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Couple who fell in love through online dating site meet for first time… at their WEDDING

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who fell in love online met in person for the first time ... at their wedding. Brit Lisa Mrad, 36, proposed to Yusef Mrad, 30, after three months of chatting on a dating app. She travelled to his home in Tunisia and they wed within four days — then she flew home to tell stunned relatives. Customer services worker Yusef first contacted Lisa on the Tagged site in August. They swapped messages and spent hours on the phone. Lisa said: “When we first spoke and I saw his photos, I was like, ‘I’ll make him my husband’.” Lisa proposed and Yusef said ‘yes’. She added: „I was over the moon. It might seem crazy that we got engaged before we ever met in person but it just felt right. I knew Yusef was The One. We’d spoken before about how we were looking to get married and have children.” They wed at a register office surrounded by Yusef’s family on February 25.

Now that's underground parking! Gardener is left stunned after digging up an ENTIRE 1950s Ford Popular car that had been buried underneath his lawn

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gardener has made an incredible discovery after finding a car buried in his garden. John Brayshaw, 40, was passing time in the garden at his home in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire before stumbling across what appeared to be a Ford Popular. Having bought the house six months ago, John was digging post panels to start decking his garden when he found the car, which was buried on its side in a 7ft by 10ft hole. Mr Brayshaw is now keen for people to get into contact with him on how the 1950's vehicle bizarrely ended up buried within the lawn in the centre of his garden.

Metal detectorist finds rare coin worth £7,000 from the three-year reign of the boy king Edward the Martyr over 1,000 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare coin from the short reign of the boy king Edward the Martyr 1,000 years ago has been found by a metal detectorist and it's worth £7,000. The silver penny was unearthed on the Isle of Wight by the amateur treasure hunter. It depicts the head of Edward the Martyr who was only 13 years old when he was crowned king after the death of his father Eadgar in 975AD. He ruled over England for three years before being assassinated in 978AD.

Sweet polar bear cubs try to play with mother – but she looks like she wants a break

***EXCLUSIVE*** A polar bear rolls around in the snow with its young cubs shortly after emerging from hibernation. The close-knit family are enjoying the fresh air after more than three months resting in their den. The heart-warming photographs were taken in the minus 40 degree temperatures of Wapusk National Park, in Manitoba, Canada. 

Photo app competition to find the still photo which best captured the essence of the word 'Fun'

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 9,108 photos were entered in the free-to-use app’s contest, but only one winner gathered the most votes from the global community. Agora offered congratulations to their newest hero, Vietnamese photographer @trantuanviet who won $1000 for his troubles.

Bored father creates 'castle Covid' complete with a draw-bridge - using old cardboard sandwich boxes to keep his son entertained during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bored dad has created the ultimate fort for his son out of cardboard boxes during the coronavirus lockdown - complete with a moving drawbridge. Steve Wilson, 52, built the impressive structure - dubbed 'Castle Covid' - over a four-day period while in isolation. He constructed the castle in a room at his business The Square - a soft play centre in Wells, Somerset - after getting tired of playing board games.

A couple stuck inside during the lockdown have made an adorable art gallery - for their GERBILS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marianna Benetti and her boyfriend Filippo Lorenzin, both 30, constructed the miniature exhibition last week to keep their pets entertained during quarantine. The tiny space was furnished with carefully curated gerbil themed takes on classic works of art - including the „Mousa Lisa”. Marianna and Filippo also made mini benches, gallery assistant stools, large print guides, and a sign which read „DO NOT CHEW”. Their two nine-month-old gerbils, Pandoro and Tiramisu, enjoyed browsing the gallery and nibbled their way through one of the delicately constructed chairs.

Sheep on the roof

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you take the elevator to the sixth floor of the Werk 3 high-rise building in Munich and step outside, you will find yourself in a mixture of industrial romanticism and natural idyll. Between the shiny silver metal housings of building services equipment is a green meadow - full of sheep.

Tear up that gym membership... Home that has a secret spa to rival any health club for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former rectory that has a secret spa in its basement to rival any health club has gone on sale for £1.9m. Hill House has a 1.2 metre-deep hydrotherapy pool fitted with an exercise swim machine& operated by remote control with adjustable resistance settings. The steam room has adjustable heat controls and there is a separate sauna and five-seater whirlpool spa with separate changing rooms, a loo, shower room and self-contained storage lockers.

A military Bible was found on a bench wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string - and the woman who found it is determined to get it back to its owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dana Hunter, 30, discovered the holy text when she was walking along the promenade in Prestonpans, East Lothian last week. The Post Office worker opened it up and found an inscription inside, saying the book belonged to a Private Thomas Wilson, who was a member of the 2nd Battalion Royal Scots regiment. The scrawled handwriting also includes the word “son” and the name NCO Robert Hendry Wilson, as well as the dates 1942-1988. Mum-of-two Dana believes the Bible could have ‘huge sentimental value’, and is trying to find the book’s rightful owner - and is keeping it at her workplace until the person can be found.

A thoughtful letter from Princess Diana with the scrawled signatures from young Princes William and Harry has emerged for sale for £16,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A thoughtful letter from Princess Diana with sweet scrawled signatures from young Princes William and Harry has emerged for sale for £16,000. The handwritten note from the Princess was to thank a police sergeant for putting on a motorbike display for William's birthday party and the young Princes - then aged seven and four - added their names to the bottom. Sergeant George Plumb of the Metropolitan Police and the Special Escort Group put on the dazzling display for William, Harry and their friends in the grounds of Kensington Palace in 1989.

Streets of Arizona empty due to Coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A series of photos show the empty car parks and silent highways of normally busy cities on lockdown due to coronavirus.  Shopping centres and high streets are completely devoid of people and cars despite it being the middle of the day. The apocalyptic images were taken by photographer Pattie Walsh in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale in Arizona, USA. 

Archeologists claim to have busted the myth that Neanderthals were far less intelligent than early Homo Sapiens after finding the world's oldest piece of string

***EXCLUSIVE*** The team behind the amazing find, a tiny fragment of twine on a small flake of flint, say it shows our ancient ancestor had a complex understanding of plants and maths.  The short piece of twine, made from the fibrous insides of a Pine tree, is the oldest known evidence of textile making and could have been used to construct clothing, rope, bags, nets, mats, and boats.  Based on the 40,000-year-old string, the researchers go so far as to say "it is difficult to see how we can regard Neanderthals as anything other than the cognitive equals of modern humans."

Animal-loving philanthropist spending isolation by caring for his menagerie of rescued creatures

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Shinar lives on a 180-acre property close to the Somerset border with his four miniature donkeys, eight alpacas, 15 chickens, two black swans, 15 peacocks, four sheep, three cats and some ducks. Mr Shinar, 62, is asthmatic and had just been diagnosed with a brain tumour in January, so cannot even leave his home to go to the shops as he is considered high risk. But luckily he has his extensive grounds, which include ten acres of formal gardens, a natural spring, woodland, five lakes and paddocks, to take his miniature donkeys for a walk in and says "there are worse places to be isolated".