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Meet the baby boy who has been stealing hearts - and keeping his mum entertained - by dressing up as famous characters such as Freddie Mercury and Harry Potter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum Stephanie Tysoe, 27, regularly makes her own homemade costumes for her four-month-old son Harry. She's transformed him into a whole host of stars - including Woody from Toy Story, Sully from Monsters Inc, Dobby the house elf and Frodo Baggins. He's even tried his hand at becoming Queen's infamous frontman Freddie Mercury and taken on the roles of a chef, a mechanic and a teddy bear. Harry's siblings Isla, five, and Archer, 3, often get involved on the photoshoots too with his sister posing up as Belle to his Beast. It started as a way for Stephanie to keep positive after a diagnosis of postpartum anxiety following Harry's birth. But after she started posting them online, she gained thousands of followers who love to keep up with Harry's costume changes. The mum from Bedford, who lives with husband management accountant Jack, 28, said: "Harry's first experience of dressing up was when he was just two months old and I transformed him into Harry Potter.

A couple who saved over two million dollars (£1.6million) to retire early have seen $750,000 wiped off their investments thanks to coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** But despite their portfolio of stocks falling by around 30 per cent Amon, 40, and Christina Browning, 42, do not intend to ever return to work. The couple planned for a stock market crash before quitting their jobs and are confident they can ride out the pandemic with a $200,000 emergency fund. The parents, from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, stashed away the sum to cover their living expenses for two and a half years in the event of a recession. Amon and Christina are even keen to take advantage of stocks that are at an all-time low due to the economic mayhem wrought by the virus by investing in the stock market now.

This was the amazing moment couple had a surprise wedding held in their garden by their children after their dream wedding was cancelled due to coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple who cancelled their dream wedding because of coronavirus tied the knot - after their two children held a surprise marriage ceremony in their garden. Kim-Marie Gerrard, 36, and partner Mark Tooth, 42, were due to get hitched on Thursday (9/4) but abandoned their plans after the lockdown. On what should have been their big day, their children, Louis, ten, and eight-year-old Ruby surprised them with a wedding in the garden of their home in Cheddleton, Staffs. Mum Kim-Marie wore her bridal dress and dad Mark donned his best suit while Louis officiated and Ruby stepped in as wedding photographer.

A woman had to have her finger AMPUTATED after a manicure left her with a life-threatening infection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jose Jackson, 57, had to get the top of her index finger surgically removed and nearly lost her „whole arm” after contracting a staph infection. The infection is caused by the bacteria staphylococcus and symptoms include hot, swollen skin - it can be treated with antibiotics when caught early. The gran-of-two was accidentally „jabbed” in the cuticle while she got a set of acrylic nails at a salon in December 2017. Jose thought nothing of it at the time, but her finger continued to swell until it was „purple” and „weeping” puss and she eventually went to the hospital to get it checked over. When doctors removed the bandage she'd wrapped the digit in, Jose claims her finger was so misshapen, it looked like a „jagged mountain range”. Doctors had no choice but to amputate the affected area until the infection was completely removed - leaving her with a half a finger.

A young woman soared to 20 stone after scoffing a multipack of cheese and onion crisps everyday has lost nearly half her body weight after finally giving up her habit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kaitlin Liney, 22, was addicted to the salty snacks and could easily devour six packs every day - adding up to a whopping 42 packets a week, totalling 2,184 over the course of a year.  The animal management student - who studies at Riseholme College, Lincoln - felt permanently 'starving' and would also regularly feast on midnight takeaways including Chinese, pizza and kebabs- even after indulging in a three course dinner. But Kaitlin - who weighed 20st 2lbs at her heaviest - got a scare when she visited her local GP, in June 2018, for a routine check-up only to be told she was' dangerously overweight'.

Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for Hey Jude sell for £730,000 as collectors get caught up in bidding war

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for the Beatles song Hey Jude have sold for a staggering £730,000 ($910,000) - five times their estimate. The sheet of paper contains the partial lyrics for Hey Jude that McCartney wrote for John Lennon's young son Julian. It is thought the notes helped either him or John Lennon with his timing when they recorded the classic song at Trident Studios in London in 1968. McCartney later gifted the piece of paper to a studio engineer. It was sold with a photo taken inside the studios at the time with the sheet of paper clearly visible next to John Lennon. The lyrics were consigned for sale by a private collector. They were expected to fetch £145,000 but sparked a bidding war when they went under the hammer with US based Julien's Auctions.

A cat owner is overjoyed after being reunited with her missing pet - that disappeared THREE years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anna Day had a white cat named Casper, who is now five-years-old, but in 2017 he went out one day and never came back. Anna, from Plymouth, Devon, had given up hope of ever seeing the missing feline again - but earlier this year he was handed into a Cats Protection adoption centre. Now, Casper and Anna have been reunited, after the missing cat was found 55 miles away from his home - in Truro, Cornwall. Anna said: "It was such an unexpected surprise to hear than not only had he been found but that he was alive and we could collect him and bring him home.

Poignant childhood scrapbook of the only man to be awarded two Victoria Crosses in WW1 is discovered after 119 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** The poignant childhood scrapbook of the only man to be awarded two Victoria Crosses in World War One has been unearthed after 119 years. Hero medic Noel Chavasse compiled the 209 page manuscript with his twin brother Claude as a teenager in 1900 and 1901. In it, Noel drew almost 100 sketches and watercolours of knights in shining armour, famous battles including Waterloo and historic figures. On one page he has written the phrase 'to do one's duty'. Noel, who was attached to the 10th Battalion, Liverpool Scottish Regiment, received his first VC, the highest award for gallantry, when he saved 20 wounded men under heavy shell fire on the Western Front on one day in October 1916. In September 1917, he received his second VC for an act of heroism at Flanders during the Battle of Passchendaele which cost him his life. While carrying an injured soldier to a dressing station, he was hit in the stomach and terminally wounded. Yet, despite being in agony, he carried on his duties for two days, tending to numerous wounded soldiers - even carrying some to safety over difficult ground. The scrapbook has emerged for sale alongside the bravery medals of his nephew also named Noel, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's aide de camp in World War Two, with historic dealer War & Son, of Leominster, North Herefordshire, for £7,000.

Wat-er view! Stunning Grade II-listed townhouse owned by late sea painter Jeff Hoare who used to dip his paintings in the nearby Thames goes on sale for £2.75m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A riverside home owned by an artist who walked out his front door to dip his paintings in the Thames is on the market for £2.75m. The stunning Grade II listed Georgian townhouse was the home of painter Jeff Hoare for about 60 years until his death last year. There is just a small footpath between the property's front door and the River Thames, making it ideal for his unusual painting technique. For those without an artistic flair, the beautiful house on Strand on the Green, Chiswick, West London, still offers stunning river views and bright and spacious rooms.

Young mare kicks out after getting sick of a stallion horsing around

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young mare kicks a stallion in the face after rejecting his amorous advances. Fed up with being pestered by the excited bachelor she kicked out at him with her hind legs. The images were captured in the Tonto National Forest on the banks of the Salt River in Mesa, Arizona by photographer Pattie Walsh, who said: "The female wild horse was being chased by a young stallion. She obviously wanted nothing to do with him."

Workers in flowing green grass

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers walk through a field of tall flowing grass which moves in the wind like an ocean. The deep green marshland is home to snakes, frogs and fish, while the locals use the grass as fertiliser and to feed their cattle. The beautiful images were captured by amateur photographer Khanh Phan in the province of Quang Nam in the middle of Vietnam. The 34-year-old, who works as a banker in Ho Chi Minh City, said: "The field of grass when blown by the wind looks like waves.

100,000 people in Bangladesh slum would be an impossible to self isolate from Covid-19

***EXCLUSIVE*** A recipe for disaster. Despite the number of cases of Coronavirus being low in Bangladesh, currently around 200 at this time, these photos show it would be nearly imposible for those living in the countries largest slums to be able to selfisolate and not pass the virus between each other.