Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A British family traveling across Europe in a motorhome will ride out the pandemic in LAPLAND after COVID-19 shut down borders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Despite being a three and a half hour drive away from hospitals and doctors, the Irwins believe they are safer in Kilpisjärvi, a tiny village of 117 people, than they would be back in the UK. Amelia, 36, from Cheltenham, in Gloucestershire, UK, and Brett, 37, originally from Johannesburg in South Africa, were in the Finnish region with their sons Gabriel, nine, and Grey, two, and their cats Lola and Skye, when the Norway-Finland border closed on March 18. The British government offered expats flights back to the UK but the Irwins did not want to abandon their adventures or their two-bedroom, two-bathroom Sportsmen Fifth Wheel which has been their home for the last year.

Tribe’s impressive face paintings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tribesmen and women show off impressive face paintings they create afresh every day. They paint each other and themselves using reeds, sticks and stones as brushes as part of a social ritual done each morning. The Suri Tribe were photographed by doctor and amateur photographer Guillermo Rubio Esteban in the villages of the Lower Omo Valley in Ethiopia.

Amazing photographs surface of people putting face masks on their pets during the spanish flu pandemic 100 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** With the coronavirus pandemic gripping the world, people are not only concerned about their own welfare - but their beloved PETS’ welfare as well. And it turns out that 100 years ago during the last flu pandemic, people were concerned about protecting their furry friends as well. Fascinating pictures have surfaced from 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, showing families posing for pictures whilst all wearing face masks, but also holding their cats who also have the masks on. The pictures of the small domesticated cats were taken in 1918 in the American West.

Black cats are being killed and eaten in Vietnam - over rumours their ground up bodies are a treatment for COVID-19, a charity said today

***EXCLUSIVE*** The No To Dog Meat group in the country say cats are being boiled, skinned, cooked then turned into paste for the gruesome concoction. It says the practice is centred around the city of Hanoi but also being sold online.

Kodak presents plus grand puzzle of Earth with 51,300 pieces for $600

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kodak has released what currently stands as the world's largest puzzle. Comprised of 51,300 pieces, the puzzle celebrates „the heritage of Kodak and beautiful photography” spotlighting 27 wonders from around the world. When completed the jigsaw experience showcases 27 individual images interconnected into a large colorful setup. Retail price $600 USD.

Burberry’s Earth day collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** As sustainability becomes an increasingly pressing issue for industries far and wide, Burberry is honoring Earth Day with a curated edit of 26 eco-conscious styles from the brand's Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Recycled textiles such as fabric scraps and nylon repurposed from fishing nets serve as core materials for the new range. Every item in the collection, dubbed the &x201c;ReBurberry Edit,&x201d; bears a special label detailing how the garment meets sustainability related criteria including recycled fiber content.

Male grouses fight over a female

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of male grouse leap in the air as they fight over a female.  The battling birds peck at each others chests and try to tear out their opponents feathers. The aggressive display was captured in Hamra National Park in central Sweden by amateur photographer Ingo Gerlach.

Vietnam flags hang from the balconies for solidarity

***EXCLUSIVE*** Local residents in a block of flats expressing compassion and solidarity as they hang the national flag of Vietnam from their balconies during the coronavirus pandemic. The photo was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam but IT worker Nguyen Phuc Than. The display shows local residents uniting and standing together in solidarity during the lockdown, which has been implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The intangible heritage yangko into the blueberry garden

Qingdao, China: Shandong, the west coast of Qingdao, new city baoshan town bao kang blueberry garden, is the result of farmers working in the fields of scene processing, intangible art with a history of more than 300 years after the new words to add blueberries yangge town start rehearsing in the fields of the blueberry garden, for the upcoming blueberry season ''cloud platform'' live sales. Baoshan town yangko music to suona mainly, with small drums, small gongs, cymbals, platinum, gong. Most of the tunes are folk tunes, mainly the saw cylinder tune, south gong, small cattle, and so on, yangko role, trade, costumes are borrowed from the opera. Baoshan yangko dance moves, bold and original and rare carve, show different between men's and women's role in the dynamic law of organically fuses in together, a good stretch, stepping music movement coordinated, form the male just NvRou, male female shame, the characteristics of sofe, gradually formed a strong sense of community, the dance movements stretch, smooth and plain style.