Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A pig and dog who have been BFFs since they were babies are having a great time buddied up in lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lollipop, a Juliana Mini Pig, and Whiskey, a Catahoula Leopard Hound, have been inseparable since they were days old. „They were born two weeks apart and they’ve been best of friends right from the start” said their owner Cece Swindle, 48, who runs Pig Tail's Rescue, a non-profit in Live Oak, Florida. „They grew up together and they really love each other, they are both almost six years old now.”

A mother has talked of the "fear and panic" she feels thinking her 11-week-old baby boy might die after testing positive for Covid-19

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ares Banister was diagnosed after being admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary on Monday with a high temperature.  His mother Jodie, from Leicester, said that before the positive test on Tuesday, Ares had a "bad day" but now "seemed to have settled".  Mrs Banister, 30, said the family has been "so careful" following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the video that shows a family of quarantined bringing the tropical feel of the beach to their BACK GARDEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** The idea was conceived by Andrew Woollon: 53, Diane Woollon: 52, Receptionist, Amy Woollon: 22, Kye Thomas: 24 and Ashleigh Gallacher, 24 who are all in self Isolation together in Woolon Combe, UK and craving a holiday Amy a 22-year-old bartender said: „We came up with the idea for the garden beach as it was a beautiful day and my dad had found some sand whilst clearing out the garage and had talked about how nice it would’ve been to be at a beach now instead of self isolating. So we thought since we can’t go to the beach, why not bring the beach to us?” Half a tonne of sand, 3 deckchairs, a paddling pool and a couple of decorations later Woollon Combe Beach was born. As you can see we have all the beach essentials sand, water, deckchairs and of course some alcoholic beverages.

Hilarious moment two-year-old toddler got into his mum's makeup and covered his face in pink lipstick

***EXCLUSIVE*** This hilarious video shows the moment a toddler got into his mum's makeup and covered his face in pink lipstick. Priscilla King, 38, received a video from one of her friends and sat down to watch the six minute clip - then noticed her son had been suspiciously quiet. She went to find two-year-old Oscar and found him in her bedroom in Leeds, Yorkshire, sat on her make-up chair. When she got closer she saw that the young boy had got into her makeup and unearthed a stick of pink lipstick - and deftly covered his face with it.

Insects, reptiles and other creepy crawlies are masters of camouflage

***EXCLUSIVE*** These impressive creatures know how to hide in plain sight, whether that’s amongst leaves or as them - can you find them? Insects, reptiles and other creepy crawlies are masters of camouflage, allowing them to feast in the middle of the day or rest in the dark of night. The geometrid moth hides subtly amongst the rocks to protect itself from predators, while the leaf katydid tries to hide amongst identical leaves.