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Dad finally wakes up from three-week coronavirus coma

***EXCLUSIVE*** A "miracle" coronavirus survivor has praised NHS staff who brought him back from the brink of death - after he was put in a coma for three weeks. Jason Mageehan, 36, was hospitalised and fully intubated at the end of March after an assessment by paramedics - despite the fact he was not showing any symptoms. The dad-of-one, from Little Bromley, Essex, was in a coma for more than three weeks at Colchester Hospital - but he was applauded by medics as he left intensive care over the weekend. And Jason says he owes his life to the staff at Colchester Hospital - with one doctor telling him it is "close to a miracle" that he pulled through.

Vintage Ford Escort rally car driven by Paul Walker in daring jump scene on sale for £80K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vintage Ford Escort rally car that featured in a daring jump in the Fast and Furious franchise has emerged for sale for £80,000. The 1971 classic was one of a number of Escorts to feature in Fast and Furious 6, which was filmed in various locations on the Canary Islands. The mark one RS1600 appeared in one of the film's most dramatic scenes when the late actor Paul Walker jumped it over a highway.

Couple, both 74, die from coronavirus within a day of each other after being married for 57 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple of childhood sweethearts who were married for 57 years have died within 24 hours of each other after contracting Coronavirus. Maureen Sharp and husband William, known to friends as Vic, both aged 74, were taken to hospital on April 5 but died the following week. The couple wed in 1963 and celebrated 57 years of marriage on New Year's Eve. Mr Sharp, who was a retired miner, had a tumour in one of his lungs but as it was not growing, chemotherapy had been stopped and he had been due back in hospital this month for a check-up. Mrs Sharp had 'slight' chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), her family believes.

Deadly Jurassic crocodiles evolved flippers like dolphins and tails like whales to rule the oceans 170 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ancient giant crocodiles evolved into terrifying ocean predators that mimicked the senses of whales and dolphins, according to new research. The extinct reptiles even looked like mammals but were much more deadly - sporting both a tail fin and armoured plating, say Scottish scientists. Called thalattosuchians, they evolved from their land-living ancestors to become lightning quick swimmers - by adapting their limbs into flippers. They grew up to 30 feet long - bigger than a great white shark - and ate anything in sight. Their powerful jaws were packed with large, razor-sharp teeth.

Rare glimpse into lives of London’s Irish travellers shown in gritty portraits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare glimpse into the lives of London’s Irish Traveller community have been unveiled in a new book - as photographer warns coronavirus might spread „rapidly” if it hit the vulnerable group. Fascinating images showing the close-knit community of Ealing’s Bashley Road travellers’ site depict a young girl playing with her brother, a woman cleaning the roof of her caravan and two young boys playfully flexing their muscles whilst staring down the camera’s lens. Three young boys play in the street on their scooters and a woman is pictured paying her respects at a loved one’s resplendent graveside. The true-to-life shots are the work of structural engineer and freelance photographer, Emma Williams (23) from London, UK, and have been released in her debut photography book, We Call It Home - which aims to go some way to break the negative stereotype that surrounds the Irish traveller minority group. Emma spent four months getting to know the travellers of Bashley Road, visiting them almost every day, getting to know the community and earning their trust to be accepted into their world. Although Emma admits that some of the travellers she met were initially hesitant to be involved; she was even asked to dress down to her underwear to prove that she wasn’t wearing a wire - something Emma says is understandable as the traveller community is so often subject to prejudice, exploitation and misrepresentation.

Cute moment baby elephant leaves perfect imprint of his face and trunk after falling asleep in sand

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elephant calf has left a very positive impression simply by having a good snooze. One-year-old Asian elephant bull Anjan took a nice long kip in the sand in his enclosure at Chester Zoo. And he appeared to take great care when he woke up, as he left a perfect impression of himself behind on the sand.

UK's biggest Rhododendron

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's biggest rhododendron has burst into bloom - but nobody can see it. The magnificent bush is 'bigger than ever before' - growing 50ft wide and 30ft high - and would ordinarily attract enthusiasts from around the world. But, with the nation in lockdown because of Covid-19, although it can be cared for by its gardeners it remains hidden from public view. Blooming with pink flowers, the rhododendron is located in the grounds of the South Lodge Hotel in Horsham, West Sussex.

A pair of Kestrels trying to take over a Jackdaw nesting box

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kestrel and jackdaw battle for supremacy as they lock talons in a fight over a nest. The two birds are pictured in close combat as they grapple with each other in the territorial skirmish. The dramatic images were captured by wildlife photographer Gillian Lloyd in her garden in Eridge Green, near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex. The 62-year-old has been watching a pair of kestrels and a pair jackdaws fight over a bird box each day for several weeks.

A leading grower of orchids launches an online shop in a bid to save 17,000 flowers from the bin

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of Britain's leading growers of orchids has had to launch an immediate online shop in a bid to save 17,000 flowers from the bin every week. Double H Nurseries in New Milton, Hants, began growing the 1.5 million orchids they supply to all major supermarkets a year ago. But after the Covid-19 lockdown came into force, demand for the sophisticated flowers dropped by 50 per cent overnight. Now coming to their peaking growing time, 35,000 orchids are made ready to be sold every week. Double H has now started a new online delivery service to shift the unwanted 17,000 orchids at cost.

Traditional fisherman at Inle Lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman balances on his boat as he catches fish with a traditional bamboo basket. The worker holds his oar with his foot to slowly paddle forward as he prepares to place the contraption into the water on top of a catfish. The baskets are tied together using fibres from the numerous lily pads that float on the surface of Inkle Lake, in Myanmar.