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WWII hero, 99, who has raised £17m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Second World War hero Captain Tom Moore will be rewarded with an honour by the Prime Minister after he completed the final 10 lengths of his garden on a zimmer frame and raised a staggering £17million for the NHS. The 99-year-old has captured the imagination of the public during the coronavirus lockdown with his heroics and finished his 2,530-yard walk at his home in the Bedfordshire village of Marston Moretaine with a huge smile yesterday. He was given a rousing greeting on the final stretch of his walk that has seen money donated from people in 53 countries. The Second World War veteran bowed his head and smiled as his chest of medals on his suit glinted.

Heartwarming moment a great-grandmother was serenaded by loved ones to mark her 100TH birthday as she watched on from her balcony while in quarantine

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAN DIEGO, USA: HEART-WARMING footage shows the moment a SELF-ISOLATING woman was SERENADED by her family on her ONE-HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY. Stay-at-home mum, Graham Shaner Strickler (39) from San Diego, USA, had been party-planning with the rest of her family for months. Graham?s grandmother, Edna Malbon Gomez (100) from Virginia Beach, USA, turned 100 years of age on April 1, 2020. Invitations had been sent out, entertainment had been organised, and drinks had been brought. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic soon shut these plans down as flights were cancelled and the vulnerable were encouraged to practise social distancing. That didn?t stop this family from celebrating Edna?s momentous occasion in style. Much to Edna?s surprise, heart-warming footage captures the moment that friends and family gathered around Edna?s balcony to sing and dance the afternoon away with a woman who is described as having an ?infectious? zest for life. Following this, the party moved onto popular video-chat platform, Zoom, where the family donned their birthday hats, baked their own cakes, and sang happy birthday to Edna from all over the country. They hope to celebrate in person with Edna when life returns to normality but for now, she is ?most pleased with the event.?

Woman dressed as unicorn to entertain neighbours during lockdown

Tampa, Florida, USA: Corey Jurgensen runs along East Henry Avenue wearing an inflatable unicorn costume. Jurgensen has been wearing the costume during runs several times a week to cheer up others during this time of isolation but finds it therapeutic for herself as well to run through her Seminole Heights neighborhood wearing a silly costume.

This is the romantic moment a woman proposed to her puzzle-obsessed girlfriend -- with a giant jigsaw featuring a photo of her holding the ring

***EXCLUSIVE*** Smitten Gemma Stanley, 27, gave girlfriend Karen Ives, 26, the puzzle to complete after dinner - but hid the box and herself while she pieced it together. Unaware, Karen pieced together a photo of Gemma with a ring - starting with the edges - before she filled in the text in the corner which spelled out "Will you marry me?" After secretly watching Karen complete the 100-piece puzzle, Gemma got down on one knee with a ring in her hand, mimicking the post on the puzzle.

An art gallery owner has challenged people to get creative during lockdown - by making this art out of TOILET ROLLS

***EXCLUSIVE*** An art gallery owner has challenged people to get creative during lockdown - by making this art out of TOILET ROLLS. Sarah Whittley, 50, has been inundated with bog roll art from around the world. Sarah of Pinkfoot Gallery at Cley next the Sea said she had been amazed with the response to the ‘Pinkfoot loo roll challenge’. Ms Whittley, who runs the gallery along with fellow artist Rachel Lockwood, said she had the idea when panic buying of loo rolls was in the news. Scores of jazzed-up loo roll tubes have now been shared on the gallery’s social media accounts, made by people as far away as the USA and Canada. Different approaches have been taken - with some people using the tubes as canvases for oil paintings, while others have cut them out to craft three-dimensional objects such as a wren and a dinosaur.

A young mum of three who is living with a brain tumour is facing an anxious wait to see if treatment to prolong her life will go ahead during the coronavirus pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie Wilkinson, aged 35, from Somerset, was in the late stages of pregnancy when she was diagnosed last June and has already undergone surgery, radiotherapy and begun a course of chemotherapy. She is now waiting to find out if that treatment ‚Äď she is due to start her sixth of 12 cycles  later this month - can go ahead. Meanwhile, like many families she and her husband Daniel who is a GP and currently working from home, are juggling to keep their children, Sofia aged five, Hugo, three, and baby Mario, who is 10 months, happy and healthy during the lockdown and without the support of family or friends.

Martian looking landscape of Utah

***EXCLUSIVE*** A series of pictures show a unique Martian looking landscape of canyons and strange rock formations. The 500 foot deep Blue Valley and enormous grey mountains make up the desolate environment. The strange terrain of Southern Utah was photographed by pilot and amateur photographer Gerald Macfly.

The world's oldest piece of mahogany has been unearthed - dating back almost 80 million years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Prized by furniture collectors on Antiques Roadshow, it means the wood was around when T.Rex roamed the Earth.  That is around 20 million years earlier than previously thought - shedding fresh light on the evolution of the rainforest.

Hedgehog gets trapped in bird feeder

Horsham, United Kingdom: hedgehog found himself in a bit of a prickle after crawling inside a discarded bird feeder for a snack - and getting stuck. He was discovered in the metal bird feeder which was lying on the ground in a garden in Pondtail Road, Horsham. RSPCA inspector Tony Woodley went to help the stricken animal. He said: ïThe poor little hog had pushed his way right into the middle of a long, metal-wire feeder and found himself stuck in the narrow tube, his spines wedging him in.

Bird swallows crab in one go

***EXCLUSIVE*** A crab struggles desperately to avoid being swallowed by a white ibis. The tiny 4-inch long crustacean fights bravely against the bird by pushing against its beak with its claws. The battle was captured by amateur photographer Vishal Deshmukh in an area of wetland near the Ujani Dam in Bhigwan, India.

Ice caves

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone explorer stares into the abyss in a spectacular ice tunnel in southern Iceland. The striking image was captured by test pilot Gerald Macua, 49. Gerald said, "As glaciers melt, rivers are created underneath and they create amazing tunnels as the water carves through the ice. Some can be very small, others like this one are quite big." "Every year as the glacier melts, they disappear but new ones get created. It is nice to always be surprised by what you will find in those holes."