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The course of life: 94-year-old jogged away from the corona crisis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alfred Meyer cannot stay without movement, he continues to run even in these times. He has been living alone since the death of his wife in 2015. He does not see it as a problem that he could be at risk of infection in the corona crisis, but rather, that the people are not physically active enough in his view.

PAWCASSO - This is the awesome footage of a super talented painting dog who not only creates stunning paintings but also BEATS his owner at tic tack toe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rogan a five year old Mini Aussie Shepherd from Alberta Canada has been filmed creating works of art by his owner, Megan Bolen, 35. Using a brush and a variety of different paints Rogan has created some genuinely beautiful artworks bursting with vibrance and colour. His works are sold for $30 each. Every cent is donated to animal rescue organizations. Rogan has raised and donated over $1300 so far. Painting is Rogans only talent as he was seen besting his owner at a game of tic tac toe Megan, a Billing Technician from Canada said: „I Adopted Rogan from a neighbour. He is full of personality and a huge goofball. He is very trainable and confident and loves to learn new things.”

World's most dangerous places - mining communities

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daring photographer captured these incredible images from some of the world's most dangerous places - mining communities. Hugh Brown, 49, is on a mission to snap the 30 million men, women and children mining with bare hands in the most dangerous and remote regions on earth. He has visited mines in Pakistan, Bolivia and Indonesia as well as many other countries globally.

Pripyat looked like BEFORE the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** As the 34th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster approaches (Sunday 26th April), fascinating pictures have emerged of what the ghost town of Pripyat looked like BEFORE the nuclear meltdown. The pictures show a happy city with children playing and families living an idyllic life. In one chilling picture taken in April 1986, the same month as the disaster, a parade celebrating the success of the Chernobyl power plant  show children happily holding balloons and smiling whilst holding signs with the atom logo on. Pripyat was a city built to accommodate the workers of the Chernobyl power plant, and the city was located roughly two miles from the energy station. The city, and Chernobyl, were a proud achievement in the Soviet Union, and there received something of a special status within the communist regime. PripyatÕs supermarkets were better stocked that elsewhere in the USSR. Its hospitals and clinics were fully equipped.

A dad has used his unexpected time off work to create the ultimate in-house arcade for him and his son to play in

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steve Addison, who works as an assistant manager at McDonalds, found himself at a loose end after being put on furlough leave.  But rather than stew around the house all day, the 32-year-old decided to finish off a plan to dig out an Atari he got as a Christmas gift and create a cabinet so he and three-year-old son Felix could play on it.

Smart contact lens for diabetes monitoring and diabetic retinopathy therapy

***EXCLUSIVE*** A smart contact lens is being developed to allow diabetics to monitor glucose levels through liquid in their eyes. The new invention, which is wireless and remotely operated, means glucose levels could soon be monitored in the blink of an eye with medicine dispensed directly into the membrane. Scientists say that the new tech represents the first potential use of contact lenses to monitor and treat symptoms of diabetes with remote control drug dispenser. It comes after Google's failed attempts to develop the Google Contact Lens to diagnose diabetic patients which was discontinued in 2018.

An NHS fundraiser is on the verge of claiming a bizarre new Guinness World Record after running a marathon during her night shift at work - inside a Premier Inn

***EXCLUSIVE*** Energetic Louise Casey, 40, ran an incredible 500 laps of the hotel, which is currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus crisis. She started in the reception before running down a corridor, round the breakfast area and back to reception. Louise, who works front of house at the hotel in Warrington, Cheshire, completed the run in a time of four hours and 37 minutes.

These emotional photos show the rescue of a baby orangutan from an Indonesian village - after a villager claimed he had found the great ape on the edge of the forest three months ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** On Friday 17 April members of the Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) in Ketapang, West Borneo, together with a team from the Indonesian arm of International Animal Rescue (IAR) rescued a baby orangutan from Sabang Keramat Hamlet, Batu Lapis Village, Hulu Sungai District, Ketapang Regency. The little male orangutan had been kept for the past three months by a man named Bumeng. He claimed that he had found the baby orangutan alone on the edge of the forest after hearing a strange noise in the forest where he worked. Out of curiosity, he searched for the source of the sound and found a baby orangutan all alone without its mother. After waiting for several hours, at the end of which time the mother orangutan hadn’t appeared, Bumeng decided to take the baby home with him.

Video grab of the heartwarming footage of a community battling quarantine boredom by socialising while still social distancing - by holding a weekly session of BINGO on their street

***EXCLUSIVE*** A community battling quarantine boredom have come up with a way to socialise while social distancing - by holding a weekly session of BINGO on their street. Dan Moss, 43, filmed the communities SECOND game of bingo in Denton, Manchester on Sunday (19/4). The weekly 'meet-ups' were organised by one of the residents of Coppice Walk, and Dan's neighbour, Luan Caldwell. Dan said: "I had no official role in the bingo, just thought it would be nice to record a video of the great community spirit"

World Penguin Day 2020: British photographer's gallery of penguin pictures

This Saturday (25 April) is World Penguin Day 2020. British wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein celebrates with a gallery of some of his marvellous penguin images. Wimbledon-based Paul, a guide for Exodus travels, explains: „Every year this is World Penguin day as this is approximately the time most penguins migrate North from Antarctica as the weather worsens and temperatures plunge.” Penguins suffer from a fall in fish stocks and from their icy homes being compromised by the loss of ice. However, they are not affected by this virus and there are few birds that induce a warmer feeling than these cold-water birds that cannot fly. There are even some in captivity in Chicago Zoo that have been given the complete run of the place as there are no visitors. Apart from a few research bases and some stations in George Island, no-one lives in Antarctica and there are only four permanent residents in South Georgia - and six million King Penguins. Life in the freezer sounds appealing right now. Photographer, presenter and guide Paul Goldstein has been leading expeditions on small vessels for twenty years on the 7th continent, frequently with the BBC's fabled naturalist and Conservationist Chris Packham. He works for Exodus Travels.

Four-year-old farmer boy looks after his lamb

***EXCLUSIVE*** A newborn lamb has a new best pal - a four-year-old boy who drives her around in his toy tractor. Dedicated farmer Jamie Strorrar is off nursery due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but has found ways of keeping himself occupied helping his family out with lambing. Jamie is patiently taking care of the runt of the flock Rosie, born on April 17, who was a triplet but struggled to feed from her mum. But she is in good hands with Jamie feeding her lamb formula from a bottle three times a day, with the help of his mum, Nikki, 36.