Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman who was sitting in her garden was shocked when a baby SQUIRREL climbed into her dressing gown - and hasn’t left since

***EXCLUSIVE*** Livi Boulting, 27, was having her breakfast at home when she spotted the tiny squirrel - who she has guessed is around 10 weeks old - chasing her elderly cat around the garden.   Initially wary of the wild animal, Livi soon became friends with him when he ran up her dressing gown and nestled into her arm. Livi and her mum, Catharine Boulting, 54, tried to encourage him back into the wild, only to find him tapping at their kitchen door the following morning. They have named the cute creature Harold, and are spending their days with him in the garden enjoying the sunshine, before he returns the next day to enjoy their company once again.

Proposal surprise with local Vegas couple

LAS VEGAS, NV: Atmosphere pictured during a proposal surprise as local Vegas couple, entrepreneur Kyle Markman and TV personality Jillian Lopez said, “YES” under the backdrop of an oversized “MARRY ME?” lighting configuration in the resort’s empty hotel tower windows at Red Rock Resort, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, NV on April 24, 2020.

A woman nearly died after a rare bowel condition made her to go to the loo over 50 TIMES a day - causing her lose a staggering four stone in 10 weeks. See SWNS story SWTPstoma.

***EXCLUSIVE*** Trudi Stonard, 37, was „lucky to survive” after she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis - a condition which causes inflammation of the colon and rectum. In just 10 weeks the condition escalated „life-threatening” and surgeons spent six hours removing her bowel which was so inflamed, it like „it was on fire”.

Blind puppy makes friends with bouncy bulldog who becomes his „guide dog”

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bouncy bulldog and a young, blind collie have struck up an unlikely friendship after the gentle giant took it upon herself to act as the pup’s „guide dog”. Two-year-old American bulldog Sheeva arrived at the RSPCA’s Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and District branch in December after her owner had been evicted. Six-month-old border collie pup Paddy arrived at the centre in February when his owners’ circumstances changed and they were struggling to cope with his blindness.

Ancient Dorset chalk figure the Cerne Abbas Giant is given coronavirus face mask

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 180 foot (55m) tall ancient naked chalk figure is believed to have been given the unauthorised alteration on Friday. It was spotted early Saturday morning by local resident Kevin Knight, whose home in Cerne Abbas, Dorset, overlooks the hill. The 43-year-old car sales executive Tweeted on Saturday: "Great to see Cerne Abbas Giant practising social distancing, wearing his face mask and keeping up villagers' morale."

IKEA has released the recipe for its famous meatballs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swedish retail giant IKEA has released the recipe for its famous meatballs, allowing fans of the best-selling dish to recreate it while they are under lockdown. The recipe itself features just six steps, and includes the classic Swedish cream sauce that accompanies the dish. IKEA's Country Food Manager Lorena Lourido said: “We know that some people might be missing our meatballs, which is why we've released an at-home alternative.”

International Nature and Wildlife Photograph Competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dramatic shot of a cuckoo being mobbed by a tiny warbler has won an international photo prize. The shot that beat hundreds of others to the top place of the Living World competition run by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers, was taken from a hide near York. A British snapper also bagged second place, having to trudge for three miles through knee-deep snow on pack ice in Antarctica to get her shot of a colony of Emperor Penguins. Entrants from across the globe were highly commended with a stunning shot of a monkey in the forest in Bangladesh, a bright blue lizard in Oman and a ray gliding through the shallows in the Cayman islands. Winner Keith Bannister from Burnley in Lancashire had to get up at 3.30am to get his picture.

Baby Yoda pendant for $450

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pop culture-obsessed jewelry label The Dan Life is partnering with NTWRK for a special release ahead of Star Wars Day (May 4, as in „May the Fourth be with you”). Appropriately, the duo have imagined a special Baby Yoda pendant, commemorating one of the franchise's newest and best-loved characters. Price: 450 Dollars.

White horse tries to turn into black beauty

***EXCLUSIVE*** A white horse cools off by rolling around in the muddy waters of a river. The wild animal went into the water to get clean, drink and then take a mud bath to get rid of dirt and bugs. The photographs were taken on the banks of the Salt River, in Toronto National Forest, Arizona by photographer Pattie Walsh.

ISS passing in front of the Sun using a homemade filter

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amateur photographer captures the International Space Station as it passes in front of the sun by using a homemade filter. Thomas Winstone, bought a bit of solar film - which is like thin tin foil - from Amazon, cut it into a circle and sandwiched it between two bits of cardboard. He then made a collar to attach it to his camera and settled down in his garden to capture the event which lasts just 1.34 seconds. Mr Winstone, from Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, started shooting ten seconds before at 16 frames per second.

Workers hang out yellow threads to dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of yellow cotton threads are delicately hung out with hundreds of metres of freshly-dyed cloth stretching towards the horizon in a field, in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Amateur photographer and banker Khanh Phan, 35, said, "The cotton once dried will be made into dresses or other clothes and taken to a local wholesale market where buyers purchase in bulk ready for customers."