Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An intrepid traveller is hoping to complete an extraordinary journey later this year by walking across the entire world with his dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tom Turcich left his hometown in the US nearly five years ago and has since walked 16,500 miles across 37 countries in six continents with mutt Savannah by his side. Tom, 22, however has been held up on the last leg of his epic world walk as the coronavirus pandemic has led to a travel lockdown in many countries. Tom and Savannah are currently in Azerbaijan awaiting the chance to travel towards Mongolia and eventually on to Australia, before returning to the US. His remarkable adventure begin in 2015 when aged 17 he lost a close friend and vowed to walk across the entire world from his home in New Jersey. It was in Texas that Tom met stray dog Savannah and he decided to take her with him initially as protection as the pair crossed into Mexico. Tom and Savannah have since been virtually inseparable travelling companions as they trudged the continents - although he was not able to take her to Antartica.

These ghoulish images come from the mind of a horror enthusiast who likes to create terrifying movie scenes complete with backstories and mapped-out characters

***EXCLUSIVE*** This gruesome gallery shows a range of terrifying movie scenes set up by a photographer that have been chilling horror fans across the world. Adam Martyn Ewings, 34, has taken a series of horrifying images that show villainous characters in a range of settings that were all shot near his home. Some show characters dripping with blood, and others have weapons and masks with barb wire and glass stuck in them. Adam, who works nights at Morrisons supermarket, also creates detailed back stories for all of the characters he photographs.

Designer creates commuter hook for post Covid-19 commuting

This hook could be a useful tool in the post-Covid-19 world of commuting. Milan-based designer Anna Borla says her pocket-sized creation - called Hook - would allow people to hold on to handrails on public transport. It can also be used to push buttons, open doors and pick up items. Anna explains: „The project is very current for the bad situation in which the entire world live. Hook wants to give us a fun way to face the new world. With this shape we are able to hook ourselves without the use of our hands. Then, thanks to its small bag you can insert it into it and then it is ready to be disinfected. Hook has many uses; it is also perfect to push buttons, to open doors and pick up what we want. I wanted to design Hook because I think it is very important to pay attention to ourselves. I started this project two years ago, I designed a nice shape with many different colours and drawings on it. Then, with the help of an engineering company, we studied how to make Hook strong to allow the people use it in all situations of their life. Hook is a fun product to use as a new friend that help us to protect our health. With the use of many colours and prints on it, it is possible to use the Hook that suits you best. I designed Hook especially for the use into public transports as underground, bus, trains etc. but it is very comfortable to use in all the situations.”

The Bajau people: “sea nomads” of the far East

They live on the waters of Southeast Asia, dwelling in boats and living off the sea with hardly even a homeland that they call their own. They have little sense of time and age — hardly any clocks, calendars, birthdays, and the like for them. And they’ve even evolved for life on the sea, with internal organs and body capabilities unlike our own. They are the Bajau people, sometimes called “sea gypsies,” and they’re unlike any other humans on all of planet Earth.

This is the heartwarming moment couple left hospital on the same day after RECOVERING from COVID-19 as doctors and nurses cheered

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jeff and Cheryl Poole received an emotional send-off from the entire staff of UnityPoint Health Meriter in Madison, Wisconsin, with medics lining the hallways and cheering as the couple were discharged in wheelchairs. The pair, from Waunakee, Wisconsin, spent over two weeks in the ICU battling the deadly virus. Cheryl, 59, was admitted to the ICU on March 18 and became the hospital's first patient to require a ventilator due for COVID-19. Jeff, 60, was admitted several days later and also needed a ventilator. He spoke about the harrowing ordeal and urged others to take the virus seriously, Jeff said: "People keep saying this is a fake, it's not a fake. "She almost died, I almost died." When the couple left the ICU, nurses placed them in neighboring rooms and helped them speak to each other on the phone. Later they were able to have their meals together. ICU nurse Beth Woodford said: "It was just really wonderful to see them communicate again. "Of course being the wonderful person he is, Jeff gave Cheryl lots of words of encouragement. "They both talked about getting better." Woodford said that their recovery brought medical staff to tears. "There were a lot of tears of happiness in the room. "The fact that they both made it through and they can get home together, it's just fabulous."

A man disappointed the London Marathon was cancelled due to coronavirus decided to run 26.2 miles in his garden instead - while dressed as a RHINO

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andy Humphries, 56, completed his own route in around six-and-a-half hours - having to furniture on the way. He said: "I'm still alive! It wasn't too bad. People have been so wonderful with my support and sponsorship. "It was fairly flat around the garden, although changing direction was hard - and a bit of patio furniture got stuck in the way! "The suit weights 10 kilos and is made of rubber."I had cramp at 19 miles but I managed to get through that and finish strongly. "The thing with the London Marathon is - it's very, very hard. But it's people that get you through.

An artist's rendition of a hospital ward containing rows of artificial uteruses, with visiting parents-to-be

***EXCLUSIVE*** One-in-three children of the future will be raised - by ROBOTS, one of the world’s leading experts in AI has claimed. Advancements in technology will render parents as „obsolete as floppy disks” within just 30 years, Dr Michelle Tempest believes. She says by 2050 computers will have assumed the role of mum and dad, Parenting as we know it will be „entirely optional”, with technology caring for children from birth to adulthood.

Two giraffes fighting to be the alpha male bash their necks

***EXCLUSIVE*** These amazing photographs show two giraffes battling it out to become alpha male - by knocking their NECKS together so hard that one of their heads bent backwards. The two majestic animals were spotted fighting over the weekend, thumping their long necks together and curling them round one another to wallop each other on the sides. In one shocking photo, one of the giraffe's necks even appears horribly contorted, bent backwards with its head lolling upside down.