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Isolated photographer shoots hilarious lego wedding to stay creative

***EXCLUSIVE*** In these unprecedented times we‚Äôre all having to find ways to keep ourselves busy. And for one creative wedding photographer, he decided to shoot an entire LEGO wedding to keep his skills sharp. UK photographer Chris Wallace of Carpe Diem Photography, set-up an elaborate photo-shoot for two LEGO characters. Chris even wrote a spoof blog detailing the special day, naming the bride and groom Florence & Fred. And name-checking the special guests such as Harry Potter and Chewbacca. The heart-warming photos show the toy groom getting his suit ready and have a few merry ales with the toy groomsmen. Chris, who is based in Cheshire, captured the classic shots like the bride walking down the aisle, the nuptials and of course the confetti as they exit the ceremony. After capturing the official portraits, Chris even then captured them dancing into the night. Chris said: „Being a self-employed wedding photographer, 2020 was set to be a great year, we had never been so busy with capturing people’s weddings. But that literally stopped overnight, our income had ceased and everything you read was doom and gloom.”

A woman claims her partner experienced pregnancy symptoms - including terrible morning sickness and insatiable cravings - whilst she was expecting their second child

***EXCLUSIVE*** Georgia Guest, 23, said her partner, Aaron Smith, 24, endured weeks of nausea, heartburn, cravings and vivid dreams - while she was pregnant.  Self-employed gardener Aaron experienced Couvade syndrome - also known as sympathetic pregnancy - during which a partner's symptoms and behaviour can mirror that of the expectant mother. This can include minor weight gain, altered hormone levels, morning sickness and disturbed sleep partners. But rather than Georgia curled around the loo with nausea or making late-night visits to the shops to satisfy her cravings it was her boyfriend, Aaron, feeling the full effects of the pregnancy the most.

A six-year-old boy who won the UK’s heart in his battle against leukaemia gives a big thumbs up - after being discharged from hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** Oscar Saxelby-Lee was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer in December 2018 after his parents noticed unusual bruising on his legs. Doctors gave him months to find a stem cell match to save his life which led to parents Olivia Saxelby, 25, and Jamie Lee, 28, launching a UK-wide appeal for donors. Last March a record-breaking 4,855 volunteers queued in the freezing rain after Oscar’s Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester opened as a testing centre. In total more than 10,000 people were tested across the UK until a match was finally found.

Titch the dog sees 20th birthday despite a diet of McDonald’s Happy Meals and Netflix box-set binges

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the dog on course to become Britain's oldest - thanks to a diet of McDonald's and Netflix. Pampered pooch Titch has just turned 20 - around 100 in human years - just a year behind the oldest pooch in the UK. But despite his OAP status he loves nothing more than a Maccy D's and watching a boxset on the sofa. He scoffs McDonald’s around once a week always enjoying a chicken nugget Happy Meal with a burger on the side - and no gherkin.

A collection of knitted bollard covers showing support for health workers have appeared in a leafy village - and been praised on social media

***EXCLUSIVE*** The natty creations - which are designed to look like doctors and nurses - bear messages praising the NHS. They were spotted outside a house in Oldland Common, Glos,. amid the coronavirus lockdown. Pictures of the impressive items have also been posted on a local Facebook group, titled 'Oldland Knitted Bollards'. The caption reads: "New covers out today, thank you to all key workers." The stunt has proved popular online, with almost 2,000 'likes' and hundreds of postive comments below. One person said: "What an amazing tribute to our amazing NHS."

A two-year-old girl has struck up an adorable friendship with two DUCKS after she took them under her wing during the coronavirus crisis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Videos show little Ella-Rose Malbon splashing about with the ducklings, called Thunder and Nugget, in her pink castle paddling pool. The tot’s feathered friends even join her for picnics and follow her down the slide as she plays in her back garden. The birds usually live at Belong Care Village care home where they are used in pet therapy sessions to help dementia patients.

Meet Britain's oldest coronavirus survivor - AGED 101

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pensioner was pictured giving a double thumbs up as he posed with nurses who cared for him at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Worcs. Keith spent two weeks on ward 12 of the hospital after being struck down with Covid-19 but amazingly he has made a full recovery. Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust tweeted a picture of Keith as he was allowed to go home. They said: "This is Keith, he's 101 years old.  "He went home today after beating Coronavirus! Raising handsFolded hands "Well done to everyone on Ward 12 at the Alexandra Hospital for looking after Keith so well for the past two weeks."