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Globetrotting dad who has travelled to over 100 countries has recreated 20 in his back garden for his kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** A globetrotting dad David Nash who has travelled to over 100 countries has recreated 20 in is back garden for his kids. David Nash, 41, has used a variety of props to make DIY versions of some of the planet's most beautiful places. He has recreated the Nile River and Venezuela's Angel Falls as well as scenes from France and Cuba in his garden, shed and roof. David has used his garden to build Peru, Japan, USA, Morocco, Thailand, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil Trinidad and Barbados.

People are recreating famous artworks from home in this viral challenge

***EXCLUSIVE*** These amusing photos show a collection of people all over the world recreating famous works of art in their own homes. Just because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. Museums around the world may have closed their doors, which means we can’t see our favorite artworks in the flesh. But The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has come up with a creative solution to ensure that art can be shared with the masses during this quarantine period. It has challenged people to recreate some of their favourite works at home and then share their artistic interpretations on social media. So everyone can get a daily dose of culture, but have fun, too. Of course, there are some rules to make the task slightly harder. In a Tweet announcing the challenge, the Getty Museum outlined what these were.

A photographer has created this stunning miniature world of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids-style artwork hidden at his home to entertain his children during coronavirus lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** French artist Vincent Bousserez, 46, creates amazing pictures of minuscule plastic people carrying out day-to-day activities on ordinary objects.  His work has been featured in galleries around the world but due to the Covid-19 pandemic he has now been forced to turn to inspiration closer to home.  So he decided to use items around his Paris property to create the brain-teasing images, which look like they could be from the fantasy novel the Borrowers.

An extraordinary 15-year-old built an eight-foot climbing wall in her bedroom all by herself - and in less than a week

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable Erin Sloan finished it, having started last Friday, and said it could have been done all in a day if she did not have to wait for extra materials. She has been climbing for the past four years at the North West Face Climbing Centre, where she also works as an instructor, but it closed due to coronavirus. The teenager from Winsford, Cheshire, said: "I just shut my door, put my music in and started drilling. I was very proud when it was done. "The first thing I did was call my dad to tell him and show him pictures. He was really proud.  "I showed it off to my friend who is also looking at building one who went 'I can't believe you have done it!' I just said 'Well I have so you'd better believe it!" "I would not say there was anything too difficult, but I am not the tallest person so getting the boards on with a major drill in your hands was not the easiest part - but I did it in the end!

A family have been spending their time in isolation creating amazing dinosaur designs - using loose rocks in a disused quarry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Booker family have spent their time in isolation creating amazing dinosaur designs - using loose rocks in a disused quarry. Dad James, mum Emily and children Thomas and Olivia Booker made the art on their daily walks during the coronavirus lockdown. The impressive gallery was produced using random pieces of stone and is meant as a thank you to health workers who helped the family deal with Thomas' epilepsy. A T. rex, a Triceratops and a Velociraptor are among the designs laid out by the Bookers at the spot near Stroud, Glos.

Evolving friendship between Gilbert the cat and Lucy the puppy as they go through quarantine together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch as Gilbert and Lucy, a cat and puppy duo, go from mere acquaintances to best friends during quarantine.  When Gilbert, a three-year-old ragdoll, was introduced to Lucy, a three-month-old corgi, the two began playing immediately. „Gilbert, grew up roughhousing with a dog” said their owner Adam Kopley, 34, of Chicago, Illinois. „As soon as Lucy came home, he watched her for like 30 minutes. Since then, they’ve been playing nonstop.”

A group of care workers have chosen to look after their elderly patients during the coronavirus lockdown - instead of living with their own families

***EXCLUSIVE*** Staff at The Haven Care Home said farewell to partners and children ahead of a three-week stint on duty - and have been hailed as heroes by thankful relatives. The team, based in Devizes, Wilts., have pledged to stick out the punishing live-in regime until the strict measures to combat the pandemic are lifted. The workers are given a week off after a three-week period 'on' before returning to the home to care for the patients. The effort is being led by manager Harriet Mays, who has two young children, Archie and Riley. They are currently being looked after by partner David while she sticks it out, currently two weeks into her shift.

These two-legged dogs are seen thriving on video thanks to mechanical wheel devices that allow them to roam free

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three special pups are having the time of their lives with their machines - but they still find time to cheer up children in hospitals as therapy dogs. They can also be seen playing at their home in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, full of energy and fight. Owner Domenick Scudera is incredibly proud of his three pets and said they have "changed my life for the better". His dogs are Cyrus, a 10-year-old terrier mix from California, Lucky, a six-year-old Baladi dog and Deuce, a Kentucky brown dog who is three. They all have heartwarming and contrasting backstories about how they come to end up in Domenick's care as his pets. Cyrus was born without front legs while Lucky is believed to have lost them in an accident in Egypt.

A flock of sheep have been decorated with brightly coloured love hearts and rainbows as a show of support for the UK’s health service and workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers on a Hebridean island have shown their appreciation for the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic by spray painting SHEEP with messages of support. The flock of 11 sheep and lambs, on Islay, Inner Hebrides, have been decorated with brightly coloured love hearts and rainbows, as well as 'NHS' in blue letters. They belong to farmer Andrew Jones, but his girlfriend Sophie MacGill, 25, came up with the idea of painting them, Sophie and lambing assistant Katie Keenan, 19, got creative on Saturday at Coull Farm on the island, known for its whisky industry.