Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A talented beauty therapist student has shown off her makeup skills with a stunning tribute to the NHS staff battling the coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nikki Mitchell, 28, from Stranraer, in Dumfries and Galloway, used her creative talents to create a colourful superwoman inspired design. The higher beauty therapist student at Dumfries and Galloway College, used body paint to create a unique personal tribute to thank NHS staff. Nikki said: „I really wanted to do something to show my support and appreciation for the NHS during this time but didn’t know how at first.”

A seven-year-boy who was struggling with loneliness during the lockdown and asked for pen pals has been delighted to receive over a hundred handwritten letters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Harley Glen missed his friends so much his mum posted a plea online for other children to get in touch - and the family have been overwhelmed with the response. He received replies from people ranging from 18-months to 80-years-old and from as far as Massachusetts, USA. Some of the envelopes included gifts such as photographs, sunflower seeds, books, hand woven key rings, handmade jewellery, drawings and stamps from around the world. Harley is now trying to write back to all 120 people who took the time to send a letter - including a number of elderly grandparents who contacted him to say they feel lonely too. His mum Ashley, 33, said she did not expect such a big response from her Facebook message. She said: „I was completely shocked. Harley was really overwhelmed by them all - when you see them all together there are quite a few.” Ashley and Harley’s dad Simone moved to Harrogate, North Yorks., from Edinburgh just before the lockdown began on 21 March. 

A mum who gave birth to the world’s tiniest twins has devastatingly revealed that one of her son’s has sadly passed away

***EXCLUSIVE*** Talia Keates, 33, gave birth to twin brothers Ashley and Joe on April 16th 2019 - and the little lads weighed just 403g and 429g respectively. Talia - who was already a mum-of-four - went into labour 17 weeks early, before welcoming the boys, who were so premature their eyes were still fused shut. At the time, Talia and her husband Oliver, 35, were warned their babies might not survive, but they seemed to have beaten the odds when they returned to their home in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, at four-and-a-half months old. But tragically, Ashley was diagnosed with incurable pulmonary hypertension in November 2019, as a result of chronic lung disease that both twins suffered due to their prematurity. He passed away in January of this year - at just nine months old - in the arms of his devastated mum, Talia, a nurse, who said: “It just doesn’t seem fair.” 

Britain's oldest penguin - 30-year-old Rosie - gets a special birthday celebration at Yorkshire zoo

One of Britain's oldest penguins will be serenaded with a 'special birthday celebration' from the confines of her zoo in honour of reaching the milestone age of 30. Rosie the Humboldt Penguin, who arrived to Sewerby Hall and Gardens, near the seaside town of Bridlington in the East Riding of Yorkshire in 1990, has left staff at the zoo in awe after exceeding the life expectancy for her species by more than ten years. Despite the zoo being closed to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak, the penguin, who was bred in captivity, will now be lavished with a private celebration by zookeepers to mark her big day on April 20.

Can YOU spot what's wrong with these bank notes? Collection of £5, £10, and £20 notes printed by the Bank of England that didn't quite make the grade are tipped to sell for £6,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of bank notes carrying rare errors, including some that even have the queen's face missing are set to sell for almost £6,000. The unique group of over 30 banknotes date between the 1950s and the 1980s and have a number of irregularities on them. They are priced between £500 and £90 and expected to appeal to an army of dedicated collectors.

Charming letters and early drawings by a young Beatrix Potter showing Peter Rabbit from the 1890s - seven years before his first story was published – go on sale for £250,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable collection of early drawings and letters by Beatrix Potter have emerged for sale for £250,000. They primarily date from the 1890s when the English writer and illustrator was still honing her craft and not yet a household name. One drawing from 1894 shows Peter Rabbit seven years before the first of his famous tales was published. In total, 20 of Potter's original drawings and letters are going under the hammer with US-based Doyle Auctions.

Chillis being hung out to dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker holds out a string of chillies while standing in a building full of thousands of the hot red peppers. The peppers have been produced in the Çukurören village of Bilecik, in Turkey for 150 years and are sent to over 60 cities once they have dried out. When entering the village of Çukurören, the roofs, chimneys, walls and balconies of nearly every house are covered in the brightly coloured capsicums.

Medals of a hero seaman who took on the Bismarck and defended Clydebank against Luftwaffe

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bravery medals of a hero seaman who took on the Bismarck and defended Clydebank against the might of the Luftwaffe are being sold by his family for £12,000. Chief Petty Officer Boleslaw Lassa, of the Free Polish Navy, served on board the Piorun which duelled with the notorious 823ft long German battleship. On the evening of May 26, 1941, the Piorun cited the Bismarck and opened fire after transmitting the message 'I am a Pole' in defiance of their country's occupiers. Days earlier, the 42 tonnes behemoth had sunk the Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Hood killing 1,415 of its crew, prompting Winston Churchill's famous order to 'sink the Bismarck'.

Pilot who shot down nine German planes and intercepted two V1 rockets before surviving for days in English Channel has medals sold for £17,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The remarkable heroics of a Spitfire ace who fought in the Battle of Britain and at D-Day and Arnhem have sold for over £17,000. Squadron Leader Arthur Charles Leigh, a former clothes shop assistant, shot down nine German planes during the Second World War. He carried out successful low-level bombing attacks on trains, trucks and tanks taking supplies and ammunition towards Normandy in the aftermath of D-Day. And the hero flyer saved countless lives by intercepting and destroying two V1 rockets bound for London over the English Channel.

Golf course lets sheep onto their course for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of sheep have been given an unlikely new role during the coronavirus lockdown - greenskeepers. Around 100 sheep are now roaming and grazing on the grass at a prestigious 32 acre golf course. After having to furlough the majority of his staff, Robert Stent, farmer and owner of the Avington Park Golf course, near Winchester, Hants, decided to try the unusual approach.

Louis Vuitton’s new home items

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aside from its notable garment and accessory offerings, Louis Vuitton has developed a sizeable focus on home items that have garnered in recent years. Most recently the luxury fashion house unveiled its latest collection of home goods centered around the „Games”, „Sporting Goods” and „Collectors Items” categories. Dice Case, Vivienne Playing Cards, Standouts in the category include the Dumbells, Ping Pong Set James.

Czech army in combat lifesaver training

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of army medics practice using incredibly realistic suits designed to simulate injuries sustained during combat. In an eight-hour-long training exercise the soldiers had to act to save the victims of a suicide bombing. The suits contain five litre blood packs which flow through to the injuries to make it look as if they are bleeding. The photographs were taken by photographer and medic Michaela Firešová in Lehnice in the Czech Republic.

Boats shaped like petals empty due to coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of boats used to carry passenger in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh are left moored up during the coronavirus lockdown. The Buriganga River is used as a route into Dhaka city for millions of workers every day. The Bangladeshi capital is one of the most densely populated in the world and home to around 19 million people, but due to Coronavirus pandemic the whole county is in lockdown leaving hundreds of the boats abandoned. Azim Khan Ronnie, 32 said, 'The boats, decorated with colourful patterned rugs, are usually used to transport workers from the outskirts of the city to their jobs in the centre.'