Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A mysterious motor dug up by a homeowner was buried as a time capsule by its owner more than 50 years ago because it was too expensive to fix, it has emerged

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1950s Ford Popular 103E car was unearthed by John Brayshaw just inches beneath the surface of a lawn when he was digging in his back garden.  Mystery had shrouded the car after father-of-two John, 40, had the shock of his life when he stumbled across it while digging holes to erect decking in his garden.  But he has since discovered it was left there by Harold Lyles, who lived at the house in Heckmondwike, West Yorks., from 1964 to 1987.  After recognising the car on the news, Harold's son Nigel got in touch and revealed his father had buried the car in the garden after it broke down and was too expensive to repair.

Couple have held a mock wedding online - after their original plans were scuppered by the coronavirus lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple have held a mock wedding online - after their original plans were scuppered by the coronavirus lockdown. Laura McKinlay and Ruaridh Macmillan, both 32, were supposed to tie the knot on Saturday (April 18) but due to the lockdown decided to improvise and have a virtual ceremony instead. The pair streamed the tongue-in-cheek celebration on Facebook, with Laura wearing a bedsheet veil, flowery tiara and pink tartan pyjama bottoms. Meanwhile Ruaridh donned a kilt jacket, shirt and tie with a tea towel kilt and blue tartan pyjama bottoms.

Star Wars and LEGO have teamed up for 40th anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** Star Wars and LEGO have teamed up to deliver three new helmet collectibles, just in time for the annual Star Wars Day celebration and the 40th anniversary of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back on May 4 and May 17 respectively. The latest set of collectibles pay homage to three iconic avatars in the Star Wars franchise: the Stormtrooper, the TIE Fighter Pilot and bounty hunter Boba Fett. The Star Wars LEGO helmet collection is available now on the official LEGO website for $60 USD each.

A rare E-Type Jaguar which was left rusting in a barn for 40 years has been restored to perfect condition and is now worth £200,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The owner had abandoned the classic sixties sports car since 1979 and had given up hope of getting it back on the road.  A classic car restoration company, E-Type UK, inspected the fixed-head coupe and were excited to discover its original chassis, gearbox and engine numbers all matched. The firm’s founder Marcus Holland knew the potential value of the rare right-hand drive models, so offered the owner £50,000 for the crumbling 1964 series 1 classic. Enzo Ferrari once described the Jaguar E-Type as "the most beautiful car in the world", and its iconic smooth edges on today’s best-restored examples continue to stretch prices skywards. Marcus’ team set about an ambitious 18-month project to restore the car’s glory, adding modern upgrades and few classy touches under the new buyer’s commission.

OAP has been working out in his garden during the lockdown - using his wife's tights and pots of paint

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sprightly OAP has been working out in his garden - using his wife's tights and pots of paint. Tony Robertson, 73, was determined to find a way to keep fit during lockdown. Using his wife Lisbeth's old tights, and buckets of sand as well as pots of paint, he constructed a makeshift gym in their back garden in Buckstone, Edinburgh. The grandfather-of-three has been entertaining audiences online with his antics, which he has been doing since just before the lockdown kicked in.

A young snail climbs over its mum to get in front

***EXCLUSIVE*** These fascinating images captured a baby snail overtaking its mum by climbing over her back. Professional photographer Romain Doucelin, 22, snapped the 'little gray' (Helix aspersa) snails in the village of Clonas Sur Varèze, in the Rhône-Alpes region, France on April 15. He estimated the adult snail was about 6cm long and the young just 2cm.