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The tribe who worship cows and treat them as equals: South Sudanese Mundari use animals' milk, dung and even urine... but would never dream of eating them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Western culture could 'learn something' from a 'sustainable' tribe who massage themselves in dung, warned a former software engineer turned photographer. Roberto Pazzi, 46, took stunning images of the Mundari tribe in Terekeka, South Sudan in the last two weeks of February and was was 'very open minded' about the trip having waited two years. The Italian photographer, now living in Mallorca, Spain, said the most memorable aspect was the tribes connection with animals, estimating 10-12 cows per person. He said: "They are very very bonded with animals. Nothing is more important than the animals.

An amazing nine-year-old has been praised by police after saving her mum's life for the SIXTH time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Superhero Sienna Hamnett-Chow first brought her mum back from the brink when she was just four-years-old. The brave schoolgirl not only calls the emergency services but has to administer an injection to her mum, Gemma Hamnett, whenever she collapses. Mum Gemma, 37, suffers from a rare condition of the adrenal glands called Addison's disease, a condition that results from a problem with the immune system. It means her body attacks the adrenal gland, disrupting the production of the steroid hormones aldosterone and cortisol. So if Gemma were to stub her toe, for example. she would need a shot of steroids to replace the hormones her body does not produce. But if anything happens suddenly, she has no warning and can have what's called an adrenal crisis without any warning. If she doesn't have an immediate injection of hormones she could die.

A seafaring couple are using a catamaran to deliver supplies to a remote island during the coronavirus lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ewen Grant, 30, and his fiancee Janice Cooney, 33, are using their catamaran to travel from their home on the Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands, to nearby Rona. The tiny island has a population of just four people and around 150 deer. The residents, Bill and Lorraine Cowie, who are in their early 60s, have lived on the island for 16 years, and are employed to carry out maintenance and help with the upkeep of the holiday cottages. Another couple are employed by Rona’s Danish owners to carry out work on the island, which is predominantly crofting based. But Ewen and Janice, who is a qualified nurse and has returned to work at Portree Community Hospital, currently turned into a temporary Covid-19 testing centre to help out during the crisis, have found they are having to visit the supermarket three days in a row.

A retired couple's lifetime collection of Star Wars toys has sold for a whopping £84,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The married pair in their late 60s, from south east London, began collecting in the early 80s and amassed 250 items, almost half of which were coveted Palitoy figures. Some of the lots were acquired on annual visits to a gaming convention in America in the 80s and 90s. The online sale, which sparked an international bidding war, was held by C & T Auctions, of Ashford, Kent. The marquee lot was a rare Anakin Skywalker 3.75ins figure which fetched £4,800. One of the most unusual items was a pack of Star Wars bubblegum the couple bought in America in 1978. The unopened pack of sugar free bubblegum which they paid 20 cents (16p) for sold for a staggering £200.

An adorable rescued pig called Justice interacting with the various inhabitants of Hercules Haven - an animal sanctuary in Iowa, USA

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the adorable footage of a rescued pig who has made life long friends while living his best life on an animal sanctuary. Hercules Haven who rescue and give a forever home to neglected and abused animals in their native Iowa, USA rescued piglet Justice and many of her friends who were all involved in a horrific accident. Although the tiny pig had a necrotic toe and upper respitorary pneumonia with the unwavering efforts of her new family and veterinarians she pulled through and the toe healed.  She is now living her best life as the house pet of Allison Stone the Executive director of Hercules’ haven.

Great-grandma, 106, becomes Britain’s oldest coronavirus survivor as she’s given guard of honour leaving hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet 106-year-old Connie Titchen, pictured on her 106th birthday - believed to be Britain’s oldest patient to overcome coronavirus. The great grandmother, from Birmingham, West Midlands, battled the virus for just under three weeks and was given a clean bill of health by medics at City Hospital this week.

The NASA Mars Rover team are working from home and controlling it from their living rooms

The team behind NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has been working from home just like you - and controlling the vehicle from their living rooms. On March 20, 2020, nobody on the team was present at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, where the mission is based. It was the first time the rover's operations were planned while the team was completely remote. Two days later, the commands they had sent to Mars executed as expected, resulting in Curiosity drilling a rock sample at a location called ''Edinburgh.''

An award-winning state of the art home which when lit up in the dark looks like a glistening swimming pool has gone on the market for £2.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Ghost House, in the village of Moreton Paddox, Warwick, won a RIBA award in 2019, featured on the front cover of the prestigious RIBA Journal and was shortlisted for Grand Designs House of the Year last year. The striking property sits on a sloped site and only a glimpse of it can be seen from the driveway. Built from concrete, steel and glass, the house looks like a stylish glistening swimming pool when it starts to get to dark and it is lit up.

A classic Ford Escort rally car that has been painstakingly restored using modern parts has emerged for sale for £25,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1971 Mk 1 1300E was briefly used as a working rally car before being taken off the circuit. It has been with its current owner since 2009 and he has treated it to a full 'back to metal' restoration.

Coronavirus survivor thanks NHS staff and Buzz Lightyear style face mask for saving his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Coronavirus survivor has paid tribute to the "heroes" in hospital who saved his life as he battled the deadly virus in intensive care. Glenn Philpott, of Morley, is now recovering at home after spending 11 days at St James' Hospital, Leeds hooked up to high levels of oxygen to combat the effects of coronavirus ravaging his lungs.

A self-isolating wildlife photographer has taken some astonishing photographs of a blue tit in flight before landing to pluck a blossom from a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andrew Fusek-Peters, 54, managed to snag the amazing snaps while he was on a country walk in his native Shropshire over the Easter Weekend.  The wildlife photographer said although he has had to adapt his working methods due to the Covid-19 lockdown, it also means he can focus on animals nearer his home.

Walking on frozen lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** The incredible swirling patterns of a snowstorm are frozen into a lake in what is a rare natural phenomenon. Revellers can be seen enjoying the fascinating spectacle and lay on top of the thick ice. These shots were captured on the massive Lake Baikal, in Russia's Siberia region, as temperatures dropped to -25 degrees Celsius.

An historic water-mill that witnessed the Black Death and the Plague has whirred back into production to help meet demand for wheat during the coronavirus pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sturminster Newton Mill in Dorset was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 and years later inspired Victorian author Thomas Hardy. Today the picturesque building on the banks of the River Stour survives as a working tourist attraction that sells its flour to visitors. But with tourists in lockdown, millers Pete Loosmore and Imogen Bittner have turned it back into commercial production.

Gannets greeting one another every time they return to their nest

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of gannets get close to each other after the male returns from a day of catching fish. The couple are one of thousands perched on a cliff face - before they land they hang in the air for a moment, calling to try and find their partner. The endearing images were taken by landscape architect Albert Beukhof on the island of Helgoland, in Germany.

The former Swiss guest house where British author Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein has gone on sale for £2.38m ($ 2.7m)

***EXCLUSIVE*** The four-bedroom property is next to Lake Geneva and has jaw-dropping views of lakes and mountains from every room. The author and her future husband poet Percy Shelley stayed at the guest house in 1816 while they were touring the area. She was inspired to write the tale of Dr Frankenstein - who uses electricity to reanimate a dead body - after witnessing a violent storm on the lake one evening.

Cloud that looks like a hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** Clouds form the shape of a hand outstretched over Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. Local Ncedikhaya Tungilizwe, 27, who works at Chapman's Peak Drive, a toll road in South Africa, said 'I have never seen a cloud of this form ever it was the first time and to me it was a symbol of hope that God is reaching out to us during this tragedic time of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. There is hope above.'