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African tribe where MEN spend hours doing their hair and makeup to impress the women

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHAD: Vibrant images show tribesmen wearing flamboyant face paint in a tradition to attract a WIFE. Striking images of male members of the Wodaabe tribe taking part in their Gerewol festival show men applying their colourful face makeup, fitting extravagant wigs on their heads and in full dance mode with animated facial expressions on display. Pictures of the nomadic Wodaabe tribe, who can be found in Niger and Chad, show the fruits of the males’ hours-long efforts to prepare themselves for their beauty pageant to impress the women of their tribe – with the aim of winning a wife or night of passion – and the females picking out the men that take their fancy. As part of the celebration, men channel male peacocks who are known to exhibit their plumage to attract a mate. In Wodaabe culture, the ideal of male beauty is tallness, white eyes and teeth and in the ceremony they will often bare their teeth and roll their eyes to showcase this. The incredible moment was captured in Chad by travel photographer, Trevor Cole from Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Mother giraffe tries in vain to defend its one-day-old calf from a liones

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: This mother giraffe courageously karate kicked a four-hundred-pound lioness who was attacking her ONE-DAY-OLD baby. Dramatic pictures show a mother and baby giraffe being chased down by a ruthless lioness before the predator pounced on the baby and savagely broke its neck. Other images show the mum's desperate attempt to ward off the predator by kicking her legs like a martial arts master. However, tragically her calf met a grizzly end as the lioness devoured her kill beneath the grassland reeds. The six-foot, 150-pound baby giraffe sadly didn’t stand a chance of survival after being ambushed by the muscular 400-pound big cat. The giraffe’s only day on Earth was captured by IT worker, Srikanth Santhinathan (29) from Tamil Nadu, India, on a Nikon D750. The part-time photographer shot the series of unfortunate events in the Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya.

Video grab from the incredible TurtleCam project - which deploys cameras onto the shells of sea turtles on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas

***EXCLUSIVE*** This fantasising footage gives a unique view into the life of sea turtles - with cameras on their shells. The TurtleCam project was inspired by marine biologist Nathan Jack Robinson. Nathan’s organisation ‘Fundacion Oceanografic’ deploys cameras onto the shells of sea turtles on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. The footage captured by the affectionately christened ‘Turtle cams’ show a first-person perspective on how these animals interact with the world around them.

Luxurious public restroom

Inside view of the luxurious public restroom equipped with wifi and TV surprises people in Jiaxing city, east China's Zhejiang province. China is working hard to overhaul its public sanitation system, and it's updating toilets with Wi-Fi, television screens, and even ATM machines. People don't usually like to linger in public restrooms; in China, with the squat toilets, shortage of toilet paper, and sometimes unsanitary conditions, the bathroom experience can be daunting. Now, high-tech restrooms could turn public toilet-use into a more enjoyable situation. 

Elephant loses his rag

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unusual pictures were taken in Buxa Tiger Reserve, in Alipurduar district, in West Bengal, India.   Wildlife photographer Souvik Basu, who took the pictures, said: "I was so excited to see this and I am glad that I was lucky enough to be in such a thrilling situation like this.

Kayaker amongst palm trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning images were captured on the Maasin river on the teardrop shaped Siargao Paradise pearl Island in the Philippines.   Photographer and banker Khanh Phan, who took the beautiful pictures, said: "Siargao fascinated me because of it's overwhelmingly magical feeling. 

Why the long face! Smiling pike

***EXCLUSIVE*** The humorous image was captured by wildlife photographer Jack Perks, 28. Jack said, "It was taken remotely with a fisheye camera in the water.  The lens has a very wide view which distorts the image to make it look like he's smiling.  I then triggered the camera from my laptop - a bit like fishing with a camera." "It's hard to get people to engage with something a bit slimey so I try to take images that are a bit different and catch peoples eyes."