Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Message in a bottle written by two teenage schoolgirls from Kent in 1979 finally gets a response almost 40 years after it washed up in the Netherlands

***EXCLUSIVE*** A message in a bottle thrown out to sea by two British schoolgirls has been given a response - more than 40 years on. The faded note, written by Natalie Smyth and Nadine Warren - both "15 and-a-half" at the time - was tossed into the English Channel at Dungeness, Kent on July 10, 1979. Its young writers gave an address asking only for someone to write back but, as the months and years passed, it was forgotten. But Natalie, now 56, has revealed a Dutch family has finally responded.

A pilot took his appreciation for key workers to new heights - by drawing a big heart over hospitals as he delivered medical supplies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Before landing, the Icelandair flight doubled back to draw a heart above two of Reykjavik’s hospitals. The aircraft travelled 9,007 km to bring medical supplies from Shanghai, China to Reykjavik, Iceland. The diversion added an extra nine minutes to the journey and people speculated it was a tribute to health workers.

Adorable kittens and puppies explore empty aquarium during lockdown

Atlanta, Georgia, United States: An adorable litter of kittens got to take the field trip of a lifetime by exploring an empty aquarium thanks to lockdown. Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia is temporarily closed to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, but recently opened up their doors to the furry visitors. The five felines - aptly named Nemo, Dory, Guppy, Bubbles, and Marlin - were brought to the aquarium from Atlanta Humane Society, a pet rescue charity. The month-old kittens ran around the empty aquarium and checked out its many displays, often looking around in wonder and even pawing at the glass as they watched all the fish. The adorable youngsters met tropical fish, jellyfish, and even sharks.