Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A couple have beaten 200-million-to-one odds to have miracle triplets which were conceived naturally

***EXCLUSIVE*** Becky Sefton, 29, and partner Adam Balduckie, 33, were told there was a 50 per cent chance of them losing all three baby girls. But identical twins Ellie and Everlyn and sister Ella were born seven weeks premature on March 28 weighing just 3lbs each. Mum-of-six Becky, of Tamworth, Staffs., said: „It is really rare to triplets like this. Usually you get twins and then a singleton of the opposite sex, so it’s quite rare to get three girls or three boys. We did conceive naturally - I released two eggs one of which split into the twins and the other was the singleton.” Adam has twins in his family so we knew it was possible but never expected to have triplets.

An NHS front line hero has dined with the likes of Lady Gaga and the Kardashians over the past month - after his family dressed up as a different theme every night for dinner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gastroenterologist Richard Shenderey, 43, his wife Suzanne, 43, and their three children have spent the last month designing costumes to wear for their evening meal. The Shendereys first dressed up as their favourite film characters on March 29 after their oldest child Eleanor, 12, suggested it for a bit of fun. The family, including youngsters Benjamin, 11, and eight-year-old Alexander, initially planned the frolicking feasts Now, a month on, their repertoire of costumes has included Freddie Mercury, Alice in Wonderland, Oompa Loompas - and even dressing up as each other. And the adventurous family have turned a positive social media reaction into a fundraising drive - with more than £1,500 donated to Richard's hospital in just a week.

Sparky the 5 year-old mini bull terrier prefers to live a simple life and loves nothing more than sleeping and cuddling with his best friend and owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** When going on walk however the pampered pooch is not the biggest fan and can be seen playing dead to get out of them and gliding across the floor happy to let his owner Silvio Parise Salvan put in all the work. You can follow Silvio and Sparky’s adventures on social media @sparky_minibullterrier Silvio a 45-year-old Brazillian who lives with Sparky in Brescia, Italy said: „As a child I always dreamed of having a dog, and I loved the Mini Bull Terrier breed because they looked sweet.”

Photographer has found a way to offer his services to lockdown model clients in New York City - offering socially distant photoshoot services

***EXCLUSIVE*** Professional models who need photoshoots while under lockdown are turning to a New York photographer who is offering socially distant services. Pro-photographer Aaron Pegg saw his work dry up when New York City imposed strict stay-at-home orders in March – but his clients still wanted their photos taken.  So Pegg, who is known for shooting inside the NYC subway system, decided to style and choreograph the models remotely, then take screenshots of the results.  “I’ve done about six of these quarantine photoshoots so far and they’ve worked out really well,” said Pegg, 34, of Brooklyn.

Video grab of Bamboo, the skateboarding dog, shredding with his owner’s sons

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch as Bamboo, a dog who is an expert skateboarder, carves up Southern California and shows off his moves. „I taught him to skate” said Mike Bolaris, 51, Bamboo’s owner.  „I used to skate in the mornings and he’d run alongside me. One morning somebody talked about skating dogs and I showed him how to roll down a little hill as a puppy” the San Diego-based software engineer continued.

A seven-year-old girl who can barely walk unaided has raised £7,000 for charity by completing a 10 mile challenge - after being inspired by Captain Tom Moore

***EXCLUSIVE*** Inspirational Emily Caffrey, who has Cerebral Palsy and a brain malformation, completed her challenge on her seventh birthday on Saturday using her crocodile walker. Her proud parents - Jon, 45, and Hannah, 40 - said Emily - who had previously never walked more than half a mile - was motivated by seeing Captain Tom on TV.