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Eighth wonder of the world: terracotta warriors and horses and bronze chariots in the tomb of the first emperor of Xi 'An

Xian, China: The terra-cotta warriors are known as the ''eighth wonder of the world''. The terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, located in today's lintong district of xi 'an city, are part of The mausoleum of The first emperor. In 1987, it was listed on the list of world cultural heritage, visited by more than 200 heads of state, and became a golden name card of China's splendid ancient civilization. The terra-cotta warriors of the first emperor of qin are one of the greatest discoveries in the world archaeological history and are known as the ''eighth wonder of the world.

Vertical yacht skyscraper design for New York

New York, United States: A spectacular skyscraper inspired by superyachts has been proposed for New York. The 450-meter-high Vertical Yacht boasts a metallic-effect exterior with apartments „inspired from the interiors of super yachts”. Monaco-based designer George Lucian says the 60-floor construction in Manhattan would offer a 360-degree view over the skyline of New York, including Central Park. He says it would become „one of the most iconic future buildings in the world”. The exterior is inspired by the work of the world-renowned Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, whose permanent exhibition is just a couple of streets away at the MOMA NY. The design description explains: „After the series of ultra-slender skyscrapers under construction on the billionaires’ row, New York, near the 57th street and the 6th avenue, a new proposed skyscraper is pushing the boundaries of architecture and design even further”. Interiors have been designed by Hannah Hombergen, an established interior super yacht designer involved in the design of some of the world’s largest yachts built recently. George says: „Covered in copperbronzeterracotta and similar look-alike materials, the building would offer dramatic views at each sunset. The name of the building is drawn from the shape of the building but also from its interiors which are inspired from the interiors of super yachts, creating a special and ultra-luxurious atmosphere and lifestyle for its residents”.

WWII hero, 99, smashes his £1,000 goal as he raises more than £4MILLION for 'our brave nurses and doctors on NHS frontline' by marching 100 times around his garden on zimmer frame

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Second World War veteran has raised more than £4million for 'our brave nurses and doctors' in the NHS by walking around his garden on a Zimmer frame. Captain Tom Moore, 99, set out last Thursday to walk 100 lengths of his lawn before he turns 100 on April 30 - but could finish as early as Thursday. He hoped to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together but he smashed that total in less than a day. The Bedfordshire-based veteran has captured the nation's heart and raised more than £4million on his Just Giving page to support NHS heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus war.

Prehistoric Lego! Aerial images show that ancient creators of Stonehenge used holes and studs to slot slabs into each other

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare picture of a giant stone at Stonehenge from above has revealed a series of slots and holes were used to join the monument - like an early version of LEGO. The fascinating image shows an aerial view of one of the sarsen blocks, with markings similar to those of a mortise and tenon joint clearly visible. Posted on social media by English Heritage, the accompanying caption states that the protruding lumps would have been used to connect with the holes - like Lego. Stonehenge, located near Amesbury, Wilts., is estimated to have been built around 3,000 BC - thousands of years before the iconic toy blocks were invented.

‘Healthy’ dad, 48, who was ‘recovering’ from coronavirus died after gasping for air in front of his wife and daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fit and healthy dad died gasping for air in front of his wife and daughter after "recovering" from deadly coronavirus. Dom Merrix appeared to have beaten the bug and was "absolutely fine" on the morning of his death - even tweeting his support for the NHS. But just minutes later, he collapsed to the ground as he begged his partner Sarah and ten-year-old daughter Ellie-Mai to call an ambulance. The 48-year-old suffered a fatal heart attack in the ambulance and never even made it to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hants. Tragically, little Ellie-Mai was watching from the window as paramedics valiantly spent 20 minutes trying to save her devoted dad. Dom had been self-isolating with suspected but undiagnosed Covid-19 for around two weeks but appeared to be on the mend in the days leading up to his death. Rachel is now urging people to follow advice and take the disease seriously.

Spectacular maze of tulips

***EXCLUSIVE*** Head gardener Martin Duncan carries a pot of tulips whilst admiring the spectacular maze arrangement of tulips on display at the Arundel Tulip Festival at Arundel Castle, West Sussex. Over 80,000 tulips are in bloom at the walled gardens with the festival due to last for most of the month, however after measures were implemented by the government to curb the Coronavirus pandemic the tulips are flowering behind closed doors. Instead, members of the public can enjoy the spectacular display online where photo updates are being shared of the 120 different varieties currently on display at the stately home in the heart of West Sussex.