are enjoying her site.”

A supergran who plays with her grandson in a back yard training pitch, has been sharing videos of her skills to try and raise spirits during the Covid-19 lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Violet Slater, 85, is a soccer whizz and is able to volley the ball through various nets all from her wheelchair. After her husband Harry’s death at the age of 87 in 2017 following a long battle with dementia, she found a „new passion” she could share with her family. Grandson Kodi, 11, is now famous on Facebook for his footballing ability, boasting over 9,000 followers despite only picking up the game properly two years ago. His internet fame led him to train with Premier League side Wolves, who quickly noticed his talent after a scout spotted him during a match. After her son Phil, 34, built a football pitch in the garden of his home, Violet started to join in their mini practice sessions and found she loved the sport.

Professional slackliner filmed himself working from home

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a professional tightrope walker still carries on his skill - despite working from home. Pro slackliner Lukas Irmler, 31, filmed himself taking his craft home with him. He has a makeshift „Rodeo-Line” in his living room before immediately performing his morning Yoga while balancing precariously on it. Lukas from Freising, Germany, said: ''Being locked up at home you gotta get creative and find new ways to get the daily training done.”

92-year-old busting shapes at her zumba class

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired Rachel Philitsen began dancing as a child - with tap dance becoming her passion. When she moved to Miami in 1968, she found a love for zumba and a friendship with her instructor Rina Martinez Rincon, 35. The pair have now been dancing together for four years, Rachel attending two of Rina’s classes a week. Rina’s a great instructor and she's a good dancer that inspires you. When Rachel moved to Miami, she saw an advertisement for an exercise class to music, and thought that would be wonderful. Venezuelan-born Rina has been teaching zumba in Miami for four years - she met Rachel in one of her classes.

People bored during quarantine are flocking to a VR strip club to pass the time - with numbers QUADRUPLING since the COVID-19 outbreak

***EXCLUSIVE*** VRClubz, founded in 2016 in Florida, normally sees around 2,000 users per day but since coronavirus struck that number has surged to around 8,000. „We’ve seen an enormous uptick in traffic” said CEO Jimmy Hess, 42. „We are all urging people to stay at home right now so this is great way to stay safe and entertained. Thrill seekers just need a computer, a VR headset and a login. The experience starts when you drop into the street” said Hess. „You can look around and see the other businesses, which can also be experienced, as you walk up to the club you can hear the music from outside.”

Couple hold a virtual wedding ceremony

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple devastated when coronavirus cancelled their wedding decided they still wanted to mark their special day - and held a virtual ceremony instead. Sue Barsby, 49 and Chris arshall 56 were due to tie the knot on Saturday March, 28 but their ceremony was postponed after the UK was put into lockdown. Refusing to be deterred and spend their special day doing nothing, the couple reached out to a celebrant who offered to conduct a handfasting ceremony in exchange for donations to the NHS. Sue, who has two sons training to be junior doctors, thought that was the perfect way to celebrate what would have been their big day.

Mum creates genius 'mumdonalds' meal to cheer kids up during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Hull mum has shared her 'mumdonalds' idea which she created as a surprise to cheer up her three children during lockdown. Kirsty Collins and partner Darren Duffill stayed up until 4am re-creating the McDonalds restaurant at home - complete with all the packaging and food. The couple wanted to surprise their three children, Kieren 15, Jake, nine and Lily, six, because the trio are missing their favourite food whilst staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the stunning footage of a travel junkie ascending a majestic looking staircase in the Hawaiian hills

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Haiku Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven or Haiku Ladder, is a steep hiking trail on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The total 3,922 steps span along Oahu's Ko'olau mountain range. Jorden Tually who earns his living by travelling captured stunning footage of this amazing hike using an Insta 360 one X camera three months ago. The Australian thrill seeker said: „I absolutely loved shooting this video, I love heights I was in my element.”

A university lecturer uncovered a coin believed to be more than 660 years old while digging the raspberry patch in his garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dr Jamie Pringle said he was weeding his raspberries at his home in Stoke-on-Trent when he noticed something metallic in the soil. The object he uncovered was a silver groat from the time of Edward III which experts have dated to either 1352 or 1353. Staffordshire's finds liaison officer said it was the only coin of its kind found within the city.