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Pregnant mother-of-five who works in her house while home-schooling ALL of her kids shares tips for parents who are struggling to balance their jobs with childcare during quarantine

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONTANA, USA: Instagram famous mum is sharing her top tips for WORKING FULL-TIME whilst HOME-SCHOOLING her FIVE KIDS in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Author and speaker, Ariel Tyson (33) from Bozeman, Montana, USA, has fond memories of her own home-schooling experiences. Thanks to her accelerated home-learning schedule, Ariel was able to graduate from both her undergraduate and master’s degrees one year early. As a result of this, Ariel was able to dedicate much of her free-time to the performing arts. The talented mum now works mainly from home as an author, speaker, and church planter - yet manages to juggle all of this alongside the care and education of her home-schooled children. Ariel has five children – soon to be six – of which three are of schooling age. Ariel’s husband, Michael (34), was also home-schooled and so the decision to provide this experience for their own children came quite naturally. Having now home-schooled her children for over three years, Ariel has found a routine which works best for the family. The day begins at 7:30am with breakfast. The children then begin their online learning programmes which allow Ariel to look after the younger children and complete some of her own work. The children then break for lunch and subsequently spend the afternoon reading and working through their sheets with their mum. From 3:30pm onwards, the children are involved in a wide array of extra-curricular activities allowing them to make friends and let off some steam. Ariel takes her children to a home-school co-op – a weekly group class led by other home-schooling parents – in addition to sports groups and speech therapy sessions. Home-schooling isn’t without its challenges. Ariel notes that the biggest of these is finding which methods of learning work best for your child. With many more parents now finding themselves home-schooling due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Ariel emphasises that home-schooling requires fluidity as every child’s needs will be different. Those small frustrations aside, it never fails to delight Ariel when she sees her children light-up having understood or grasped a new concept or skill. It’s these unique and special moments that she hopes other parents have the opportunity to value during these strange times.

A baby born with a cyst the size of a FOOTBALL under his arm - which left the limb at a 90 degree angle - has had it removed and can crawl for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum Christina DiMartino, 34, was told her unborn son, Matteo, had an abnormally large mass located across his chest and left arm - which covered up to 50 percent of his body - after going for a routine scan at 13 weeks. The tot was found to have a rare lymphatic malformation - and medics warned he had just a nine percent chance of making it to birth. First time parents Christina and her husband, Franco, 36, an electrician for the Long Island Railroad, decided not to terminate the pregnancy, but to give their little boy a chance and Matteo was born via emergency c-section on 7.17pm on 17th April 2019. Matteo tipped the scales at 9lbs 3oz, but it's thought 3lbs of that - one third of his body weight - was down to the huge cyst which covered his side up to his armpit and meant the newborn struggled to move his neck and head, couldn't roll over, sit up, fit into a car seat or baby clothes. It also left him suffering from frequent skin infections. At six months old, the little boy went under the knife under a team of specialist at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, New York, US, to have the cyst removed in October 2019. He is now a happy 10-month-old with a bright future, but will need to be monitored as he grows older.

Woman whose eczema left skin red raw shows amazing transformation pics seven months after ditching steroid prescription

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman struggles to RECOGNISE HERSELF in the mirror after ditching steroids and makeup in a bid to heal her eczema ravaged skin. Social media influencer, Stephanie Meredith (32) from Manchester, UK, was diagnosed with atopic eczema at six-months old and was given Hydrocortisone cream to treat it. As a child, she had eczema at the back of her knees, in her elbow creases and dry skin on her eye lids and upper lip that she was prescribed steroid creams and moisturisers for.  Over time the eczema spread to Stephanie’s hands and she was prescribed a stronger cream called Elecon as Hydrocortisone was no longer effective. Throughout her life she’s used steroid creams sporadically to control her eczema flares until they subsided. But in September 2018, Stephanie was made redundant, the stress of which caused her eczema to flare across her body and onto her face and when she resorted to using her trusty topical steroid creams, they seemed to make her skin worse instead of better. Confused, Stephanie spent the next year trying to work out why her skin was getting worse with countless GP visits, two trips to A&E and appointments with private consultants but after blood and allergy tests, she was only prescribed higher strength steroid creams and oral steroid tablets. In 2019, moisturisers were burning Stephanie’s skin despite taking her medication as instructed, trying to cut out dairy and reducing dust in her home that might cause her skin to react. Fed up, Stephanie decided to share her eczema woes on Instagram when a follower suggested she watch YouTube documentary, Preventable, which explores the use of steroid creams – she realised that her severe skin was not in fact eczema but she was going through topical steroid addiction (TSA) and topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), when the skin reacts adversely after long-term use of topical steroids is stopped.  On September 4, 2019, Stephanie went cold turkey in a bid to heal her skin naturally, she’s stopped using moisturiser and only showers once or twice a week to try and force her skin to self-moisturise.

A Manhattan hairdresser to the stars who welcomed his CLONED French bulldog last week said that the puppy will make his quarantine bearable

***EXCLUSIVE*** Roberto Novo, 61, paid a staggering $50,000 to have his beloved Machito cloned and received the adorable genetic duplicate Machitwo in the midst of the pandemic. The stylist admitted that New Yorkers taking their daily exercise in the locked down city still coo over the pup - which wears a mask - but from a safe distance of six feet away. „Machitwo is as cute as can be and people want to pet him. But because of coronavirus no one can touch him so they take a picture from six feet away.” Shockingly, Machitwo was born on February 7, the same day that the original Machito passed away at the age of fourteen.

Amazing water droplets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alberto Ghizzi Panizza secured a range of breathtaking close-up images - showing exactly what happens when water collides. The Italian used a machine to drop the water in and pictured the results. The images capture the moment water charges up from the pool and temporarily hang in the air. The suspended droplets form a series of different shapes before they are forced to crash back down.

A study of 2,000 adults has found that more than 75% fee comfortable in their own skin - despite social pressures to look 'perfect'

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than three quarters of adults actually feel comfortable in their own skin - despite social pressures to look 'perfect'. A study of 2,000 adults found that although the general perception is that social media and celebrities can leave you feeling low in self-esteem on how your skin looks, many are quite content with who they are.  More than two thirds of those polled prefer their ‘natural look’ while 65 per cent also favour this on others. As a result, 31 per cent believe celebrities should encourage natural beauty, with more than a third believing it’s important for influencers and those in the spotlight to celebrate both perfections and imperfections.